The Big Mango Bar Has Closed

bigmango1 - The Big Mango Bar Has Closed

Located above Lucky Lukes Bar on the middle level in Nana Plaza, the Big Mango Bar have just announced that they are closing their doors permanently from this Saturday, October 27.  This is bound to cause some shockwaves throughout the Nana Plaza neighbourhood.  The sudden, shock news leaves the Big Mango Bar regulars with only two nights to drink ‘em dry!  This announcement from the Big Mango Bar is extremely short notice, so many of you will get this news very late.  However, for those of you who are in Bangkok right now, you can visit the Big Mango Bar Thursday, October 25 (that’s tonight guys!), and/or Friday, October 26.

Running a successful bar in Thailand is a tougher challenge than many observers can imagine.  It is clearly a case of survival of the fittest.  There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but it is whether we learn from those mistakes that counts the most.  Sad as it is to see the Big Mango Bar become history, let us hope that there is no domino effect for the other less popular bars in Nana Plaza.  There are all kinds of rumours flying around about Nana Plaza, but do not worry the most popular bars continue to draw the crowds.

I find it strange to say, swing by the Big Mango Bar for the very last time.  But, I think that the story behind this sudden end will unfold eventually.  Word on the Bangkok streets is that the Big Mango Bar will spring up again in another location.  For the sake of the Big Mango Bar regulars, let us hope that they are more successful next time around.

This Friday night, when the landlord says, “Time ladies and gentlemen please”, sadly this will indicate that the Big Mango’s time is up…

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”    (Sir William Shakespeare).

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39 Responses to “The Big Mango Bar Has Closed”

  1. Whatonearth says:

    How can you post saying big mango made mistakes and its survival of the fittest (by that I take it you mean yourself??) You have no idea why the mango is moving and instead of asking the owners you decide to post this. Maybe one of the reasons the’re moving is that Nana has no sense of community and all the low life loves to XXXX on others.

  2. Whatonearth, firstly I removed your offensive language, which just shows what us us internet columnsists have to deal with.  Many people supported the Big Mango (including Stickman and Dave The Rave), but the Big Mango Bar lacked a consistent volume of customers.  If it was so serious every bar would be closing.  It is as simple as that.  All I am saying is better luck next time.  Try having some fun, Thailand is a great place for that.  Chill out man! 

  3. I think some people forget that I have supported the Big Mango Bar as a customer, and on the internet ever since they first opened.  In fact, I started the Big Mango Bar thread on which incidentally, introduced new customers to the Big Mango Bar.

    The Big Mango Bar will relocate in another location, but it is a loss to Nana Plaza. They offered the best value-for-money burger in Soi Nana, and also a very good Happy Hour.

  4. 'if only you knew' says:

    Dave… I assume you are venturing into ‘comedy’ writing?! ‘Mango Bites The Dust’?!!

    You are talking utter-rubbish regarding the guys and their success.

    Remember… the people who survived the Titanic were the ones that got in the lifeboats before the ship sank.

    The next time you see an empty seat in A.W – it’s where I would have been sitting.

    – What goes around……….

  5. If Only You Knew, due to this being a sensitive subject, I have decided to change the title to “The Big Mango Bar Has Closed.”  Obviously some people have taken my headline to heart, so I have edited that.  “If only you knew” how tough it is to do business in Nana Plaza… after 10 consecutive years I do know! 

  6. Las Aguas Negras says:

    You, your website, and your ‘Go-Go’ have always been nothing more than second rate. Not sure if you ever noticed the always vacant seat next to ‘If only you knew’s empty seat…but that’s the one that I sat in once and never came back to fill.

    Ta-ta luv.

  7. 'if only you knew' says:

    Dave…. “after 10 consecutive years” doing business in the Plaza… how is it you have only amounted to the ‘hired-help’?!

    Think before you speak…….

  8. mark says:

    dave are you now refusing to post people’s comments now
    Oh dear the hard ship of being a internet columnist
    If you want to through muck, stand up like a man, and except other peoples views

  9. Big Fella says:


    Bearing in mind that we are your only traffic, it is pointless deleting our posts….

    We all know the score.


  10. mark says:

    Never bothered going into the Big Mango, don’t know why anyone took offence at your original post, either.

