Thailand Night Fever

AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - Thailand Night FeverConsidering that September can be a notorious month in the monsoon season, we seem to be getting off quite lightly.  This especially applies to the City of Angels, where thunder, lightning and floods can and do wreak havoc.  The rainfall has been intermittent, which keeps us guessing.  But, at least it is much better than those daily downpours that South East Asia is infamous for.  So far so good, we should count our blessings.  Although it is not raining on a daily basis, we should be prepared.  If it looks cloudy you will probably want to take your umbrella with you.  Those compact, extendable umbrellas can be purchased quite cheap all over Bangkok.  If it looks like rain you can always dive into a shop and by one.  The 7 ELEVEN shops usually stock them.

The rainfall has (generally speaking) been commencing late afternoon, or early evening, so please be aware of that if you do not live here on a daily basis.  Hopefully, you golf guys should be alright for your morning rounds.  Also, others following other outdoor pursuits should take note.


Travelling around Bangkok is much better than it used to be and in some cases public transportation is far better than other capital cities.  I recently used the London Underground and there is absolutely no comparison between the two underground services.  For example, in Bangkok the MRT Subway is relatively safe, extremely clean, very cheap,  quick and convenient, pleasantly quiet, well equipped, efficient services, sufficiently air-conditioned, reasonably spacious, modern and stylish, and generally both smooth and comfortable.  The same can be said of the BTS Skytrain, although the Skytrain does get packed full at certain times and at certain BTS stations.  The London Underground is the opposite.  It has suffered terrorist attacks, it is very dirty, unpleasantly smelly, old and somewhat rickety, annoyingly noisy, most certainly not smooth or comfortable, not as quick, efficient or convenient, shockingly expensive in comparison, and generally unsatisfactory.  This is another reason why I much prefer living in Bangkok than back in England.  I enjoy travelling on the BTS Skytrain and on the MRT Subway.  I think they are a credit to the City Of Angels.

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When Stickman was asked a while back, what he thought was the most positive change to Bangkok over the past few years, he said it was the introduction of the BTS Skytrain.  I have to agree with Stickman, as few competing countries even have an equivalent to the BTS Skytrain.  London’s public transportation systems are very poor in comparison. 

No longer are we forced to wait in snarled up traffic jams, the BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway are two excellent alternatives.  These two services run all day, right up until midnight, but of course, by this time the traffic on the main roads has subsided considerably.  Bangkok is much better to travel around these days than some people might think.

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The tragic news of the domestic flight from Bangkok to Phuket has sent shockwaves throughout Thailand.  The death toll continued to rise, as more bodies were being recovered from the burning wreckage.  This terrible news has obviously been covered in detail by all of the main media channels and publications.  The BBC believe that a probe is needed into the safety of low budget airlines in this region.  My sincere condolences to the families of those killed and severely injured.  RIP to the victims. 


Despite what some people might think, I am most certainly not David from Mango Sauce.  A strange rumour emerged that Dave The Rave is indeed David from the formerly popular Mango Sauce website.  This is simply not true.  It appears that somebody put 2 and 2 together and came up with one million.  I think it is very silly to jump to conclusions just because we share the same first name.  Quite frankly, I think some people have nothing better to do with their time.  Anyway, I thought I had better dispel yet another myth.  I way well be methodical, but definitely not mythological. 

Talking of the Mango Sauce website, for those that are unaware, David quit updating Mango Sauce in June 2007.  For various reasons (some undisclosed) David decided to stop posting.  Sorry to have to report that Mango Sauce remains in a state of suspended cyberspace animation.  Personally, I thought David had a wry wit and he proved to be a talented writer.  Even though Mango Sauce had a very undesirable readership at times, I thought David was a popular zookeeper webmaster.  Whenever I corresponded with David via email, I found him to be nothing but a gentleman.  David has offered me sound advice and civil conversation.  Personally, I will miss Mango Sauce and would like to wish David all the best of luck.

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A seductive little thing that could melt the heart of the devil.  She is so young and sweet, and yet, this Thai temptress goes like a Ferrari all night long.  She then proceeds to bathe and massage you.  Finally, when you are content, she turns into a pizza and a pint.  Sorry, back to reality… Dream on Dave!


