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*This Page is updated for May 2011*


The Bangkok Nightclubs page allows you to explore Bangkok’s vast club scene. Very soon there will be reviews and updates on all the top Bangkok Nightclubs. Clubbers get ready to party!

GO-GO GURU GLOSSARY (JANUARY 2011) – Alphabetical listing of Dave The Rave’s original ‘Thaiminology.’ The Go-Go Guru Glossary consists of Dave The Rave’s unique twist on how we term things in Thailand’s business of pleasure. Enjoy!

TSUNAMI THAILAND – A first hand account of that fateful day, when Thailand suffered Mother Nature’s wrath. Aaron Le Boutillier recounts exactly what happened during the Tsunami in his new book entitled, “And Then One Morning.” Brace yourself as you are drawn into the Tsunami Thailand. I have dedicated a special Page for this, because all author royalties will be donated to natural disaster victims.

NANA PLAZA REVIEW PAGE – (UPDATE – JANUARY 2010) Welcome To The Wacky World Of Dave The Rave. I have expanded this website with several new sections.  The new pages will be updated regularly.  You can check the date at the top of each page for the latest updates.  Enjoy!

DAVES RAVES – An additional “news & views” section.  Look out for updates and posts throughout the week.

BANGKOK BARS & PUBS PAGE – This page is an alphabetical selection of some of the most popular bars and pubs in Bangkok. The listings contain the name and location of the pub, plus other useful information.  Updates and reviews will appear at random intervals.

NANA PLAZA REVIEWS (UPDATE 2011) – The Nana Plaza Review Page gives an overview of Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok.  There is also a section called, “How Do I Get To Nana Plaza?”  Below that is an A-Z listing and review of every go-go bar in Nana Plaza.  This section will include regular updates.  Check the top of the Nana Plaza Review Page for the latest updates.  Enjoy!

SOI COWBOY REVIEWS PAGE (UPDATE 2011) – Soi Cowboy has risen to stardom in recent years. It is deemed by the majority of resident expats, as the best red-light district in Bangkok. Soi Cowboy Reviews gives an overview of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.  This includes updates and reviews, with an A-Z listing of every go-go bar in Soi Cowboy. The updates and reviews are now appearing.  Enjoy!

PATTAYA GO-GO BARS PAGE (UPDATE 2011) –  The Pattaya Go-Go Bars Page is an alphabetical listing of the go-go bars in Pattaya.  The listings contain name and location of the go-go bar, website URL, and review updates.  Happy hunting!

(UPDATE 2011) – Bangkok Hotels A-Z is an alphabetical listing of Bangkok’s hotels.  The listings contain the name, address, BTS/MRT Station, telephone number and website URL.  Where applicable, addition information will be updated. You can now book your hotels directly through my website via Agoda.

DAVE THE RAVE (UPDATE 2011) – Who is Dave The Rave?  Find out here – Dave’s Personal Profile which includes some background details.

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