  11. Hi Mark, thanks for your post.  Personally, I go out to enjoy life, but some people are just rebels without a cause.  I thought the Thais could be childish and hard to deal with, but just look at these so called educated Westerners?  Obviously they are very over-sensitive. The bar business in Thailand is a tough business and you have to be able to take it as well as give it.  Regarding some of the above comments, it is water off a duck’s back for me.  I learned a very good saying from a friend in the UK – “The price of success is the politics of envy!”

    To my beloved critics – I will not accept offensive language, so you can take a running jump with foul language.  We are supposed to be educated people.  Write in a civil manner and your comments will be posted.  I do not use foul language on my website, so nobody else can either.  Enough said, now go and have some fun!   

  12. “If Only You Knew” what time and effort I have put in for you guys! I changed the title, explained how I have supported the Big Mango Bar for the past two years, and still you criticise me. Why? You are being way, way, too sensitive about my comments. I will listen to criticism but I will not tolerate abusive language. I communicate in a civil manner, so I expect my readers to do the same. If you want to be offensive then you will have to visit another website.  It is as simple as that. 

    At times Angelwitch and myself have received criticism, but we know this will happen. We are cool about it and just continue to do what we do best. Chill out and try to enjoy life…

    If the Big Mango relocate and their bar is packed full every night, I will be the first to congratulate them.  Let’s see what unfolds, I think it will be interesting. 

  13. Cigar Bob says:

    WTF are these guy’s problems? Go on with your great site and ignore them, Dave. I’m fairly sure none of these guys work in the entertainment biz here and know how hard it is to make a baht.

  14. Hello Cigar Bob, thanks for being the voice of reason here. You hit the nail on the head mate!

  15. Sam says:

    Dave your report was entirely reasonable, but the responses you have received show there is more to this than meets the eye.  You run a fine web site – continue to stay chilled.

  16. sobe says:

    Dave you do such a great job …. Some of these guys want Drama it is a side effect of having to deal with the girls here …… I will take that guys empty seat ….

  17. Thank you Sam for those kind words.  Yes, I intend to put “Dave The Rave” on ice and chill out.  I think it will be a lovely ice cold beer, whilst observing some red hot babes.  Cheers!

    Thanks Sobe, I have no intentions to drive anybody away from Angelwitch and it would be great to see you.  I will save you a seat Sir! 

  18. BK_Night_Spy says:

    Hey Dave,
    Another day in Bangers, Well it seems some people like to get mad at the strangest things, OK so another beer bar in the plaza is closing, Another will take its place and we can look forward to a grand opening party to kick off the tourist season. I dont see why anyone is giving you compliants on here, your post is Much nicer than what is posted about that bar on other forums. So will it be Rainbow 5 , or Mandarin 2, or Lucky Lukes?.
    Thats a good next topic.. Anyway keep up the good reports and others need to remeber the phrase “dont shoot the messenger” You didnt cuase the situation you just reported it.

    Good hunting

  19. sober says:

    I think there was an over reaction to your post

  20. Hi Sober, I think you can say that again!  Oh well, let’s get back to paradise. We are starting to gear up towards Angelwitch Halloween Party Night.  It should be a lot of scary fun.  This Wednesday, October 31st… “Nightmare On Nana Street.”

    BK_Night_Spy, you made a good point that we should now be looking at the future and not the past. However, some guys will miss the Big Mango Bar. They sold cheap beers, a cheap burger, and provided a free Wi-Fi service. It is sad to see that the Big Mango Bar has closed in Nana Plaza, but life goes on.

  21. John says:

    Hi Dave;
    It is amazing what an eye catching ‘non politically correct’ phrase can do to perk up last minute business at The Big Mango. At least based on the number of posts and huge turnout last night it worked. I know Dean Barrett loves controversy because he says “It sells books.” Next we can discuss the fine art of Brazilian waxing (politically correct phrase) by using a non politically correct accurate description. Carry on Dave you site is great, keep up the good work!

  22. english_bob says:

    Hi Dave – well, you’ve certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest there…. but some hornets are just itching for a virtual fight. I read your piece and the ensuing comments, I didn’t think there was anything worth getting upset over. I liked Big Mango and the guys who owned it. They also have another bar which seems to be doing pretty well, so good luck to them with that one.

    I think people are missing the point of your column AND the internet. Your column belongs to you – you can write whatever you want; opinionated or not. The internet is available for anyone to do exactly that – freedom of speech etc etc. Now while I may not agree with everything you write, I can’t see the point in getting angry because you hold a different opinion to mine.