Fairly recently there was a nasty incident in Nana Plaza, when a farang was attacked with a bottle by a G-Spot Go-Go Bar doorman.  Word on the street is that his injuries comprised of serious facial wounds.  Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar staff took pity on the victim and did what they could to take care of the poor chap.  Going back a few months, I know one farang who was also struck with a bottle.  This time the culprit was a Hollywood Rock Go-Go Bar (located next to Playskool) doorman.  Both bars belong to the Crown Group, which if you do not know, comprises of a group of farang investors.  This is definitely not the sort of thing Nana Plaza needs at any time, but especially not during a challenging low season. It may well be wishful thinking, but the Crown Group really need to control their staff.

WARNING — May I remind you all that aggression and confrontation is both futile and dangerous in Thailand.  We farangs are outnumbered by more than just a few million!  Try to avoid confrontation at all costs if you can, because violent Thais fight like pack animals.  You are not only greatly outnumbered, but these cowardly thugs arm themselves with weapons too.  If the case for “fight or flight” should arise, take the sensible option and escape.  It is far better to swallow your pride, than have to swallow your dinner through a tube!

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I decided to take a stroll further down Soi Nana early last Saturday evening.  I tried to find a seat in Bus Stop (located opposite Hillary 2), but the place looked pretty much packed to me.  Upon enquiring, I learned that meals would take up to 30 minutes.  I decided to move on and eat elsewhere.  I did however, appreciate the fact that the Thai staff was honest enough to tell me that my meal could take 30 minutes. 

The Rugby World Cup was on and Bus Stop had attracted a good crowd.  Currently my Aussie and Kiwi mates are tormenting me about England’s appalling form in the Rugby World Cup.  I have to agree with them, when England played South Africa, they looked like a schoolboy team!  Hopefully we can redeem some pride, but I am not very optimistic at all.  Anyway, I digress… Nowadays it is only a mere shadow of its former self, because it was forced to chop itself in half.  However, Bus Stop is still a pleasant place to relax.  Some items on the menu are worth tolerating the lack of an air-conditioned eatery.

I returned to Bus Stop just the other day and went upstairs.  You have to position yourself right, because it can be very sticky and humid.  Those annoying trickles of sweat run in the most uncomfortable of places!  I ordered chicken with cashew nuts, which is reasonably priced at 110 Baht.  This succulent dish comes with steamed rice and it is very tasty.  The only thing I do not like are those rubbery, dark mushrooms that have a most peculiar taste.  On this occasion I forget to tell the chef to omit the rubber blubber! 

Similar to quite a few eateries, when dining at Bus Stop it is an advantage to know what you are ordering.  The Bus Stop menu is not one to experiment with.  I (nearly) always go with recommendations from trusted friends.  Other dishes that I like are the beef stew and the bacon cheeseburger.  Never under any circumstances order the T bone steak!  You will be trying to dissect and chew the damned thing from here until eternity.  Stick to the basics and be VERY CLEAR when you order.  The service staff never seem to write the orders down and mistakes do happen.  All in all, Bus Stop is worth making that essential food stop.     

Directly across the road Steak One remains closed.  I used to eat in Steak One but this became more occasional, because prices would increase, but food portions would not increase.  At this point, I do not know what is going to happen with the location.  Anybody have any idea?


On Saturday, September 15 I went along to Dean Barrett’s book signing.  It was hosted by the Texas Lone Star Saloon, which is located inside the Washington Square complex.  (Washington Square is a left turn inside Sukhumvit, Soi 22).  I was running a bit late due to a very busy Friday night in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar.  I walked into a packed house in the Texas Lone Star Saloon at around 3:20 PM.  The popular Bangkok author Dean Barrett had attracted a capacity crowd and therefore, all of the free lunches had gone.  I think this was all credit to Dean for a highly successful book signing.  I was not upset about missing the free lunch, because let’s face it there are MANY excellent restaurants and eateries in Bangkok.

Dean was signing copies of his latest novel Dragon Slayer.  I enjoyed talking to Dean, although it was a brief conversation, because he was busy talking to his avid readers.  The acclaimed author Chris Moore was also present and so, it was great to see Chris Moore again.   


Dave The Rave — “Dean, how many books did you sell.”

