New Year Thailand Night Fever

Rainbow 4 Nana Plaza 01 - New Year Thailand Night FeverSawatdee Pee Mai Kap!  Alternatively, in English Happy New Year to you all.  Welcome to 2008 and let us wish for a more peaceful, pleasurable and profitable year.  May I wish you two things — health and wealth.  Hey, for some guys it might well be a case of Happy New Mia…  Hold tight riders, here we go!


What lies “behind the bar” in this particular business of pleasure, is a surreal world that never ceases to amaze me.  I am very pleased to say that we had a superb New Year’s Eve at Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza.  People can say whatever they want about Angelwitch, but the fact remains that it is an extremely effective operation.  The night went very smoothly for what can be a chaotic and crazy night.  Even I was pleasantly surprised to see that we had the best ever night in the history of both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars. Being responsible for the balance sheet, I have first hand knowledge of the nightly bar takings.  Some guys ask me how much money we make, but this is strictly confidential business information.  Although the figures are definitely NOT for public knowledge, you can take my word for it that the takings in both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars are HUGE.  The combined total of both Angelwitch Bars on New Year’s Eve is nothing short of phenomenal.  For the second consecutive year running, Angelwitch celebrated its most successful year.  It was another record breaker…  Hooray!

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The co-owner of Angelwitch Go-Go Bars is normally a fairly quiet and unassuming man.  But, even Matt was excited on New Year’s Eve and so he should be.  Congratulations go out to Matt and Khun Pim, their constant hard work has paid off.  In the same cordial spirit, Matt and Khun Pim would like to thank everybody who helped to make New Year’s Eve such a successful night.  On Matt and Khun Pim’s behalf thank you very much. 


It is a shame in the Whining West that we cannot do what we do in the Erotic East.  By this, I mean trade in your old wife for a new model – just as you do when you upgrade you old car.  What is fantastic about Thailand is that it has the ultimate in swap shops.  You just simply visit one of the huge numbers of entertainment establishments, and simply swap your “mia” (Thai for wife or female partner) for another “mia” that takes your fancy.  Oh, how wonderful it is… The simplicity of the availability!

THAI TALK — pallayar (correct term for wife), samee (correct term for husband), mia luang (senior wife), mia noi (junior wife) and mia chow (hired wife).

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From Thai media sources, they reported that a record number of people departed from Bangkok for a long weekend break.  This New Year’s holiday fell just right to allow city dwellers to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.  This mega metropolis houses an estimated 10+ million people, but as some of you know, many Thai workers originate from remote provinces.  The Thai TV news channels showed multitudes of Thais scrambling for seats on buses.  Bus and train stations were overflowing with Thai people hoping to travel back to their hometowns and villages.  Many of whom headed to Isaan (North-East Thailand).  Among those departing were taxi and tuk tuk drivers, factory workers and construction labourers. In addition, this included a number of nightlife entertainment workers.

Looking at it logically, what would you do?  OK, say you are a Thai from Isaan who works in Bangkok.  Given the chance of a long weekend break, many people would jump at the chance to return home.  They left on Friday evening and returned to Bangkok on Tuesday, or Wednesday.  And incidentally, this is what many people did do.  Last weekend here in Bangkok; I do not think I have seen the roads and streets as quiet all year.

bangkok properties - New Year Thailand Night Fever 

Furthermore, many people headed to the beach resorts, both natives and foreigners alike.  Currently, Pattaya and Phuket (in particular) are chock-a-block with visitors.  If you do not believe me, just try getting a hotel upon arrival in the heart of the action in Pattaya, or Phuket.  Advanced hotel bookings will be essential right now for Pattaya and Phuket.  You might get hotels in Pattaya, but you will be MUCH further away from the action if you do not book a reservation.  Pattaya and Phuket are full to the brim with folks from all over the globe.  Therefore, if BIG crowds are not your scene, you should avoid the beach resorts for (at least) the first half of January.

The beginning of this month will also see the return of the “expat exodus.”  The expat resident community will be returning to Bangkok as we speak.  Once again, a large number decided to leave Bangkok for their annual Christmas and New Year holidays.  And so, after a visit “home” to the lonely planet of Farangland, I am sure the guys cannot wait to escape the mind numbing boredom.  OK, it is good to see your family and friends, but enough is enough, it is time for escape and evasion tactics.  Time to leave the Faranglands with lukewarm beer and ice-cold women, and return to the surreal world of ice-cold beer and red-hot women.  Escape while you can guys!

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Where are all of the tourists in Bangkok?  They have gone shopping of course!  At peak trading hours, the main shopping malls in the capital are packed solid with high season visitors.  Bangkok is quite simply a shopper’s paradise and some people forget how much of an attraction it is to the masses.  During low season in the Ratchada area, I can visit Fortune shopping mall and not see a single foreigner all afternoon.  Right now, there are foreigners everywhere, no doubt snapping up the bargains that this manic metropolis has to offer. 

When you walk around Siam Paragon Shopping Centre, it is quite some spectacle seeing all of the hi-so types parading around.  To some people (myself included) Siam Paragon might as well be a museum, because the prices make me feel like I am in Dubai.

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Following some changes and delays Jameson’s Irish Pub is now operational.  The largest Irish Pub in the whole of Bangkok has opened in the Silom area.  Jameson’s have established this “Jolly Green Giant” on the ground floor in Holiday Inn Silom Hotel.  Jameson’s offer a lunchtime carvery Monday to Friday for only 195 Baht.  There are live sports shown on no less than 12 LCD television screens, free wi-fi and free parking provided by Holiday Inn.  The Jameson’s Happy Hour consists of a Guinness and Kilkenny promotion.  From 4:00pm until 7:00pm buy two glasses of Guinness or Kilkenny and get one free.  The former manager of Tenderloins, none other than the amiable Aussie John Bell is the general manager.  Worth a look if you are in the area. 


tiger beer - New Year Thailand Night FeverWith a stroll rather than a leap, Nana Plaza has entered into 2008.  Nonetheless, she is certainly up and running.  I have lost count about the amount of times I was told that Nana Plaza would be history.  The introduction of a 20% increase in rent for most of the bars in Nana Plaza is not good news, but it certainly does not mean that it is dead and buried.  I dare say it will upset the killjoys, but Nana Plaza is certainly not finished yet.


