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Soon it will be time to get ready for Halloween Party Night, because it is next Wednesday, October 31.  There will be a special Halloween Party in both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars.  The older of the two Angelwitch Go-Go Bars is located on the middle level in Nana Plaza.  The younger sister is located in Pattaya on Soi 15 just off Walking Street. Angelwitch Showtime starts at 10:00 PM and finishes around 1:00 AM.  During the Halloween Party Night there will be some special shows, lots of Halloween decorations, and the Angelwitches will be dressed accordingly.  Halloween Party Night is a lot of fun in Thailand’s go-go bars.  Well, those bars that make an effort to have some scary fun.  The Thais have a childlike charm that very much helps to keep us farangs young.  I hope you have a good time, I know I will.  Trick or treat?


Angelwitch Go-Go Bars co-owner Matt has designed a special 2007 limited edition Halloween T-shirt.  All being well, they will be available from this Friday.  Please enquire in either Bangkok or Pattaya Angelwitch Go-Go Bars.  Simply bewitching!

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Recently I had the chance to draw a comparison between what Thailand’s nightlife scene has to offer compared to sex club venues abroad.  I don’t mind telling you that it becomes tiresome sometimes when I listen to incessant complainers.  One guy was saying how he thinks the Thais are never happy, “They never smile and it’s supposed to be the Land Of Smiles.”  After I suffered this farangs constant barrage of complaints and negative attitude, I was starting to feel depressed.  I wanted to say, “Lighten up man and enjoy life”, but I was on duty at the time.  No wonder the Thais do not smile around this miserable old bugger!  The point of this particular subject is to remind people what great value-for-money Thailand’s nightlife scene is.  This is especially true when you compare it to Farangland.

Back in England I was a nightclub supervisor for the best part of 15 years.  From my past nightclub experience, I could not understand why the Thais never introduced a cover charge, or entrance fee.  Virtually every special club venue in the world has an entrance fee policy.  Some cover charges are very expensive in Farangland, but it is a strict policy of like it or lump it.  Perhaps about 10 years ago Thailand could have classed go-go bars as special clubs.  If they were referred to as “dance clubs” for example, they could justify charging an entrance fee.  They would need to design and refurbish them to look more like stylish clubs, but that would be a simple superficial makeover.

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Speaking hypothetically, let’s say approximately a decade ago in Bangkok, we witnessed the grand opening of the first Siamese Stringfellow’s.  The pioneers of these new “go-go clubs” would hire professional security staff to ensure the entrance fee was paid by every customer.  Drink prices would be higher, but the customer would have the opportunity of VIP lounges, chill out rooms, possibly even private booths for intimate lap dances.  Downstairs would operate to a go-go dance format, but the go-go girls would be available for tableside dances.  All this never happened.  As a professional in the nightlife business, I think Thailand missed the opportunity boat, but personally speaking I am pleased it did not happen.  In my opinion too many decades have passed for the go-go bar business to change that dramatically.  But, if just one entrepreneur had opened the first go-go dance club who knows what might have happened?

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These special go-go clubs could have introduced VIP membership schemes, hosted corporate club parties, and enticed the rich and famous to visit.  Jump back to the real world in 2007 and in many ways perhaps we should count our blessings that nobody thought of go-go clubs.  The moral of this story is to be grateful for small mercies.  There are no go-go clubs in Thailand with door entrance fees, no expensive nightclub prices, and no pretentious rich playboys ruining the market on a nightly basis.  You can sit in any go-go bar in Thailand and admire what is on the stage for just the price of a drink.  In terms of value-for-money, do not take the go-go bars in Thailand for granted.  Remember that there is no comparison whatsoever in Farangland.