Dean Barrett — “Enough for a whole bunch of short times.”

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Sorry for any inconvenience to Firefox and Safari browser users.  Please open Dave The Rave Bangkok Blog with Internet Explorer.  My webmaster Mr Ed is aware of the problem.  Currently he has started a new job, but I hope the problem will be addressed in the near future.


This Friday, September 21 is the Grand Opening Party for Sisterz Go-Go Bar.  Located in the heart of Walking Street Sisterz is the latest addition to Walking Street’s go-go bar scene. “Tricky Ricky” invites you all to attend a night of fun and frolics.  Ricky is a popular figure amid Thailand’s naughty nightlife and a very friendly host.  Already they have acquired approximately 50 dancing Sisterz.  The party will get going from 9:00 PM onwards.  Be prepared for something old, something new, something borrowed, and (knowing Ricky) definitely something blue!  Good luck to Sisterz.  Check it out!


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23 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. Dirty Keith says:

    The reason for Mangosauce’s demise was the same as the reason for Stickman’s departure. Any further comment would be superfluous. A shame, as Mangosauce was an enjoyable read.

  2. Baccara Fan says:

    I believe the problem with the web page links not working in Firefox is because of duplicate div tags in the html. There are 2 tags with the same id “menulinks”.

    I saved the html locally, renamed the second div to “menulnks”, and opened in Firefox. Links were enabled properly.

  3. Dana says:

    Regarding Mangosauce: I miss Dicer and find it curious that he has not popped up elsewhere. His only possible equal is Fanta on Fanta’s character I find wanting; I hope Dicer does not disappoint me.

  4. Mike Phillips says:

    in Bangkok the MRT Subway is relatively safe (does it have the numerous CCTV cameras in place and many staff at stations that London has. The reason why it is safe is because it does not have the culture that London has of muggings and violent drunken thugs. However, if I was the subject of an attack or if there was a crash I know which system I would prefer to be on in terms of the speed and extent of help that I could receive from the medical services and police),

    extremely clean (On the underground you see many cleaners walking around at the stations cleaning up litter. The Thais do not have the same littering culture that Londoners have e.g. leaving their food wrappers and newspapers behind on trains),

    very cheap (Agreed but it is a third world country. They can get staff on low wages and equipment more cheaply)

    quick and convenient (underground trains in Central London often arrive every 5 minutes on average — there is an underground station within half a mile of anywhere you are in London.)

    pleasantly quiet (Agreed — I am not sure why the London trains are so noisy)

    well equipped (there is far more equipment e.g. cameras, safety equipment, screens showing the times of trains, points on platforms where you can speak to staff, etc than there is in Thai stations

    efficient services (the London underground service has increased in size many times in terms of the passengers that it has to carry but the network of tunnels can only be improved to a limited extent because these tunnels were built a century ago — the Thai system was built fairly recently and does not have to carry anywhere as high a number of passengers per day),

    sufficiently air-conditioned (agreed — the small tunnels restrict the scope for adding air-conditioning. However the Thai trains can seem like freezers most of the time)

    reasonably spacious (there is no difference in size in the BKK and London trains — it is just that the London trains need to carry many times more passengers throughout the day)

    modern and stylish (the London Underground brings out new fleets of trains every decade but it does not have the masses of advertising on the sides of the trains like in BKK)

    and generally both smooth and comfortable (the seats in the Sky trains are hard plastic whereas you get cushioned cloth in the London Underground).

    It has suffered terrorist attacks (The BKK system is under threat of a terrorist attack — I wonder how well the BKK authorities would cope with an attack on its system on a similar scale to London — I would think not very well. There are no cameras and the police and security services do not have the same level of expertise. Lets see what happens when the terrorists in the South eventually turn their attention in full to BKK)

    it is very dirty, unpleasantly smelly (unfortunately because of the threat of bomb attacks by terrorist attacks dustbins have needed to be removed from stations however there are many cleaners)
    few competing countries even have an equivalent to the BTS Skytrain (if London was starting from the position of BKK with plenty of open space then yes it would have built a skytrain).
    London’s public transportation systems are very poor in comparison (I have never been on and would never dear to get on a bus in BKK. They are old, smelly, dangerous looking and full of traffic fumes. They are also very infrequent compared to London and you have no indicators telling you what time they are going to arrive. Also there are not numerous information boards like in London letting you know which bus to take to take you somewhere and how long it will take. There are many places in BKK e.g. massage parlours that I would not dream of visiting because they are long distances from the Skytrain/subway or buses. However, in London there is virtually no where which is not within 5 minutes walk of either the underground, trains or buses.)

