Patpong GoGo Bars Given Late Closing


A number of Patpong gogo bars are pleased to announce they are now open until 3:00 AM. The timing of the later closing hours allows Patpong time to build up towards high season, which normally commences in November.

I think 3:00 AM closing should be permitted for all Bangkok gogo bars. This would allow the Bangkok bar bosses to decide if they want to close early, as is the case with the gogo bars in Pattaya.

This year Thailand has faced a number of problems, whereby the ripple effect is still being felt. Recent news reports are saying, ‘Due to remaining under martial law (among other issues), the number of foreign visitors has fallen dramatically.’

It is hoped that tourist arrivals will increase significantly this high season, but it remains to be seen. Let us all hope Thailand nightlife springs back and then we can all enjoy a good high season.

Meanwhile, The Strip GoGo Bar host their weekly party starting tomorrow…


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2 Responses to “Patpong GoGo Bars Given Late Closing”

  1. joe says:

    I disagree with all bars given a late closing time. Ive seen this done. And they all or most end up closing at that time.where ive seen it work best is when government works with bars in each area to stagger closing times over a 3 or 4 hour period,this way you dont get an over load on things like taxi services as 20 to 30 venues close at once in one street.

  2. Randolfo says:

    The bars exist to make to make a profit and to provide a good customer experience which costs money. Towards that end staggering the closing times makes no sense. If people have trouble getting taxis they are welcome to leave earlier. No one forces them to stay to 3am. Plan your night ahead of time and you won’t have any problems.

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