    Did the Big Mango Guys make mistakes? Probably – almost all of us do. Personally, I was glad of a non-gogo bar in Nana. It reminded me of the original Woodstock – somewhere to take a break from gogo dancers.

    Sad to see it go, good luck to the next tenants and I hope the Big Mango Guys do well with their next business venture.

  23. Thanks Will,

    Yes you are right, I guess I got the big “scoop” of the week! Big Mango Bar fans will be pleased to know that they intend to relocate. All is not lost…

    Thanks John,

    In a place like Nana Plaza it is a tall order to expect political correctness. I take it you are an American? I am pleased you like my website, I just don’t know what “Brazilian waxing” is all about?

    Thanks David,

    You made a very accurate statement in your comments.  Cheers! 

  24. Unemployed Dave says:

    Why don’t you run my comments?

    I’ll go and write them at Bangkok Bad Boy. More integrity there than here.

  25. Hi Dave,

    Here’s why I think people got upset:

    There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but it is whether we learn from those mistakes that counts the most.

    You didn’t specify what mistakes you believe the Mango boys have made, but implied that they’d brought the closure upon themselves. I don’t speak for Smitty and Pmmp, but I personally don’t think they got anything wrong. They have deliberately not publicised the reasons for the move yet. All will become clear in time.

    let us hope that there is no domino effect for the other less popular bars in Nana Plaza

    Calling them a “less popular” bar could also be construed as a little bitchy, particularly if readers were already irritated by the original “bites the dust” title. A little delicacy wouldn’t have gone amiss.

    Incidentally, it was standing room only in the “less popular” Big Mango bar last night.

    Finally, your “scoop” was published long after the story broke at Smitty and Pmmp’s website, which you didn’t even link to, and long after Stickman and I had already publicised the news on our own sites – without using it to make catty comments, or for our own benefit.

    Stickman and I also showed up at the party to show our support.

    I hope that helps you to understand why the more critical comments appeared…

  26. Bangkok Bad Boy, if you look at the top of this post “The Big Mango Has Closed”, you will spot the Big Mango banner. I have also dropped a link to the Big Mango Bar website in the banner. Look again because I did link to the Big Mango!

    I agree with you that they had a good closing party. If they can fill their new bar like that every night, the Big Mango Bar will do very well. However, keeping your bar very busy all night and on a nightly basis is a mighty tough task. In addition, I did have a rethink and I changed the title, as it is obviously a VERY touchy subject.

    Khun Sean, as you can imagine it is very tough doing business in Nana Plaza. The Big Mango Bar have chosen to relocate, so let’s see what happens.

  27. Yurt says:

    Really dumb tempest in a teapot.

    I was on vacation in the Nana area when I read Dave’s post about the Big Mango bar. I thought; wow, the famous Mango Bar is closing. So I fought my way past the Mandarin girls and ordered myself a hamburger and beer at Mango. While enjoying my meal and drink, I thought, I am glad that Dave made that post.

  28. Hi Yurt, thanks a lot. I did indeed send guys to the Big Mango Bar, and have done for two years.  I like to think I am a decent man, and I will look forward to sending people to the Big Mango Bar, when they relocate.  Like I keep trying to state, I will be the first to congratulate the Big Mango Bar, when they are a hot spot in their new home.  There was no malice or abuse in my comments. However, some people have harshly criticised Angelwitch Go-Go Bars in the past, but that’s life, you just keep doing what you do best.  I changed the headlineof this post, because I thought it was the right thing to do.  Sometimes, no good deed goes unpunished…  Keep on keeping on!

    Believe me, nobody is gloating about the Big Mango Bar moving, we have lost a good Happy Hour, a cheap burger, and the only source of free Wi-Fi in Nana Plaza. I know from experience that Nana Plaza can be one tough bitch!

  29. dale says:

    Dave you could have wrote about anything that was slightly controversial, the cyber space muppets will be waiting to jump on you! I enjoy your weekly, its fair and to the point, not long winded like stickman.

    In over 10 years I’ve been frequenting nana plaza I’ve never been to Mango reasons being I eat before I go out, internet is a day time thing and Nana is for eye candy.

    Each to thier own though, look forward to this weeks weekly update on the City Of Angels.

