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*(Please note that although usually fairly accurate, closing times do vary, and on occasion some venues may close due to lack of customers and/or staff.)*
The bar closing times in Nana Plaza remain at 2:00 AM.  Angels Disco (located inside Nana Hotel) currently closes at 3:00 AM. Soi Cowboy closes around 2:30 AM.  Patpong closes between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM.  Most go-go bars in Pattaya stay open until at least 3:00 AM, while the discos and nightclubs are open until the very early hours.  Quite a lot of the pubs and clubs in Phuket stay open until well after 2:00 AM.



BangkokAfterDark - Thailand Night FeverIt has been reported by Stickman that the Irish Xchange Pub on Convent Road will soon be renamed Molly Malone’s Irish Pub.  I now know the reason why.  Molly Malone’s situated on Patong Beach in Phuket have bought out the Irish XChange Pub.  Therefore the new owners naturally want the old Irish XChange to be renamed Molly Malone’s, the same label as the other sister branch.  Without becoming too pedantic, Molly Malone’s does seem to have a ring to it.  What does the Irish XChange mean?  Did they exchange Irish people there or what?  A burnt out old Hollywood movie star would be envious of the makeover that the new Molly Malone’s is currently receiving.  One of Bangkok’s favourite pubs is getting a substantial remodelling job and it will open with a bang on September 1 with a special party.  The management assures us that the “distinctive character and friendly staff will remain.”  The facelift for Molly Malone will soon have her Irish eyes smiling upon you! 

Improvements will include:-

* A brand new air-conditioning system.
* New keg room and beer chiller to guarantee a cooler fresher taste.
* New state of the art sound system with improved stage area.
* New soft lighting.
* Improved access.
* Remodelled safer up stairs access.
* Increased standing capacity.
* Increased seating capacity.
* New line of draft beers.
* New menu from upgraded kitchen.

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A young Japanese guy walked into Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza the other night.  He proceeded to buy two lady drinks for two dancers and one mamasan (six drinks in total).  OK, nothing too unusual there.  However, the Japanese guy paid his bill and decided to tip all three of them.  He gave them 1,000 baht each.  Now that is a whopping great tip!  Here is another reminder why Westerners should not blame the bargirls.  All three did not ask for, or expect a tip of 1,000 baht each, but the Japanese customer offered.  I will let you judge for yourselves the impact that this has on the market.

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A friend went to Patpong this week and reported that it was very quiet in most of the go-go bars.  Out of several go-go bars that my friend checked out, there was only one go-go bar that had more than 10 customers.  Kiss, Safari, and Club Electric Blue were all very quiet, but Camelot Castle Go-Go Bar had around 30 customers.  My friend also reported that the night market is not doing the bar owners any favours.  The night market has encroached across the sidewalk so much, that there is hardly any room left between the market, and the entrance to the go-go bars.  Even though it was very quiet, he enjoyed meeting a lovely young lady in Electric Blue Go-Go Bar.  The young dolly bird had just started work that evening and so, this was a fortunate discovery for my eager beaver friend.  Take note that there are some attractive go-go dancers in Camelot Castle Go-Go Bar, King’s Castle 1 Go-Go Bar, King’s Castle 2 Go-Go Bar and some in Electric Blue Go-Go Bar.

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2 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. KD says:

    a great book, entitled “Paradise For Hire” by Justin Wintle, written around 1984 talked about the “Jap Trap” all those many years ago. he mentioned how back then the Japanese had their own bars, with their elevated prices. the Japanese guys stuck to these bars and stayed out of the “farang” venues, which, he goes on to say, is a good thing because…’no one wants to be out-dollared by the yen. it would only confuse the girls and make the farangs belligerent’. remember, this is 1984!

    unfortunately, 15 or so years later, around 2000, this very thing started happening. the Japanese economy hit on bad times, along with most of the rest of Asia, from ’97 onward. the rich Yipoons started getting away from their over-priced “Japanese-Thai bars” and tried saving some baht, thus RUINING our bars. they tip girls IN THE BAR as much, or more, than i pay them for LONG TIME! throughout the 90’s…the entire decade…used to be you’d buy a girl a ‘lady-drink’ and she was by your side the rest of the night. even after another dance set, she would return. NOWADAYS, you buy a lady-drink and she toasts you…’chok dee’…and is gone, never to return, after just one sip!

    Justin Wintle was a wise man and unfortunately his prescient foresight came to pass. the Yipoons have ruined the Go-Go bars…and even Thermae! not only that, but now they are working on Pattaya…along with a bunch of ignorant, but rich, Chinese and Koreans. WE’VE BEEN OUT-DOLLARED BY THE ¥EN, WON AND RENMINBI (yuan)…and even the Baht itself, due to its strength and the extremely weak greenback

  2. KD, thank you very much for your insightful comments.  Even the Japanese are now seeking other lands, as they start to venture into the Philippine Islands (among others).  The Japanese Yen also took a steep fall against the Thai Baht, and there are (currently) fewer Japanese customers around Thailand in general.  This will be welcomed news for Western visitors.

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