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Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

The crazy water throwing festival Songkran is just around the corner. I want to remind you that traditional Thai New Year will be celebrated all across Thailand on April 13th, 14th and 15th. Down in Sin City otherwise known as Pattaya, the water wars last a whole week and there is no escaping it!

Despite the Thai authorities saying they will be clamping down, there will be many road deaths and injuries, health risks from contaminated water, plus the potential of violence, when things get out of hand. Most people want to enjoy Songkran, but there are always some people who go too far.

This is the time of year, when there is a mass exodus from Bangkok of both Thais and expat residents and I do not expect this year to be any different.

Meanwhile, The Strip GoGo Bar in Patpong are gearing up with a party…


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Songkran In The Nana Plaza Beer Garden

Friday, April 11th, 2014


It’s time to celebrate Thai New Year and that means Songkran Madness!

Check out this fun YouTube Video promoting Songkran in the Nana Plaza Beer Garden. It features super sexy coyote girls from Wild Thing and the bikini babes will be in Nana Plaza Beer Garden on April 13-14-15

If you do want to join in the fun and frolics, the drink specials are bottles of Tiger, Tiger Light, San Miguel Light, Heineken and Heineken Pints  for ONLY 99 baht. In addition, there are Heineken Beer Towers for ONLY 500 baht and FREE water guns (while supplies last). Have a fun but safe Songkran!

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It’s The Sizzling Songkran Bikini Babes

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Thai New Year known locally as “Songkran” is once again just around the corner.

Nana Plaza Beer Garden are having a three day party on April 13-14-15

There’s a number of Songkran Specials including Heineken Beer Towers for only 500 baht, plus a few other drinks deals.

Also there is FREE water guns at Nana Beer Garden until they run out!

Check the poster below for the full list of Songkran Specials. Happy Hunting!


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DTR BANNER - It's The Sizzling Songkran Bikini Babes




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