Birthday Bash At Cascade GoGo Bar In Nana Plaza

Cascade GoGo Bar located on the Top Floor in Nana Plaza is having a Birthday Bash for Mamasan YoYo on Friday, December 20th. If you do not know YoYo she is popular with both the ladyboys and the customers. Mamasan YoYo has been a familiar face in Cascade for a long time now and her character helps to make Cascade a ‘farang friendly’ gogo bar. Come along and join in the fun.

Daves Raves – Cascade is an all ladyboy gogo bar with the largest amount of ‘katoey’ (ladyboy) gogo dancers in Thailand.

A stunning gogo dancer from Cascade GoGo Bar

A stunning gogo dancer from Cascade GoGo Bar in Nana Plaza

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One Response to “Birthday Bash At Cascade GoGo Bar In Nana Plaza”

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Dave.

    Now i have moved to Philippines and find it very different from Thailand.

    Everyone complains about the prices there and the Ladies attitudes.

    I dont know who started it but somehow the prices need to be made more realistic or the punters will just go elsewhere.

    Example a San Miguel Light 50Pesos, about 35baht? Big difference.
    The women, ok i have respect for them so pay extra, but just pay the Bar fine 1500pesos, about 1000baht.

    The exchange rate is about 30-40% cheaper so is most things.

    All and sundry are getting peeved with Bangkok and, although i lived there for 12years, it makes a hell of a difference when you wake up in the morning with cash left over.

    I guess you could go watch Man. Utd though?


    Take care mate

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