Halloween Night Fever

AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - Halloween Night FeverIt is time to wish you all a very Happy Halloween!  Tonight October 31 it is Halloween Party Night in Thailand.  We are pleased to announce that both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars (Bangkok and Pattaya) are ready to bewitch you.  The Angelwitch cavern is fully decorated out in the Bangkok branch.  Pattaya Angelwitch is also decorated, but it is just too ENORMOUS to decorate out as extensively, as its sister branch in Nana Plaza.  The Angelwitches will be dressed accordingly for the event.  There will be special shows including the Angelwitch version of The Time Warp.  Also, there will be some other scary shows that you would expect to see in a go-go bar that is called Angelwitch.

bangkok properties - Halloween Night Fever


The new limited edition Halloween T shirts are now available.  We have Medium, Large, X Large, and XX Large for you really BIG guys!  One reason why I want to mention the Angelwitch Halloween T shirts, is because this is an awesome design by Witch Doctor Matt.  Don’t forget that these are limited edition collectors items.  The photo below is the back of the T shirt.  We look forward to seeing those that can make it.  Cheers!

halloween1 - Halloween Night Fever


There will be devilishly haunting Halloween celebrations in Hard Rock Cafe (Siam Square Soi 11 – BTS Siam) tonight.  For tonight only Pongpat Wachirabanjong performs his “sprit of rock ‘n’ roll concert.”  Should be a great night for live band fans.  The party starts at 10:00 PM.  Rock on! 


Shark Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy are hosting a Halloween Party Night.  There will be a “Shark Feeding Frenzy” because they are kindly laying on a free buffet.  Also, there is a lottery prize draw and a costume contest.  For Soi Cowboy fans I think it will definitely be a night of fun and frolics. 

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We are sad to report that “Tiny Dancer” from Apache Bar (now Coyote Bar) has passed away.  Tiny Dancer was a very heavy drinker, and as a result of hitting the booze too hard, she has paid the ultimate price.  Tiny who was 33 years old passed away on Sunday, October 28.  Tiny was a sub 35 kilo go-go girl.  Coyote Bar and friends had a collection for her.  Tiny Dancer will be sadly missed (RIP).    

On a positive note and still on the subject of Soi Cowboy, I am pleased to report a stellar observation in Coyote Bar.  It shows that the “stars” in the forefront have given way to allow you to see the milky way it is entire glory.

ShakerzLogo001 - Halloween Night Fever

Shakerz Coyote Club is above Swan Bar in Soi Nana


In a surpring turn of events a bargirl actually rang the bell in Coyote Bar in Soi Cowboy.  Unfortunately, she walked onto the coyote counter and proceeded to walk straight into the bell… DONG!  This bring a new meaning to, “I don’t know her name but the face rings a bell.”  Thanks to Special K for that anecdote…


I spotted a guy in a T shirt the other night.  Here is what the T shirt had printed on it…

Nice Legs – what time do they open?

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There are all kinds of rumours emerging from the bamboo bugle about the future of Nana Plaza.  Like most forms of media, there will be speculation and even sensationalized reports.  What I can report is that the bar owners in Nana Plaza are signing lease agreements for the next 3-5 years.  The majority of bars inside Nana Plaza will sign for 3 more years, but the bars at the front of Nana Plaza will sign for 5 more years.  The reason for this is because the leases are owned by separate parties.  One of the most successful go-go bar owners in Thailand said that he is not bothered by the rent increases.  He went on to say, “What some people don’t realise is that the lease price is actually quite reasonable in Nana Plaza.”

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The killjoys said that Nana Plaza was finished and would be history by the end of this year.  The signing of the new lease and rent agreements means this was just more speculation.  Therefore, this squashes that silly rumour into the ground.  It now appears Nana Plaza has at least another 3-5 years, so that might silence the doom and gloom merchants… well, perhaps for now at least.

