Thailand Night Fever

After Dark Volume 4 - Thailand Night FeverFirstly, please excuse me for not updating Night Fever last week.  It has been a challenging week for me.  In the space of only a few days I managed to develop not only a bad cold, but a nasty stomach bug too.  I was suffering from the Bangkok boogie, which is the Thai equivalent of Delhi belly.  Unfortunately, I was off sick when I was due to write last week’s edition of Night Fever.  On top of that I was generally feeling low and having a double bad day in the office.  But, I am back now, so never fear the Dave The Rave is here!


The following chapter of events makes me believe that even in the modern-looking City Of Angels, we still remain trapped in the third world… 

I was just about to set off for Soi Nana and BOOM!  Due to the rain, a transformer went up in flames outside where I reside, putting us into darkness.  Oh funk!  The Thais were on the telephone straight away.  Following a comedy of errors, the electrical power eventually resumed after 15 hours.  Yes, you read that right; it took a period of FIFTEEN HOURS!  What on earth were these cowboys doing all that time?  They were probably in hiding.  These Thai workers were on shift work — work comes and they shift!  Absolutely unbelievable! 

Fortunately, I was about to leave the house and I was NOT taking a shower (not a pretty sight!), at the time of the blackout.  However, I did have to return home to face eight hours with no electrical power.  To add insult to injury there was no water either, due to the water pump being knocked out too.  I was firmly stuck in the stinky sticky stuff!  Have you ever had to sleep in Bangkok with no electricity?  This must be next to impossible for most Westerners I would have thought.  And so, if you combine being ill with a 15 hour power blackout, it has most definitely been a challenging week for me.  All together now, “Aaaaah, poor ole Dave.”

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To summarise this epic blackout – do not listen to the Thai propaganda about what an ultra-efficient, mega-modern metropolis Bangkok is.  At certain times reality forces us to be hurled back into the third world.


The other week I was very pleased to be invited to bestselling author Stephen Leather’s birthday bash.  This prestigious piss up was hosted by the ever-popular Big Dogs Bar in Nana Plaza.  Steve generously put on a buffet, which went down very well with the lads.  The delirious delicious chicken drumsticks were kindly cooked by the lovely Miss Gung.  I am not exaggerating when I say “delirious delicious”, because those drumsticks were packed with meat.  Steve, were those chicken on steroids?

There were some familiar faces present including; acclaimed author Dean Barrett, Khun Leigh, Brit brothers Peter and Tim, the enigmatic Stickman and a special guest appearance from the Mad Stockbroker.  Talking of the Mad Stockbroker, I know some of you guys like to surf the net, but the Mad Stockbroker goes on a world tour.  I kid you not, he is on more chat boards than a busy bargirl is on the job!

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This was yet another great birthday bash that I was privileged to attend. Steve also generously rang the bell (at least one time) and bought everybody in Big Dogs Bar a drink.  What a super guy!  All chant together lads, “Nice one Steve, nice one son, nice one Steve, let’s have another one!”        

*Stephen Leather is the author of not only Private Dancer, but a whole series of bestselling thrillers.  What some people do not know is that Steve has a popular following for his excellent fiction novels.  Over the years Steve has developed a large market for his thrillers throughout Britain’s book shops. 


With a noticeable shortage of dark beers available in Thailand, the new Beer Lao Dark is a welcomed addition to the suds scene.  However, in saying that Beer Lao Dark is not widely available yet. One place that offers a real deal is the Big Mango Bar, which is located on the middle level in Nana Plaza. During the Big Mango’s Happy Hour (NOW 4:00 PM — 8:00 PM) you can buy bottles of Beer Lao Dark for ONLY 75 baht.

The other night I was chatting to a friend and we both came to the same conclusion. The new Beer Lao Dark is VERY strong. It most certainly weighs in as a heavyweight with its powerful 6.5 alcohol volume. Now that packs some wallop! This particular brand should be renamed Beer Mao!

THAI TALK — mao (drunk) — mao maak (very drunk) — mao maak maak (smashed/wrecked) — kee mao (sh*t faced). Get your bargirl banter going; you guys will be able to have some fun with those phrases. Enjoy!