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A friend of mine recently updated me on the prices that some sex clubs charge in England.  In Manchester a sex club called Obsession charges 1,400 Baht for a lap dance.  OK, you get a private cubicle, but ALL lap dances are for the duration of ONE SONG ONLY!  Boutique Club (also in Manchester, UK) charge a non-refundable 700 Baht entrance fee and 700 Baht per lap dance.  The same deal as Boutique is also available in The Fantasy Bar.  When my friend John visited a sex club in Argentina, he paid over 600 Baht for one drink — lady drinks were also an extortionate 600 Baht.  Thinking that he had been ripped off, John called the manager over.  He was shocked to learn that 600 Baht is the standard price.  The women were all hardnosed Eastern Europeans.  They looked like an enemy of James Bond with that, “I will break you” look in their marble cold eyes.  Certainly does not sound like any fun at all to me!  I think that Dave The Rave will be happy to remain here in Thailand as the Prisoner In Paradise.

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Down in London town the prices are even worse.  London has ashamedly become the second most expensive capital city in the world.  Second only to Tokyo, London is nothing short of shockingly extortionate.  Nowadays a London “escort” will charge 20,000 Baht for one hour.  My friend paid the frosty looking Eastern bloc bird the 20,000 Baht wad.  Moments after he handed the money over, my friend said he knew it was a mistake.  Thankfully, John has a good job and can afford to make 20,000 Baht mistakes; unlike many of us others!

string gold01 - Thailand Night FeverStringfellow’s in Covent Garden is London’s world famous nude dancing club.  English entrepreneur Peter Stringfellow was the pioneer of this style of sex club in London.  Stringfellow’s features tableside and lap dancing, with a restaurant that has apparently received rave reviews.  London has an entrance charge of 1,400 Baht.  A friend of mine ordered one drink and one dish from the menu; nothing fancy at all.  The bill was the best part of a staggering 3,000 Baht.  Not surprisingly, my American friend is in no hurry to go back.  Although Stringfellow’s is a very upmarket sex club in London, it should really make us appreciate what we have here in Thailand.  In the Land Of Sanuk you can easily have what Stringfellow’s has to offer and much more.  And, all for a fraction of the price too.

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To really take things to the limit there are international escort agencies available.  These special agencies will fly an escort girl to you.  For a mere snip at 70,000 Baht per day (plus expenses), you can enjoy the company of an international escort.  Just imagine if you book and pay for an escort girl for a whole week…  But, when the escort girl arrives you can’t stand the sight of her.  Oops, there goes the best part of HALF A MILLION BAHT.  Thank goodness for Thailand, the Land Of Sanuk!

In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

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13 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. JT says:

    I’ve often wondered what place in the world would come along and top Pattaya. I can honestly admit that there is no equal that I have ever experienced or have had friends tell me about. Philippines, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, etc. they all don’t measure up to the FUN, not to mention the value. Imagine if a country actually wanted to take on LOS. It wouldn’t take much, and would surely be a windfall GDP wise. Thank goodness that world leaders shun the P4P industry, for if they realized the profit making potential I would have to consider alternate travel plans. Its nice not having to think twice about where I want to take holiday.

  2. Cormac says:

    London. If you have the cash, the Windmill is well worth a night. Expensive though. Very expensive. You might be better off just spending the money on a trip to Thailand, because you can easily spend that kind of money there.

    For way less, I’d recommend Spearmint Rhino’s. Beautiful & intelligent women. Decent dancers. There’s cheaper stripclubs/lapdancing clubs but I prefer this club to Springfellow’s

  3. Gary m Sweet says:

    great article.
    Dave you hit it on the head, thank goodness that that never happened in our land of happiness. I live here in the states in calif. and up in the city its the same way, outrageous prices and entrance fees, and just for a drink and a hello, it cost a fortune.
    See you soon in Dec. think i can get a halloween shirt? x-large. ask Matt….!
    cheers mate.
    ps. i’ll get the first round.

  4. mark says:

    Take things a little further, UK is in the process of changing the law to give live-in girlfriends the same rights as proper wife on separation – basicallly if you want lots of sex in farangland, one way or another you be forced to pay lotsa money for it.

    Western sex scene, you have lots of gangsters and pimps involved who rake off ninety percent of the money the gals get – same in Thailand with the gal’s husbands/boyfriends but they are a whole lot cheaper than Western men.

  5. JT, thanks for commenting. I totally agree with you. I used to live in Pattaya and still love to party in Pattaya when I get the chance. My message was clearly aimed at the jaded expats who take this paradise for granted. Shame on you guys!

