How popular is Beer Lao?

docs - How popular is Beer Lao?On the surface Beer Lao appears to have taken Thailand by storm.  However, just how popular is this Laotion brew?  Once again Dave The Rave investigates…

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5 Responses to “How popular is Beer Lao?”

  1. The Big Mango Bar say that Beer Lao is their bestselling beer. In Angelwitch Beer Lao ranks down the list behind Heineken, Singha, and Tiger…

  2. Vern says:

    Hey dave, ahhh, my favorite brew… I used to make a monthly run to Chong-mek from Ubon, just for this reason. However, after a border scam by some of Thailand’s finest excise tax employees I had to give it up. I’m not sure that they have it in Thailand, but Beer Laos makes a DARK that is really tasty. They gave me one by accident across the border once and I wasn’t the same since. I think after more people try it, the beer will become a best seller. However, there are quite a few bottles I’ve had in Thailand now that they’re selling it here – and apparently it’s sat in the heat and lost the great taste it has if kept cool from the time it was brewed. Ok man, just christening your wordpress blog – very good implementation of it – send congrats to your “web monkey” for me – it’s much, much much nicer!

  3. Thanks Vern, I am pleased you like the modified version. There are a few teething problems (FireFox browser) and some back to school learning on my part. But, all in all I am VERY pleased with my new blog. Mr Ed has unleashed Dave The Rave and the web world will never be the same again LOL!

    In actual fact, I posted “How popular is Beer Lao?” as a test launch. However, you are a true blue Beer Lao fanatic and I agree that it is a great drop of amber nectar. The brew is fine but the company provide little in the way of promotional material, and useful hand-outs for the establishments that endeavor to sell Beer Lao.  It would be a much better seller if it was marketed properly.

    The Big Mango Bar in Nana Plaza inform me that it is their bestselling beer.  Happy Hour in the Big Mango Bar is only 60 Baht. So, from 5:00pm until 8:00pm you can enjoy Beer Lao during one of the best Happy Hour deals in the vicinity. 

  4. Harry says:

    Hi Dave,

    tried to order some Beer Lao from an importer here in the UK (Milestonepoint Ltd) but nothing arrived, after contacting my credit card co to get a refund I received a grovelling email from one of their employees (name withheld) with some lame excuse.

    Their website is:

    avoid them as you would some drugged up ladyboy



  5. Finding reliable distributors for Beer Lao is proving to be a rare commodity. Khun Swan (Swan Bar Sukhumvit, Soi 6) is supplying most of Bangkok. If you want to email me I can give you some contact details.  Thanks for commenting Harry.

    Drop me a line –

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