    No need to dress up tomorrow Dave (31st) you’ll scare the living daylights out of anyone (hehe)

  30. Ian in Singers says:

    Well well well. It seems lots of people have too much time on their hands. In the 7 years since I discovered Thailand, I have never been to The Big Tropical Fruit, because I didn’t even realise it was there. The irony now is that the first place I will look at when I next walk into Nana P is where it used to be – human nature, curiosity and all that. Had I known they did great hamburgers etc, I would have been there. So, despite never having set foot in the place, I will miss it!!

    Dave, perhaps bar owners will now be queuing up to ask you to inform the world of their iminent demise, just to boost their business!!

    Sorry I won’t be around to ‘celebrate’ Halloween in AW, but I am still hoping to have a 130B beer with you at the weekend. Maybe I could fill one of those seats vacated by earlier posters?

  31. Khun Leigh says:


    Keep up the good info and never worry about the negative posts. You have to realize we come from a very negative part of the world where people normally will only bother to comment if they have something to complain about. I will miss the Big Mango as they had good burgers, free wi-fi and some pretty cute ladies. They also had decent beer prices with special happy hours which is somewhat lacking in NEP unfortunately. With the sky high rents it is probably reasonable to assume that Nana Plaza is no longer a place for a laid back local guys hangout such as the now defunct Hogs Breath and Big Mango. Plenty of room in Bangkok for these places, just not inside a gogo area. Patpong may be the exception as they have the ever popular Madrid Bar and Crown royal which have been popular with locals for decades. Best of luck to the Mango guys in finding an alternate locale.

  32. Thanks to you all for posting your comments, it has been very interesting, if not to mention an epic series of posts!

    Dale – “cyber space muppets” now that put a smile on my face!

    Ian – look forward to seeing you mate. Will you be performing on stage in Angelwitch?

    Leigh – this was a very good post. I agree with your comments. Some internet commentators think that Nana Plaza is on the way out. The fact is that the Nana Plaza bars have had their rents increased by 20% (yet again), but they are agreeing to another three years for the bars inside NEP. The bars at the very front of Nana Plaza (different lease agreement), are signing a new contract for five more years. It is good to see that Lucky Lukes, Big Dogs and Cat House continuing to battle on relentlessly. As for Big Mango Bar going – for the local guys it is a loss to Nana Plaza, combined with the rent increases this is not good news.  Glad to see that you are back in one piece!

  33. Ian in Singers says:

    Leigh, you hit the nail on the head! For every winger (nice word I thought, didn’t want to p*** off the d*ckheads that this applies to), there are always scores of realists!!! My only complaint is that somebody I thought of as a mate neglected to tell me about the tropical fruit bar before it closed!! Call yourself a friend?!!

    Had a bit of an inpromtue night out tonight but ended up discussing this thread with an Aussie and a Brit, both good friends of mine. We all agreed where we would rather be and how much we would prefer paying for the beer…and how some people really fail to appreciate the big picture. Yes, it is easy to misunderstand one person’s comments about a particular event, but growing up does involve maturing your ability to accept other opinions and respond accordingly. I think we are all in this ‘game’ (of enjoying life) together and should gang up on our enemies, rather than our mates. BTW, if you are not a mate, you don’t have to read the website. Hic!! Se yiz on Saterdee Deev.!

  34. Thanks for commenting guys, this comments thread has become an epic!

  35. John says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just reading all the posts on this topic and one thing I did note that none of the people that criticized you spoke of what would be the proper way to do this. Criticism without positive input is a waste of time, paper or in this case disk space on your hosting server.

    On the other side if they did provide their way on how they would have posted the news, then I am sure they would get just as much heat as you because other would disagree with them. Talk about an interesting thread, all out war between all sides would likely erupt.

    Dave you did what you thought was right to bring in a big crowd at the Big Mango on their last nights and that is what counts, money in the till at the Big Mango. All the people fighting their way to Big Mango just to start cussing you out over a beer, or several with the owners at your total disrespect. That wonderful silver lining in that dark cloud.

  36. Thanks for the post John. Like the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished!”

  37. Please understand guys that we should always communicate in a civil manner.  After all, we are supposed to be educated Westerners, and enjoying what Thailand has to offer.  In future I will just delete offensive comments, and/or personal attacks.  Civil comments that benefit all of us will be posted.  The Land Of Sanuk is about having fun!  Thanks for your time.

  38. Dan says:

    I was just wondering if anyone has the contact info for the guys who owned the Big Mango Bar in Nana Plaza? I had a lot of good times there and shot many a pool game with them.



  39. The last I heard about the co-owners of the Big Mango Bar is that they all left Thailand several years ago.

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