  5. Mike Phillips says:

    In the short time (10 weeks in total) that I have spent in Pattaya and BKK I have seen more individuals being physically attacked or threatened and been the subject of more threats of physical attack than I have been when I have gone out over the past 20 years in England, US and Europe.

    These have included a freelancer taking off my spectacles and smashing them and throwing a cue ball at me (when she saw me talking to another girl after first expressing an interest in her); a lady boy throwing a bottle at me down the street (when I had mistaken him for a girl and then ran off when I realised my mistake); a freelancer threaten to throw a bottle across a crowded dance floor; a TG in a go go bar who had been sitting drinking with a falang suddenly bouncing a heavy whisky glass off the customers head and then having to be restrained from wanting to fight him.

    Nothing that I had done or seen the ‘victims’ do seem to warrant in anyway the level of violence threatened and in all cases there was little build up or indication that the Thai person was going to react in this way.

    The worst incident that I saw was a fat drunk falang guy pestering some Thai people at one of those street stalls. One of the Thai guys without warning smashed a glass in the guy’s face and stepped round to give him a kick in the head. The guy staggered across the street and was picking out bits of glass from a gaping wound under his eye. He was offering no opposition but the Thai guy still had to be restrained from rushing across the street to carrying on attacking him.

    Despite many trips without harm to myself I always remind myself of the dangers and am happy to let things go a lot of the times perhaps at the loss of a small amount of money even if I am in the right.

  6. Mike Phillips – my answer to all that is OK you stay in “The Smoke”, or stinky old London, and we will all continue to enjoy paradise in the City Of Angels!  London is a dangerous, extortionate, stinking nightmare and you are welcome to it.  They allow Islamic thugs to demonstrate on our streets, openly slagging off Queen and country.  This would never be allowed to happen in Thailand.  London went from 7th place to 2nd place as the second most extortionately expensive capital city in the world.  There are so many foreigners that you have to check if you are actually in England.  Some staff at London Heathrow can barely speak English.  The amount of Islamic terrorists in London is VERY SCARY!  Mindless street violence in London is on a totally different level to Thailand.  People are killed over football matches – total lunatics!  My friend works in a mortuary and in his area of London alone, they deal with at least one murder a week!  You are welcome to it.  Most guys I know can’t wait to escape the madness of London. 

  7. Simom Williams says:

    There is a definite increase in violence against farang in Bangkok/Pattaya, huge resentment amongst Thai men about the ever increasing number of Thai women looking for farang husbands, even if they are willing to keep the Thai man on the side and ply him with lots of farang money! The Thais well aware that we are enjoying cheap sex and relationships by world standards. Things are getting worse, in my opinion, all the time and there is nothing likely to change the nature of things (information propagation and cheap travel ruin things everywhere you go!).

    On the other hand, places like Nana as entertainment zones are hard to beat as long as you stay out of the way of the angry Thai men, they seem to be into random beating up of farang – or else are being paid to take out certain individuals but probably hit the wrong guy half the time.

    I think there are plenty of survellance camaras on the MRT and BTS and if you look at the layout the feeling is of a lot more space to escape if necessary whereas the underground you do feel like you are entering the bowels of the earth…

    Agree with Dave, London is extortionate, if I go back to the UK to live it will be in countryside, still plenty of places that are still British in character and not yet ruined by our awful politicians (the current Labour dross directly to blame for easy immigration and access to social welfare).

  8. @Mike Phillips:

    there is an underground station within half a mile of anywhere you are in London

    Please direct me to Stoke Newington Underground Station. Ta.

