Bangkok Go-Go Bars Are Open!

Good News if you are in Bangkok.  The go-go bars are open in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza on Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th.  Only soft drinks are permitted to be served, but at least you can enjoy your weeked. 

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4 Responses to “Bangkok Go-Go Bars Are Open!”

  1. Alternatively, you could hit Patpong and drink beer all night.

    Like I just did.


  2. We did hear that some of the lads will like what is on offer in a certain Patpong go-go bar that is known for its electric atmosphere…

  3. Hi Bad Boy, I just checked your website to see if there was an update.  Wow!  I am surprised to learn that you will not be continuing with your Bad Boy Blog.  That decision seemed to come out of the blue?  However, good luck with your future project of writing your book.  Chok Dee Kap!

  4. BigT says:

    Do you have any update on bars serving 15th December?

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