Shakerz Grand Opening Night

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Shake it baby!

The exciting new Shakerz Coyote Club is located on the second floor of Swan Bar on the corner of Sukhumvit, Soi 6. This Sunday, June 24 is the Grand Opening party. The Grand Opening night will feature go-go dancers, coyote dancers and special shows. Showtime starts at 10:00pm, but you are welcome to go along from 9:00pm onwards. Apparently free food and fun are guaranteed. Check it out!

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6 Responses to “Shakerz Grand Opening Night”

  1. BK_Night_Spy says:

    Hi Dave The Rave,

    I stopped in there Friday night to get a sneak peek at the place and they had a pre-opening party going on ( mostly other bar owners were there ).  But it was pretty good for the most part.  I spoke with 2 of the girls that were dancing and they said that Friday was a ‘Training Night’ and try-outs for the girls to see if they get the job or not.  The bar does have a different style to other ‘show bars’ that I have been to in the area, the stage is around the whole bar and the girls can dance in front of you anywhere you sit, so that’s good. I did speak to one guy from Australia that was there, ( not sure who he was but he rememberd me from his bar on soi 4 ).  He said that he thinks it will take a few weeks to really get the staff that the owners are looking for, but its off to a good start so we will see. I did see a few ladies that I know from Nana Plaza and Soi 33 bars coming in there to talk to the mamasan (ps: The Mamasan is Hot) for work and 2 of them are well known Show girls from 1 of Nana’s biggest bars. I will have to see how they go on Sunday night. more info after Sunday.

    BK Night Spy

  2. Thanks for your report BKK Night Spy,

    I went along to Shakerz last night and I agree with your comments. Good to see somebody build a bar with a different style of layout. Yes, there were a few faces I knew among the go-go and coyote dancers. I wish Shakerz the best of luck for their Grand Opening tonight. Chok Dee Shakerz!

  3. […] It’s been heavily plugged on Dave The Rave’s site over the past week, and is apparently the first of what will be a new development of coyote/go-go bars. Bangkok has only a limited number of gogo licenses, all of which have already been issued. So Shakerz is a “coyote bar” – the subtle difference being that the girls dance on the bar instead of at poles, and wear slightly (but not much) more than their gogo counterparts. […]

  4. BK_Night_Spy says:

    Hi Dave The Rave

    More info on Shakerz after opening night,
    I went in about 10:30 last night and there wasn’t to much action going on, I have to say that it did start pissing down rain about 10 so I decided to go and play pool up stairs next to Shakerz for an hour. When I came back in there was a good amount of people siting in the bar and a few nice looking girls up on stage then. The real coyote girls didn’t start dancing till after 11:30 and then it was fun. I spoke with 1 of the 2 owners for a few and got the scope of what there doing. They will have separate groups of dancers 1 group are the 5 coyote dancers that will be alternating with 15-20 Show/Go-Go dancers. They coyote girls that he hired are not as good as they want so he hired out for last night from soi 11 ( spice club ) coyote dancers. Right now they only have a few go-go girls but I saw at least 8 girls show up last night after 2am looking to start work there ( I am very friendly with 1 of them and she told me why they were there ) most of the go-go girls wont be starting untill the end of the month.
    now the important stuff, PRICES 🙂
    Beers were 100bt ( i was drinking Heineken )
    mixed drinks were 110 (whiskey)

    Score card : before 11 pm= 4
    after 12 midnight = 7
    lets hope they keep at it and get it to at least an 8.
    Will check it out again Thursday and see whats up.


  5. Thanks to Bangkok Bad Boy and BKK Night Spy for those two reports. Nice one gents!

    One thing that I did notice was at Happy Hour in Shakerz they charge 80 Baht for house beers. This is a good price for any go-go/coyote style bar. The owners plan to do some hot shows too.

  6. Harold says:

    This would have to be one of the worst coyote bars I have ever been, the place is a dive, the girls do not know how to dance and the music is completely wrong. I went there with another friend, his comment was, ‘This is the type of bar you go to and contemplate your life, as there is nothing better to do’. The best looking girl there was the Mamasan, I have never seen fatter and more scared coyote dancers in all my time in Bangkok. Before any other coyote bars open in Sukumvit can the owners please go to Thai style coyote bars to get some ideas on what they should be like.

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