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These words from the legendary Sir William Shakespeare, namely “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”, are so aptly applied to loved ones and loved lands. Whether we say farewell to a lover, a beloved family member, a close friend, or a place that we are so fond of, it is often a bittersweet feeling. This is all part of life…

These words from the legendary Sir William Shakespeare, namely “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”, are so aptly applied to loved ones and loved lands. Whether we say farewell to a lover, a beloved family member, a close friend, or a place that we are so fond of, it is often a bittersweet feeling. This is all part of life…You will have noticed that there have not been any emails, or posts from me in a while. For those that are unaware, I recently went through a difficult time when my father passed away on August 22, 2007. My dear dad was 77 years old and passed away very quickly from cancer. Until now I have not felt up to the task of updating my website.

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As Stickman mentioned in his website this week, it has not been easy coming to terms with my father’s death. However, my father told the family to get on with our lives. Thankfully, I did spend some quality time with my father during a family visit at the end of June. Unfortunately, this is one sacrifice that we have to make, when we live far from our countries of origin. My dad would tell me to stop dragging my heels and get writing, “Come on David your readers are waiting”. Goodbye dad, rest in peace – you were a kind, loving father and a truly wonderful gentleman. Some people might stop writing but not Dave The Rave, the show must go on!

*My sincere appreciation goes out to all of you who sent messages of condolences. It is much appreciated.*


I was told by my family to book a flight as quickly as possibly, because my father’s state of health had deteriorated very rapidly. I flew with Cathay Pacific Airlines from Bangkok to London Heathrow via Hong Kong. I booked the flight at last minute and it cost 43,000 Baht for the return trip. What would normally have been an 11-12 hour direct flight, turned out to be a gruelling journey of around 17 hours. Finally, after all the checks and re-checks the giant metal bird climbed the sky with thunderous power. The bereavement journey was upsetting enough, but then it got worse. For some strange reason we were absolutely freezing cold, even with blankets covering us. An English couple agreed that it was the coldest flight that they had ever had to suffer. The flight attendants were not that organised, or efficient as one would expect. Of course, we all had to suffer the noise levels and downright ignorance of certain selfish Chinese passengers. Some Chinese people barged there way down the aisles. In addition, my in-flight entertainment screen would not work for the entire flight… It was a LONG LONG flight! Finally we landed at London Heathrow Airport only to be greeted with the news that my father had died. This happened while we were travelling to England.

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Anyway, back to the flight… During the flight there was a lot of turbulence and strong winds, so much so, that the plane was swinging precariously as it came in to land. And, on top of all this, just to ensure that I was totally miserable, I developed a very nasty bout of flu. Wow, was I in a state!

I think it is fair to say that I will not be booking a flight with Cathay Pacific again in a hurry. In stark contrast I had a very pleasant flight to London with Eva Air this June. In my experience Eva Air offer a much better service and flight overall. Also, another bonus was that Eva Air offered a cheaper ticket and it was a direct flight from Bangkok to London. On Eva Air they fly via Bangkok so frequently that Thai flight attendants are mixed with Chinese flight attendants.

TOP TIP – The Thai flight attendants wear a cute little Thai flag on their uniform. I find that the Thai flight attendants are not only more attractive, but much more charming and gracious than their Chinese counterparts. Another plus is that you get to “paak waan” or sweet talk them with your best Thai. That is my “Top Tip” for flying with Eva Air.

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Whilst quite a few Thailand internet columnists have quit their websites, some webmasters went out with a bang. Therefore, I will endeavour to return with a bang. Well, I certainly hope it is not merely just a mild pop!

One phrase that I use to sum up my life here in Thailand is “Prisoner In Paradise”. And so, the “Prisoner In Paradise” returns to the neon jungle of Nana Plaza after two recent trips to England. What a welcomed sight! Nana Plaza greeted me like a long lost friend – initially with smiling faces and then the inevitable, “Where’s my present?” I thought to myself, “I have just attended my father’s funeral, so I wasn’t keen on buying presents!” The dear ole Thais, always full of optimistic requests! But that aside, boy is it good to be back at the helm as the Go-Go Guru!

AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - Thailand Night FeverThe latest edition of After Dark Asia magazine is on sale now. Amid the numerous news stands around Bangkok and Pattaya you can buy a copy of After Dark Volume 4. It features an interview with Hollywood actor and producer Nicolas Cage, a mini bio with boxer-turned-model-turned-actor Gary Stretch, an article by acclaimed author Dean Barrett, and of course, lots of high resolution photographs of top Thai dolly birds! Despite major partnership disputes After Dark Asia magazine remains very popular. The high quality of the hot babes and the photography alone makes it well worth parting with 150 Baht. The cover go-go girl is the stunning Miss Ann from Heaven Above Go-Go Bar (Soi Diamond, Pattaya). Check it out!      

Currently Farang Connection Go-Go Bar, which is located next to Cat House Bar on the middle level in Nana Plaza, has closed its doors. It is rumoured that serious money problems are the reason and its future is on the chopping block. Before you ask, just because it might be on the “chopping block”, does not mean that Farang Connection is a katoey bar! You know “chopping block”… Those with a humour bypass may have to have a think about that one! Farang Connection Go-Go Bar are apparently negotiating a sale with a bar owner who is located very close to them.