According to Stickman there are only three bars worth visiting in Nana Plaza.  However, what Stickman forgot to mention were three other bars that he has visited.  On this occasion, I have to say that Stickman contradicted himself by not mentioning Mandarin Go-Go Bar.  Only the other week Stickman praised Mandarin and went as far as to say it had the best line-up of go-go girls, second only to Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 4.  Furthermore, he failed to mention Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar, where he liked the prices and the dancers.  The other very busy bar omitted was Big Dogs Bar, where we all celebrated bestselling author Stephen Leather’s birthday.  This was a clear contradiction to what Stickman had previously written.  Enough said. 

The Big Mango Bar (above Lucky Lukes) have decided not to renew their lease agreement.  Therefore, the Big Mango Bar has closed.  However, the Big Mango Bar say they will relocate at a later date.  So far there are no details about when and where they will relocate.  The Big Mango Bar provided a free Wi-Fi service and a place where you could get a cheap beer and a burger.  We wish them luck with their new venture.

Cowboy2005 - Halloween Night Fever

*The Soi Cowboy photo is from Stickman’s website*


A touch of the emerald isle comes to Bangkok.  Jameson’s Irish Pub opens tomorrow night; if you guys still have energy left from Halloween Party Night.  It is located in Holiday Inn in Silom.  John Bell, the former manager of Tenderloins in Soi 33 will be the General Manager.  This Jolly Green Giant will be the biggest Irish bar in Bangkok.  There is a sister branch of Jameson’s in Pattaya run by Kim.  Check it out!


I learned from Bangkok Bad Boy that Madrid Bar in Patpong will host a party tomorrow night (November 1).  There will be cheap drinks (3:00 PM until 5:00 PM) and a free buffet (from 6:00 PM).  Happy Hour drinks are ONLY 38 Baht.  Hurry along and help Madrid Bar celebrate an incredible 38th birthday.  Swing by and join in the celebrations.  Party on! 


EMAIL – Davetheravebangkok@gmail.com

In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives! 

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7 Responses to “Halloween Night Fever”

  1. mark says:

    Call me a spoilsport, but one of the things that annoys me about Thais is the way they adopt farang celebrations – I come to Thailand to get away from that stuff! But no stopping them, any excuse for a party!

  2. Brad says:

    Hi Dave,

    I look at your web site every week. Thank you for your weekly updates. But one issue that seems to be forgotten about in most web sites such as your & others alike is the after hour bar scene. I understand that this is difficult as bars like these are sometimes only temporary or there is a police crackdown etc. But it is quite often the case that after a night out & when bars start closing down it is hard to know where exactly to go. Many a times have I been to one of these after hour’s bars, such as the bar in the basement car park of Ambassador Hotel (Spicy?), Sin Bar & found that hey have had to close at 2am or that the bar that was there last week/month is no longer in business. As you are “the man in the know” maybe you could let us know from time to time. Of course I know there are some bars that seem to always be fairly reliable & are open such as in & around the Cowboy area so I always found somewhere but there have been & are plenty of others even if only temporary.
    Also we don’t hear many reports from you on Soi 33? Any reason for this? I understand your area is mainly Nana, but again not much is ever mentioned about this area.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Khun Leigh says:

    Good news that Nana Plaza bar owners are signing new leases. The higher prices are reflective of the times as prices are up everywhere. I imagine some price increases on drinks etc. will be forthcoming. Yes, I have noticed a lot of Nana bashing in the other online columns and I feel much of it is unjustified. People tend to overlook the fact that 7 or 8 years ago there was very little entertainment in Bangkok outside of naughty nightlife and international hotels. My first trip to LOS was 1997 and even my politically correct travel guide stated that there was very little to do at night in Bangkok if one was not a male seeking female companionship! Now the city is pulsating with interesting and fun things to do at night and so added competition for the customers. The bars in Nana Plaza can be divided into 3 categories: Very good (Rainbow 1 and 4, Angel Witch, Manadarin, Big Dogs, Pretty Lady) , Hit or Miss depending on the night (Rainbow 2 and 3, Hollywood, Playschool, Hollywood Rock, Erotica, G Spot) and the rest (which survive by some means unknown to me!)There are also about a dozen beer bars other than Big Dogs inside the Plaza and many manage to get a loyal following of more laid back customers. I was out to Nana Plaza twice this week with 5 or 6 freinds on holiday from the US and England and every guy had the time of his life.

