Bangkok & Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z

This week I have added some New Pages that I hope you will find useful.  Some of the A-Z lists are not complete, but I will be udpating them frequently.  Please check the date at the top of each page.  They are listed below with links…

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Nana Plaza

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Soi Cowboy

An A-Z listing with go-go bar reviews of Pattaya

*NEW PAGE* – A-Z listing of pubs in Bangkok

*NEW PAGE* – A-Z listing of hotels in Bangkok

For an overall list of this sites sections check HERE

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7 Responses to “Bangkok & Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z”

  1. calvin says:

    Thaink you for the updates on the gogos – It’s nice to have the information right at my fingertips, on a site I really enjoy reading. Keep up the good work !!!


  2. calvin says:

    Just one teeny little “complaint” – would it be possible to put the names of the bars / gogos in a different color to make it easier to pick out the names ?

  3. Hi Calvin, thanks for your comments.  I thought that I would try to provided as much information about Thailand as possible.  I will update the pages when and where applicable.  I am very pleased that the new sections are appreciated.  It is a lot of work, but my readers are worth the time and effort.

    Unfortunately, I cannot make the bars another colour, because several significant colours are already in use.  The headings are in red, the hyperlinks are green and the text is white.  However, with the Nana Plaza Review the go-go bars are listed in the space between paragraghs.  With Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z the go-go bars are marked.  For example – *Mistys Go-Go Bar*

  4. Manny says:

    Has patpong been wiped off the map ?

  5. Hi Calvin, I had another idea regarding your suggestion.  I have “boxed” off each go-go bar by using line breaks. Here is how they look now…

    Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar

    Review – Review – Review


    Sexy Night Go-Go Bar

    Review – Review – Review


  6. Star says:

    Hi Dave, nice start but it would have been a lot more interesting if it was laid out so that readers could add their comments and reviews directly on to the go-go bar listing. You could also try a Wi-ki type layout

  7. calvin says:

    That’s much better Dave – it makes it much easier to seperate the bars now. Good idea. Thank you