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Finally, I have reactivated my email service. At the top of the Home Page in the right-hand corner, you will see the My Email List button. Simply click on it and enter your email address into the box.

You may need to update your email to a new one, or replace your work email, with a more suitable personal email address. Please take a moment of your time to join my email list, as I will publish more updates throughout 2012.

Thanks for joining my email list. Cheers!

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3 Responses to “Join My Email List”

  1. Can I get a suck?
    Wheres the Las Vegas write up??
    Blow me!

  2. Hi Doc, I am working on the Las Vegas Show Bar review so don’t worry.

    Hey Doc, keep it in your pants!

  3. Dave you have a number I can call or u can write me I’ll send mine I use to live there 4 or so year ago any way u kniw with age u forget a lot lol any way looking to host a few raves there like one Bangkok one patt and one puk can u help on places that can handle events like this 5 to 10 k people high tec music known USA hiphop signers n dj’s line to do three events there any help would be great ty

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