    You may also want to read this piece, which states that despite 10,000 CCTV cameras, costing £200 million, 80% of crimes in London are unsolved:,%20yet%2080%25%20of%20crime%20unsolved/

    I have spent time in a great many Western and Asian capital cities. Bangkok is by far the safest of them all, in my personal experience. I’ve never been attacked or threatened here, nor have any of my friends. Perhaps you need to consider your behaviour…

    @Dave: What’s wrong with Islam? Or free speech? Or foreigners? As an immigrant in Thailand, can you really criticise the UK for allowing immigration? Do you think that Bangkok has less than 1 murder a week?

  9. Bangkok Bad Boy, I totally agree with you that the UK is much more violent. Where are all these attacks on farangs? I have never been attacked in MANY years here. Most of us expat residents are more likely to get into a fight with another foreigner. I wrote about one assault by a Thai on a farang in Nana Plaza, because it was so rare and shocking. I worked the pubs and clubs in England and barely a night passed without a violent incident, or altercation of some kind. Britain is so violent that many guys cannot even go out in their home cities. In Liverpool an 11 year old boy was shot dead by youths. What on earth has become of the UK?

    What some guys have to understand is that Pattaya can be a very violent place. May I add that many fights are caused by farang thugs! Between living in both Pattaya and Bangkok since the 80’s, I have never been attacked by Thais in all that time. In a foreign country we have to be aware of our own behaviour.

    Hey Bad Boy, nothing wrong with freedom of speech, or immigrants, but England wreaks of Islamic terrorists and that is what I am talking about. Regarding the murder rate in London, my friend was just talking about his section of London alone. Just try strolling around Brixton late at night and you will see all the ethnics cutting and stabbing each other to pieces. The mindless violence is so sickening!

    Mike Phillips, you might want to try going out at night in London with your favourite football team shirt on.  How long will you last?  I agree that Pattaya can be violent, but many of the thugs are foreigners.  Foreigners often start trouble and the Thais always get the blame.  

  10. Dirty Keith says:

    Hello Dave,

    Are you going to give us an update this week? Sure hope to read your cheery report of Bangkok life soon!

  11. Mike, thanks for commenting.  Your last post is much more accurate in my view.  “Occasional” is the operative word, in terms of “unprovoked violence” from Thais against foreigners.  Because of the one-sided viewpoint of the internet, the foreigner often only reveals his side of things.  From 20 years experience in Thailand, I know that MANY times the foreigner provoked, or blatantly started the trouble.  I see it on a daily basis Mike – I am a professional in the bar business.  In fact, on many occasions I wonder how the Thais show such tolerance and restraint.  Some thugs are just asking for trouble.  Back in Farangland these thugs would be knocked into next week!  Considering the tremendous concentration of nightlife in Bangkok, there is very little violence towards foreigners.

    Your warning carries great weight when you consider how dangerous Pattaya can be.  Pattaya is like a series of time bombs just constantly ticking.  Pattaya can be extremely explosive!

  12. Simom Williams says:

    Dave, violence against farang in Bangkok is rarely reported in the English language press (for whatever reasons) and I always recall a tidbit in one Bernard Trink’s niteowl column when a farang was beaten up in Patpong – and thinking why the hell the guy didn’t make a news article out of it in the Bangkok Post. Also a 20 plus year veteran of Thailand who has done some stints in the deep countryside… Dave, the reason there is very little violence against farang in the nightlife area in Bangkok is simply because the vast majority of the gals hand over the winnings to their Thai men who can’t believe their luck! Who’s going to beat up the guys who are handing out the dosh like there is no tomorrow? Those farang in the know, though, can take the piss in many ways until they step over the line and get done over. Why are Thai men so restrained? They don’t want farang to know the big secret about the ubiquity of Thai gals addiction to them, which would cut off the dosh. I know, you are going to call me an angry man again, but this is simply the ways things are here! Not that it interferes with the cheap sex and beer powered sanuk.

    The thing to understand is that Thai gals are totally aware of the way farang think they are on a rescue mission and subsequnetly take the piss every which way.

    Not sure I see that much difference between Pattaya and Bangkok, though, both basically a case of if you get involved in the neon scene then you get what you deserve and the police don’t really want to do anything to help. Although the sort of mass farang falling off balconies in Pattaya doesn’t seem to exist in Bangkok so may be you have a poiint!