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On a sad note the Blue Avenger’s mother recently passed away (RIP).  Matt from Angelwitch Go-Go Bars, Stickman and Dave The Rave all pass on our sincere condolences to the Blue Avenger.  The Blue Avenger is a great guy who does a VERY important job. Also in our thoughts is David from Manchester, who sadly passed away following an illness.  David spent a long time in Bangkok and he liked to stay at the Nana Hotel.  David was formerly part of the executive management team for ICI and was quite a character.  RIP from all your mates, especially Aussie Alan, Ricky (Sisterz Go-Go Bar Pattaya) and Dave The Rave. On the same note of condolences, I wish to thank you all very much for your messages of condolences that I am still receiving. For those that are unaware my father passed away last month. It has been a difficult period in my life, but your continued support has helped a lot.  I want you to know that it is much appreciated.

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A friend of mine used to date a very attractive young Thai girl.  She was a student at the time they were dating.  The relationship progressed and the young girl introduced her mother to the middle-aged American.  Upon first impressions “mae” (mother) was reasonably impressed.  This particular farang was smartly dressed, polite and he spoke quite good Thai.  He even had a pleasant smile and appearance for a farang.  The conversation soon got around to farangs, and the protective mother told my friend what she had heard.  The mother said, “Many farangs only seem to be interested in chasing young Thai girls.  They appear to collect them, and always try to take advantage with sexual advances.”  My friend hid a cringe behind his smile as he thought, “My God, they are on to us!”


Mandarin is one particular go-go bar in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza, which is causing quite a BIG stir. Mandarin Go-Go Bar is situated in the far corner of the middle level behind the escalator (the electric stairs that occasionally works!).

The French ownership have recently introduced some saucy “ooh la la” to make their particular product more dishy. Aim your sights closer to the heavens. Because, you must remember that the really steamy stuff is on the top floor above the glass ceiling. Mandarin Go-Go Bar has offerings of their forbidden fruit in much more natural attire, compared to most of the surrounding pleasure palaces. You walk in and the attraction is very evident… Holy hooters Batman!

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The Tunnel (Lang Suan) is a newly established late night club, which recently hosted Chicago’s house music veteran Johnny Fiasco on September 26. Famous Fiasco has released his “prime cuts” with Cajual, Brique Rouge and Om Records. The event that was launched as a “Fiasco In The Tunnel” certainly proves that The Tunnel located on Lang Suan Soi 5, has definitely made an impact on the Bangkok club scene. The Tunnel gets going after 10:00 PM and is currently staying open until 5:00 AM. You should bear in mind that although this is a great late night venue, it does get packed to the rafters on Fridays and Saturdays. A better alternative might be Ladies Night. The Tunnel’s Ladies Night is every Tuesday, and the cover charge is 300 Baht, which includes one drink of your choice. Some party people believe that The Tunnel is seriously rivalling Spicy, as their favourite choice of late night club. Check it out!


The very first editions of Night Fever are now available on the Side Bar in the “Archives November 2006” section. You can now read these archived editions of Night Fever in the new text style with images. This LINK HERE will take you directly to the November 2006 archives. Enjoy!

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Please email me with your feedback, or requests to join my emailing list. Just type “SUBSCRIBE” in the subject box, or use the “REGISTER” option on the side bar. Cheers!


In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

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14 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. dale says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for the update & glad you’re feeling better, I’m sure your good lady wife (boss) looked after you when you were ill.

    cheers & see you in the new year


  2. Dirty Keith says:

    I wish someone has advertized Stephen Leather’s party. I’d like to have attended and met the man. Private Danver is a compulsory reading for all budding mongers.

  3. Thanks Dale, I have certainly had a rough time lately, but I am glad to be back again.  Cheers mate!

    DK, Steve Leather is quite a private person in many ways and it was invite only.  However, if there are any public events coming up with the likes of Stephen Leather, I will let you know. 

  4. Hey Dale, I do like the guys abroad to know that it is not all endless fun-in-the-sun in Thailand.  Even the Prisoner In Paradise occasionally has some bad moments!  I hope all is going well for you mate.  Cheers!

    DK, I agree that Private Dancer is a good read, but the university of life is the best place to learn about the real world.  We can learn so much from experiencing things for ourselves.  Private Dancer sends us a clear message, but none of those disasters in the novel have ever happened to me in over 20 years in Thailand.  I think we have to keep things in perspective.   

  5. MadStockBroker says:

    Dave – Thanks for the kind words mate and good to see you again last night. That RB4 bird my mate had was stunning. I would have broken my vow of celibacy for her! BTW we liked the voilin show!

  6. dale says:


    prisoner in paradise? come on mate you don’t know how lucky you are! I’m fine cheers mate.

    Nice To Be Nice….. Right Dave?

