Cactus Go-Go Bar In Soi Cowboy

You could say that Cactus Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy has real character.  Well, the guy that runs Cactus Bar is definitely a real character!  Cactus John owns and operates one of those bars that can only be described as very different from the norm.  Native American John, serves up some awesome American home style cooking.  Along with  his wacky charisma and wicked sense of humour, ole Cactus John has attracted a cult following.  If you do visit Cactus Bar in Soi Cowboy, please pass on kind regards from Dave The Rave.  Cheers!



 MORE ABOUT CACTUS BAR – In case you missed it, I recently talked about Cactus Bar in Thailand Tonight – 04/08/2010 (ninth paragraph down the article).

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6 Responses to “Cactus Go-Go Bar In Soi Cowboy”

  1. Khun Jim says:

    I am a long time fan of Club Cactus. Khun John delivers a fine feast for the belly, and the girls look after the rest. A trully legendary piece of the Cowboy.

  2. I agree Khun Jim, there is nothing to compare with Cactus Bar it is unique.

  3. Bubba Franks says:

    This is my fave bar in Soi Cowboy. I much prefer NEP over Cowboy, but I always come here for the great beer and atmosphere that the “big box” bars on Cowboy just can’t match. I always miss out on the roast pork though! 🙁

  4. Bicicletty Freddy says:

    Yep! I like it here too… Together with Toy Bar and Fannies my favorite. Warm and friendly atmosphere, no pushing girls around and a stunning Belgian-Beer card. I hope to see John in November 2012.

  5. Ken, Linda Netwig says:

    Hi John, greetings from Southern California! Kenny showed me your establishment….what an accomplishment…..its been a long time…..very good to see you…..Kenny is hoping to visit one of these fine days. Look forward to hearing from you so we can catch up. Kenny
    Linda is working for Qantas Airways….always thinking abou you and Lusinette and the good old days of Eucalyptus! xo Linda

  6. Gabriel Girard-Dunn says:

    What’s the exact address of that incredible bar? 😀

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