  13. SW, what I think you are overlooking is that I am living the nightlife here (professional bar boss for 10 years), so I don’t need books and newspapers.  For example, Angelwitch in Nana Plaza was packed (as usual) and my friend walked in with a stunning Thai girl – we all had a great time.  Both of us have never had any real bad incidents happen to us.  What you describe is the lowlife scene here, and if that is what these guys want, then they can take their chances.  My friends and I have a great life here, where are all these problems?  However, if you ask for trouble (like most places) you will find it.  We speak Thai, understand the culture and mostly have a very good time here.  Where is paradise going wrong for you?  I just don’t see the problems that some guys do – very different social level methinks!

    Any newbie can see that Pattaya and Bangkok are chalk and cheese – no comparison at all.  There are some very dangerous people in Pattaya, I mean a blind man could see that.  Before I feel I am totally wasting my time with this conversation, just how much knowledge and experience of LOS do you have?  OK, angry was perhaps not correct, but you sound like you have a serious hang up in life.  It could be women or love, but there is definitely an underlying problem.  I feel it shows in your comments…

    I notice that you never mentioned old Blighty, you are welcome to the place!  You seem all keen on England so go for your life.  Meanwhile, I will struggle on as the Prisoner In Paradise! 

  14. Simom Williams says:

    Dave, I can assure you that there are some very dangerous Thais in Bangkok as well as Pattaya, the only possible difference the level of police corruption in Pattaya – honestly, I have wandered back and forth between Bangkok and Pattaya neon relentlessly on occasion and have not found much difference in the levels of violence, though generally I like to get back to the room by midnight (with a gal hopefully) so probably miss out on the real ruffians in both areas. BTW I wear steel capped CAT boots and walk quite fast, people generally tend to get out of the way rather than hassle me! I do agree with you, for cheap sex and booze fueled sanuk with beautiful young ladies Thailand is hard to beat and we will see how long I survive back in farangland before returning with my tail between my legs.

    Completely lost as to your comment regarding low class – are you saying that the gals doing the shows in Angel Witch are college educated Bangkok ladies who don’t go with customers and that mere mortals like myself have to suffer Isarn peasants who earned their spurs in low level Thai brothels before ending up in lesser Nana go-go’s or just that you and your mate have scored with good Thai ladies and the scene in Nana is just for entertainment not indulgence. Or are you confusing class with external experience?

  15. SW, one major point that you are overlooking is the level of violence in Pattaya is far greater than Bangkok per square mile.  Just look at all those farang thugs walking around just asking for trouble.  Pattaya has attracted the British hooligans and that is not good news.  It is a melting pot of Euro trash that does boil over and explode.  Also, there are a number of farangs who are (or think they are) mafia.  Some of these guys walk around Pattaya like they are Al Capone!  This is the low class element that I am talking about.  Some of the Thais are very bad too, it goes with the territory.  I totally disagree that the level of violence in Bangkok and Pattaya is the same.  It is quite evident that this is simply not true what you are stating.

    Apart from the incident where a farang was bottled by a Thai outside G Spot, I cannot remember the last time there was a serious incident of violence in Nana Plaza.  I have worked in Nana Plaza for almost 10 years and the level of violence is very low compared to other nightlife areas.  Pattaya is like the Wild West in comparison!

    Time to move on from this subject.  Good luck in ole Blighty, I hope you are not going there to have wild, exciting nights on the town! 

  16. Khun Leigh says:

    I have lived in Thailand for 6 years and its by far the safest country I have been in out of the 45 or so countries i have visited. I also live in the Nana area and have never had a single problem in spite of the fact that I go out 5 or 6 nites a week. I do agree with the comment that anyone who experiences these problems really should look in the mirror as they are most definately self induced. This doesnt change the fact that one should always be vigilent and keep one’s cool at all times. I am constantly perplexed by the fact that I go to nightlife areas full of drunken westerners and have seen virtually no violent incidents in all these years. No doubt in any western country such a place would breed violence and fights.
    As for Bangkok vs. Pattaya, many of my Thai friends are scared to death of spending time in Pattaya and it definately has a reputation as being like “the wild west.” I say reputation because I rarely go there(just not my scene) so I can only comment on its reputation among friends.
    Very interesting discussion here. Best of luck to all you guys and enjoy your time in LOS.