  7. Simom Williams says:

    Dave, according to past comments more than ninety percent of the b-gals in Nana and Cowboy have Thai boyfriends/husbands/pimps so, yes, I can see that it is very unlikely that farang will come into contact with that kinda of disaster when dealing with b-gals…

  8. MSB – Always a pleasure mate. Yes, I agree she was knock out. Just goes to show that Rainbow 4 still has the best selection of go go birds in Bangkok.

    Dale, that used to be my handle “Prisoner In Paradise” because OK I’m living in paradise, but I’m also stuck here too. But, I do agree it is a great place to be stuck for a Go Go Guru!

    SW – We should not generalise too much, we should learn to be more open-minded and judge people on an individual basis. A lot of human relations depends upon our people skills and how we evaluate situations. It really is NOT difficult to have a great time here in the Land Of Sanuk! 

  9. Simom Williams says:

    Dave, I admire the way you publish comments that are not so kindly! Good on you! However, how on earth can you judge Thai girls who would make most professional actresses look like amateurs? Sorry to go on about this but it is rather important, the only way to get the Thai husband/boyfriend/pimp to surface, to cut off the money/sex and hence face – if you really want to know what is going down – and then…. then you die (which neatly brings us back to Private Dancer, possibly not as good as a Good Woman of Bangkon or even Al Culler’s Bars. Babes and Bimbo’s)! Thai girls have to survive in Thai society, usually low level Thai society, and that means making face for the dominant force in their life (brainwashed hardly comes in to it…) – Thai men! And then you have hordes of forty-something farang descending on the city under the illusion that they are on a rescue a poor Thai girl from the bar mission whilst the women are already completely aware of who they are dealing with and what strings to pull. So I don’t see how disaster can be avoided in that scenario, unless you have some contacts in the scene who will tell you the truth about what you are dealing with, and even then besotted farang won’t listen. The absolute worst aspect of all this I really hate, is the way the whole of Thai society will go out of their way to help some Bonzo Thai guy they would not normally give the time of day – but hey ripping off farang is a national pastime!

  10. SW, I have to say that you really sound like an angry man!  People who are content with their lives are happy, not constantly complaining!  I will stick by my guns and state that it is NOT at all hard to have a good time here in the Land Of Sanuk.  Just look at Farangland – what an undesirable world to say the very least.  Hey SW, if you dislike the Thai scene so much, then simply leave.  Any taxi driver will be happy to take you to the airport.  This is definitely a case of Thai way or the highway! 

  11. Simom Williams says:

    Thanks Dave, as it happens my visa runs out in a few days and I am back off to the UK. I am going to have a terrible time there, no agrieved husbands foillowing me around, no desert-like temperatures ruining any attempts at walking, no lung destroying air taking years off my life and no need to drink too much beer to survive the night. But you are absolutely right, if you take things at face value, all those wonderful smiles and easy sex, you can have wondrous time in LOS. I just like to strip the layers away to see what is underneath…

  12. SW, you are most welcome to ole Blighty mate!  I will continue to take my chances in paradise.  Thailand has its faults of course, but I love the lifestyle.  England is mega expensive, the women are mega gross, it’s a boring existance, freezing cold, and one big rat race.  London is extortionate and the mindless violence is beyond all reasoning.  Speaking in terms of fun and frolics, there is no comparison whatsoever to the Land Of Sanuk!

  13. Khun Leigh says:

    Guys who enjoy the nightlife here understand that the gal is working and when u spend time with her it is just fun and entertainment. Why shouldn’t they have boyfriends? It is none of the customer’s business what the gal does when she is not in the bar just as it is none of the gals business what the customer does when he is not with her. I think its great if the gal can score a Thai boyfriend and I wish them all the best. The idea that the average western man makes a better mate than a Thai man is absurd. Most Thai gals will be happier with a man who eats the same food, speaks the same language, listens to the same music etc. The gals are lovely and its a pleasure to live here. Most of the guys I meet who end up disliking Thailand made the basic mistake of believing that their favorite bargirl was their girlfriend. That is really sad and there is just no way to help someone who has lost perspective to that extent.

  14. Khun Leigh, this is an excellent assessment.  You took the words right out of my mouth.  I think that the farangs you are describing, have very bad hang ups over women, relationships, and love.  Just look at the sign when entering Nana, it says “NANA ENTERTAINMENT PLAZA.”  The important part to remember is “ENTERTAINMENT”, because the customers come to be entertained with fun and frolics.  I pity those poor souls that think places like Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are lonely hearts clubs – they will be shot down in flames!

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