Soi Nana still continues to party until at least 2:00 AM every night. Some bars further down Soi Nana are open even later. A nightcap can be found in a few bars inside Rajah Hotel car park, and around the Soi 6/Soi 4 junction. Angels Disco or in layman’s terms Nana Hotel Disco are still attracting a good crowd. The action starts later in the evening (as with most discos), but there are some hot freelancers to be found there. Nana Disco continue to stay open until 3:00 AM.

Following recent refurbishment Morning Night Bar located near the entrance to Soi Nana are doing a roaring trade. It is a known fact that Morning Night Bar takes more cash than almost every other bar in the area. This also includes many go-go bars. I find that with Morning Night Bar being Thai owned it can be hardcore for farang residents. However, if you are assertive enough you can tame the beast. Some of the staff are very street hardened and therefore they can smell an “MMM” a mile away. By the way “MMM” is one of “Daves Raves”, which stands for “Mobile Money Machine”. Even if some of you guys are nice to a fault, you can say “NO” once in a while! 

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Thailand based acclaimed author Dean Barrett will be signing copies of his latest book release “Dragon Slayer”. The event will be held at the “Texas Lone Star Saloon” Washington Square, this Saturday, September 15. The event commences from 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM. There will also be a free lunch at 3:00 PM. Any old gun slingers are told to leave their six shooters behind the bar!

WARNING – Please be aware that if Dean has some hot dolly bird bouncing on his lap, the handwriting could be rather shaky! Do not expect eloquence and style under these circumstances. See you there guys!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Until next time if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

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10 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. ArtTv says:

    Good to see you back in the Land of Smiles. Sorry to hear about your father passing.
    I trust the club scene is being kind to you.

  2. The Blue Avenger says:

    Dave – I hope you received my SMS regarding your Dad. I was very sorry to hear of your loss. I stopped by AW a few times before I left for a proper good-bye. Hopefully P Jay introduced you to Mark. Good to see you are back at it. Best of luck and I’ll be in touch via email.
    Blue Avenger

  3. Mr Ed says:

    Glad to see you back Dave.
    Deep sympathies for your loss.

    Morning Night bar.
    The employees seem to despise their customers.
    The attitude of places like this is what turnes off many. The owners are cutthroat.
    Please stop giving them the press.
    They don’t deserve our business.

  4. Thanks for your messages of condolences, it is always appreciated. Yes guys, it is good to be back.  I also appreciate the fact that so many of you enjoy visiting my website.  It all started out as a bit of fun and yet, my record month so far is a staggering 400,000 hits.  That is some serious web traffic!  Nowadays, I feel that I have a duty to provide this information service, because I have so many avid readers.  It is truly astonishing! 

  5. Dave Parker says:

    My condolences on the passing of your dad. That Cathay flight must have been hell. I always use Thai Air for direct flights from Johannesburg to Bangkok – the food and the flight attendants are supurb, and its only 11 hours.

  6. Hi Dave, thanks for commenting.  Actually, I was just joking with a friend in Angelwitch last night about that experience with Cathay Pacific Airlines.  I named it “The flight to hell” (LOL).  However, in saying that the return flight back to Bangkok was alright.  I had to take that flight at last minute and they fly via Hong Kong.  I do not like airports at the best of times, but Hong Kong Airport is not a pleasant place to have to wait for 90 minutes! 

    Yes, I agree that Thai International Airlines are on another level.  Flying Thai is better now that the Thais have come back down to earth with their prices.  Thai Airlines were forced to come into line with their competitors prices.  Mind you, my poor American friends suffer extremely gruelling journeys.  My friend Khun Leigh has to suffer a 30 hour door-to-door journey.  Poor ole Leigh can suffer the affects of that for a whole week.  One flight is bad enough but three flights!  Dave, in order to provide the guys with some information, how much was your return ticket? (US Dollars and/or Thai Baht). 

  7. Dom says:

    Hi Dave. Deepest sympathies. I think you`re doing the right thing…get back to life in the best place on earth. Hope to see you in October, best Dom in SA

  8. Regarding the MANY sincere messages of sympathy, once again thanks a lot guys.  Your support has helped me get back to the helm as the Go Go Guru.

    Mr Ed (not my webmaster) – in order to remain objective I have to write about as many diverse venues as I can.  I know that guys like the legendary Khun Mor (Club Hombre Website) have spent a lot of time in Morning Night Bar.  Furthermore, it would be easy for me to just ramble on and on about Angelwitch and my personal life, similar to many other self-indulgent blogs.  However, I am not like that and therefore I will continue to cover as many different venues and locations as possible.  I have a lot of loyal readers and therefore that is where my loyalty remains.  Besides that Morning Night cannot be that bad or else they would not have the volume of customers that they continue to attract.  If we all liked the same things in life, internet reporting would become rather mundane. 

  9. Dave Parker says:

    Regarding Thai Air flights between Joburg and Bangkok, a return fare including airport taxes is Baht 39000 or USD 1180 if you buy the ticket in South Africa. It’s best to go direct to the Thai Air office in Joburg to avoid paying the travel agent fee of Rand 600. Thai Air’s number in Joburg is +27 11 2682580.

  10. Dirty Keith says:

    Very sad to hear of your father’s passing. Chin up, old boy.

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