Tricky Ricky Gets The Honey

Walking Street Pattaya 001 - Tricky Ricky Gets The HoneyRICKY TO OPEN NEW GO-GO BAR ON WALKING STREET 

On Saturday, July 28 it is Ricky’s leaving party in FLB Bar.  The FLB Bar is located at the top end of Walking street.  The Big Bash promises plenty of fun and frolics, free “Becks & Posh” (or nosh), the infamous FLB Dance Contest, and a fond farewell to popular bar boss Ricky.  Join in the fun and frolics if you are in Pattaya’s Pleasure Playground.

Ricky has taken over the ownership of Honey Go-Go Bar on Walking Street.  It is currently undergoing a complete remodel and along with a small group of partners, Ricky will open his new go-go bar at the beginning of September.  The old Honey Go-Go Bar will acquire a new name, but the new name for Ricky’s establishment has not been revealed yet.  Throughout August, Ricky and his team will be working hard to prepare Walking Street with yet another new go-go bar.  With Tricky Ricky at the helm he assures us of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

afterdark - Tricky Ricky Gets The Honey 

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2 Responses to “Tricky Ricky Gets The Honey”

  1. Khun Leigh says:

    Ricky is a great guy and I wish him the best of luck in his new bar.  I have partied with him when he managed multiple bars (Rock Hard, Angelwitch, Diamond Go Go, etc), and he is a gentleman.  Many thanks to Dave for letting us know where he can be found.

  2. Thanks for your comments Leigh.  Many of us know and like ole Ricky, he is a real character!  After several disappointing encounters in Pattaya, I really hope Ricky is able to be successful this time around.  Pattaya is a tough place to run a bar business and I am sure that many people wish Ricky the very best of luck.  Hopefully this time around Ricky’s new go go bar (Honey Go Go Bar) will establish itself reasonably quickly and smoothly.  If a bar owner gets the formula right, they can become a hot spot in no time at all.

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