  4. Mark, the word “party” is what Thailand is all about.  If you don’t like celebrations and parties you are in the wrong place.  Mind you, you could hide away from all the fun in your room and emerge later.

    Unemployed Dave, I have little to say.  Your attitude speaks volumes!

    Brad, I do write about late night venues.  Please have a read through the archives section on the Side Bar.  The club that you are talking about is called Spice Club and it is in the basement of Ambassador Hotel on Soi 11.  Bargirls go there after they finish work. Yes, it is quite a popular late night venue.  Nana Hotel Disco currently close at 3:00 AM.

    Khun Leigh, I agree.  It really is not difficult to have a great time in Bangkok.  Whether guys party in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, or elsewhere, we should just appreciate the options and not dispute the nightlife scene.  Opinions and tastes vary enormously, but the place we should put down is boring old Farangland.  In Britain the one thing that is even colder than the freezing winter is the hearts of the women! 

  5. John says:

    Dave I can see that between you and stickman this is differing opinion. I clearly see Stickman’s column as a wake up call to Nana to put their petty arguments aside and work collectively before it is too late. Anyone that has walked around Nana Plaza during the day will see it looks very nasty and a bit seedy. Mostly because the smoked cigarette butts are sitting on the roofs of the first floor bars. I guess that’s another reason smoking sucks. Walking in Cowboy during the day and it looks well kept.

    This is just a simple case of keeping up with the Jones or in the case The Cowboys. Nana has to work collectively at this point to regain what has been lost, and that is not just Nana Plaza. No one bar has the pull to do that alone and that includes the top three.

    That is not to say all the problems come from within. Issues of uncertainly with the government have been ongoing for nearly 20 months. That is causing people to opt for other destinations in other countries for holiday. Changes in the visa laws, and the list goes on. That requires collective action to counter from all entertainment venues across Thailand.

    Simply the word is, if you are coming to the point of deciding where to go, you will be oblivious to the government issues as a tourist. I predict things will be very relaxed as far as closing and showing goes for the next several months. Simply the Thais are in the middle of their political dance and they cant be bothered at the moment with the venues. That should last at least until March. They know they are hurting for tourist revenue so to look the other way works for them at the moment and Nana too.

  6. John, you have the right to your opinion, but I think that many would disagree.  You said, “Before it is too late.”  Sorry, but too late for what?  There are bars in Nana Plaza that are definitely making the most money in Bangkok.  Angelwitch are on course right now to record their best ever financial year in its history.  Does that not state a fact?  The Rainbow bars are still drawing the crowds in on a nightly basis.  Mandarin and Pretty Lady are also popular go-go bars.  Big Dogs is one of the busiest beer bars in Bangkok, and this is just to name but a few.  Are you saying Soi Cowboy and Patpong are perfect?  Nana Plaza may look rough on the outside, but it’s very good in the popular bars on the inside.  People comment that to a degree Soi Cowboy and Patpong are the opposite.  The top bars in Nana Plaza also attract the spenders.  Some bars may appear to be busy, but it is how much each guy spends.  There has been a lot of Nana Plaza bashing over the past few years, but Nana Plaza still battles on relentlessly.  Don’t forget that it is more important how good the inside scenery is!

  7. BLOG ETIQUETTE – Please try to be civil in your comments. I will have to DELETE offensive comments, and/or personal attacks. Remember that the Land Of Sanuk is supposed to be fun.  We should be promoting not demoting Thailand.  Cheers!

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