  17. Thanks Khun Leigh for being the voice of reason.  I totally agree with your comments.  Where the hell are all these so called attacks on farangs in Bangkok? However, Thailand is no different in some ways to any other country.  If you are blatantly asking for trouble, it will find you.  My Thai friends tell me the same that you have been told – Pattaya is very dangerous, and that people should be careful when down in the Wild West.

  18. PattayaSigel says:

    Hey Dave…
    I just wonder when reading this if I was completely blind all the time in pattaya! I have spent not less than 10 weeks there in this year alone and felt just as comfortable as one can feel. I am not looking like a hooligan, have no tatoos etc. But neither did I witness any fights going on (either thai or farang involved). I went out every night! walking street or other entertainment sois. yet my perception of the atmosphere was “relaxed” to say the least! Did I miss something or was I just lucky??????? (might reconsider my plans to relocate there….)


  19. Simom Williams says:

    I think Dave is worried as a couple of the bar managers got done over by Thai hoodlums in Pattaya (one at least for sticking it in every available woman – you should have seen him runs upstairs when one of the stunners on a night out with hubbie went to the toilet there, a kid in a lollipop shop – and he obviously got caught out at some point and hurt rather bad.).

    This is the reality for most tourist, they wander around both areas without any great hassles, probably the worst thing that happens an encounter with the dreaded ladyboys on Beach Road or lower Sukhumvit – run whilst you still can.

    For long-term inmates with bad attitude (like me not Dave) both places can turn equally frightening on a whim.

  20. PattayaSigel says:

    @Philip Carlyn

    good remarks about the clubs in europe…its the same in Zurich due to testosteon overladen balkanese. No weekend where I dont see a police car chasing some drug dealer. I always wait until he gets tackled by the cop 🙂 Cant go out there anymore really. At least everyone gets release in Pattaya so the violence only stems from people who are really after it. I guess one should keep things in perspective. I feel safe in Asia. Yes maybe Dave is biased as a manager. I think tourists are as fine as everywhere else in Thailand there (just dont run into groups of loud drunk russians or brits)!

  21. OK Simom Williams & PattayaSigel, you guys made me smile!  I am certainly not worried about living in Bangkok, or working in the go go bars.  I worked in pubs and nightclubs in England for a total period of 15 years.  About being worried in the go go bars, no way after working in nightclubs in England.  I first came to Thailand in 1988 – those that actually know me, realise that I am a veteran Thailander!  I have been running go go bars in Nana Plaza for almost 10 years now.  Therefore, I certainly have a professional nightlife background, that includes both the East and the West.  I am certainly not being biased, I am just stating facts here.  If you do not want to believe a 20 year Thailand veteran then that is your decision.  I see it, live it and breath it every single day.  Hey, do you guys have that kind of experience? 

    I used to live in Pattaya and I still like to party in Pattaya, but I know it can be VERY violent.  Just look at the death rate down in Pattaya – it is high for the size of the place.  What I advise people to do is be more street smart and vigilant, while you are in Pattaya.  Right now we are coming up to High Season and that attracts all kinds of people.   

  22. PattayaSigel says:


    There is no need to feel offended! I was just asking a question – BECAUSE you surely know more than me! But you left it very unspecific in the comments by just saying “Pattaya is very dangerous”. I just wondered where and when (maybe you could just add a personaly experience as well). And I would assume there is a difference in how barowners are at risk compared to retirees or tourists. I would really like to know more about this! Just tell me if I am wrong. I feel the most dangerous part of life in Thailand is the traffic…particularly on a bike. Sure you read about a dismembered body in the Pattaya news always daily. But these are 95% Thai vs. Thai. The occasional jump from the condo does not count for me (I live low floor always 🙂 ).

    hope this clears things up, regards

  23. Khun Leigh says:

    PattayaSigel you are spot on when u say that the most dangerous thing here is traffic. You can walk the streets at 4am with a ton of money in your pocket and no one will bother you. I have no explanation for that. The person on person crime here is remarkably low. On the other hand, you must be VERY aware of cars and motorcycles. I walk virtually everywhere I go and the average motorist here just doesnt exhibit the same level of care in driving as they do in the west. The sidewalks are very crowded and often one is forced to step out on to the street and I cant tell you how many times I have had a car or motorcycle pass by within inches of me.

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