    Cormac, thanks for commenting and passing on that information. However, I don’t think you will find many fans of London’s nightlife scene. We are not all rich!

    Hi Gary, there will be an Angelwitch Halloween T-shirt waiting for you! Special go-go dance clubs could well of happened, but fortunately for us farangs it did not. We get all that entertainment in Thailand’s go-go bars for just the price of a drink. And, a drink that still costs less than in a depressingly boring bar back in Farangland.  Great mate, we are waiting for that drink.  With all these offers to get the drinks in, we will have to start calling you “Get ’em in Gary!” 

  6. To be fair, gogo bars aren’t all that cheap.

    A bottle of Beer Lao in Angelwitch goes for, last time I checked, 130 baht. That’s about 2 quid. The wholesale cost is about 30 baht per bottle at most, I’d guess. So that’s a 333% profit.

    Last week, I was drinking bottles of Carlsberg in a bar in the North of England for 75 pence a bottle. Okay, it was “cheap night”, but it wasn’t a depressingly boring bar. And I didn’t pay an entrance fee.

    Sure, Bangkok’s cheaper than London. But gogo bars are home to some of the most overpriced drinks in Thailand, beaten only by the hi-so hangouts and the hotel bars. Cambodia, particularly Phnom Penh, is now the de facto destination for budget sex tourists. $1 beers and $10 girls.

    I love Bangkok, obviously. I just don’t think most of the farang-oriented gogo bars represent particularly good value for booze, compared to the alternatives in this part of the world…

  7. Mike Phillips says:

    Nightclubs in BKK do charge a cover charge for entrance. You get one or two drinks as part of this but it in no way to the value of the cover charge. It also means that you have to stay at the club for at least two drinks to make your visit worthwhile.

    I can see Go Go bars adopting a cover charge on a similar basis to BKK nightclubs. This would prevent the cases of the cheap charlies who only buy one cheap draught lager and then nurse it for an hour or so whilst ogling the naked women and looking at the shows. Nightclubs in Pattaya do not have cover charges but I have heard that at least one, the famous Tony’s, has now introduced one.

    This is a shame because you may visit a nightclub and not like it and leave immediately if it is not to your liking, until you find the one that you want to stay in. But you can’t do this with a cover charge without it being expensive.

  8. So folks Bangkok Bad Boy returns from Blighty!  You have just been in the UK, so if it is so good why don’t you stay there then?  I disagree about the value-for-money drinks, because where are the go-go bars with the hot babes in the north of England?  Last time I read the papers they are too busy killing 11 year old boys!  Anyway, when are you coming to meet me for a drink face-to-face?  I have been waiting a long time… 

  9. Mike, I hope you are having a good time in the UK.  How are the hot babes?

  10. Jan Trevor says:

    You should not compare civilized countries with third world countries. The UK pound has risen versus the USD and the baht. Compare Thailand with Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos and the PI. imo Thailand is getting expensive in both local currency and against the USD. Fortunately I bought a lot of baht last time I was in Thailand.

  11. Ian in Singers says:

    Hi there Dave, haven’t been able to see you since you went home but not through want of trying. Work and my bank manager conspiring against me!

    I have to add my two pennyworth here…There are plenty of bars catering for us farangs where beer costs 60B or less and you can sit and have a chat with your mates or with one of the attractive fully clothed ladies. If you want entertainment, you have to pay for it. 130B is pricier than a beer bar, but fcuk me, the show in Angelwitch cannot be compared with anything you get in the UK (or the USA) – and at only little more than GBP2 per drink. I guess I also have another perspective on it. Here in Singers, in my local pub (where a few Thai girls hang out as the owner is married to a Thai), a bottle of Tiger or Heineken costs the equivalent of GBP3, or over 200B – and that’s a cheap bar! I’m looking forward to paying 130B soon!

    Trying to get up there next weekend for a couple of nights. Don’t disappear.

  12. mark says:

    There are as many hot babes in the UK available to guys over forty as there are Thai b-gals in Nana… who DON’T have a Thai man in one form or another!

  13. streeteats says:

    I love BKK. Just don’t understand why lapdances haven’t caught on there like the rest of the free world.

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