Billboard Go-Go Bar Anniversary Party

Billboard Go-Go Bar located on the top level in Nana Plaza, celebrates its 1st Anniversary Party this Thursday, March 1st. Regular visitors to Nana Plaza will know that Billboard has risen rapidly in popularity, drawing large crowds on a nightly basis. Billboard’s bubble bath babes are an attraction, which compliments the exotic erotic shows on the carousel.

FREE food and FREE draught beer will be provided (around 9:00pm) by the generous owners to show appreciation for your support. But, this is only while the supply of FREE food and beer lasts. Do not arrive too late!

In addition, Dave The Rave and Stickman will be in attendance for Billboard’s Birthday Bash. It’s party time!

Billboard Bubble Bath Babes (Copyright After Dark Asia)

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4 Responses to “Billboard Go-Go Bar Anniversary Party”

  1. Mor says:

    Congrats !

    (Actually, you guys opened in late Jan…… )



  2. Kheenaio says:

    Remember opening night last year mate, hope it goes well tonight. Will be in town next week before I go back to blighty, hope to see you then. ATB.

  3. Danny says:

    Whatever happened to the show by the jacuzzi – seems to have not been working for months and their ‘shower show every 15 minutes isnt correct when theres only 1 per night on the main carousal’…..

  4. Danny says:

    Sorry – I meant the Shower show by the jacuzzi….

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