Peter who owns Woodstock was told from the very start by killjoys that Woodstock would not last five minutes.  How wrong could they be?  I went along to a party in Woodstock, which in those days was tucked into the corner next to G-Spot.  I went in and joined the party – Woodstock was celebrating its 20th birthday in Nana Plaza.  Unfortunately, even educated Westerners listen to far too much gossip and silly rumours.  20 years is a bloody long five minutes!  Woodstock Bar & Grill was open for all those wonderful years, until Peter sold the location to King Ming, the auspicious owner of the mighty Rainbow 4 Go-Go Bar.

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Remarkably, Mercury Go-Go Bar closed their doors and did not even open on New Year’s Eve.  Mercury is located next to Rainbow 3 Go-Go Bar on the middle level in Nana Plaza.  Mercury Go-Go Bar has been sold.  The new owners have taken over the running of Mercury and they will reopen tomorrow night.  It was rumoured that they were forced to close but this was not the case.  Good news, Mercury Go-Go Bar will be back in action tomorrow night (January 3rd).  Had a scary thought for a minute that they had joined the same fate as Big Mango Bar and farang Connection.  Pleased that this is not the case.  Hooray!


AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - New Year Thailand Night FeverDo not panic!  Let me explain something.  As fortune should have it, the vast majority of the bars in Nana Plaza are under a completely different lease arrangement.  The problem remains with the units at the very front of Nana Plaza and NOT the vast majority inside NEP.  The good news for Nana Plaza is that the vast majority of bars will continue to trade for at least 3-5 more years.  On New Year’s Day all the bars located inside Nana Plaza were open as usual.  The BIG GUNS in Nana Plaza remain unaffected by the three closures.   

Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar on the ground level next to Voodoo Go-Go Bar is still doing a steady trade.  With the advantage of being the only go-go bar with the mirror tabletops, they continue to draw customers in.  The drinks prices in Pretty Lady remain very competitive.


Situated on the top level of Nana Plaza, Hollywood Carousel Go-Go Bar has undisputedly earned the Dave The Rave Shooting Star Award.  The larger of the two Hollywood Go-Go Bars has vastly improved very recently.  There are some familiar faces and some new faces among the line-up in Hollywood these days.

grande5 - New Year Thailand Night FeverIt is Hollywood Carousel’s Showtime that has attracted the crowds again.  Hollywood Carousel Showtime starts at 10:00pm and continues until late.  Some of the shows are the “exotic erotic” type, which feature some very attractive showgirls.  One show that utilises an umbrella under a shower head is an innovative use of a stage prop.  A beer will set you back 135 Baht and even though Hollywood Strip, the smaller of the two Hollywood Bars barely ever has any customers, they do have a few very attractive go-go girls.  Check it out!



In the meantime, if you can’t be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!  Happy New Year!       

Reporting live from the heart of Thailand…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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13 Responses to “New Year Thailand Night Fever”

  1. Nana Showboy says:

    Hi Dave,

    Very informative post, always good to read what’s going on in the business!
    I had a good time at AngelWitch on Happy New Year, will there be a follow-up of the Mamasan show?!

    All the best,


  2. Hey Dave

    Good issue. keep on keeping on – don’t let the “Blog Fatigue” get you as it does some.

    See my take on the Mercury / Erotica in my 01 Jan issue.


  3. Star says:

    Hi, Dave, thanks for the constant updates over the holiday season when you might have had an excuse to have a holiday yourself!

    However, you do weave a rather dangerous game in bringing to eveyone’s attention just how much dosh Angelwitch is making (obviously well done and good luck to all involved in transforming the original relatively dull bar from which AW emerged), I suspect there will be plenty of Thais figuring out how they can get their cut, or indeed increase that which they already take out of the business…

    A low profile seems the only way to survive in Thailand even if you are only bringing money in from overseas. Just playing with the b-gals can be dangerous as some of their Thai boyfriends have mafia connections and if they think you have money they will want if pronto regardless.

    I recently finished with a gal who was (correctly) convinced I had a stash of dosh tucked away overseas but luckily in one of the banks she did not know about, the others only had loose change – I had some nasty letters from a couple banks where I had closed my account complaining about me writing cheques on the closed accounts (I had left the cheque books hanging around as a test!).

    So even if you have little money in Thailand, the gals and their Thai boyfriends are going international in their search for easy money and I would advise anyone making serious dosh to lie about it, not flaunt it. Oh well, rant over!

  4. Bangkok Barry says:

    Dave – maybe Angel Witch made so much money on NYEve because your prices are so high. By the way, what is the point of the photo of a hotel room? Are we missing something?

  5. Hi Jon, yes that Mamasan Show was quite something.  I am calling it a “fat-tastic show!”  I am pleased that you enjoy both Angelwitch and my blog.  Cheers!

    Hi Mor, glad you enjoy my blog.  Hope all is well with you.  FYI – Will Morledge hosts the visual blog – Bangkok Eyes.

    Hi Star, I know MANY people who have a great time here in the “Land Of Sanuk.”  Try not to get dragged down and think it is all “doom and gloom.”  Remember that Thailand is the place where many farangs escape from the doom and gloom of Farangland.  If I wish to report that we had a fantastic New Year’s Eve in Angelwitch, then I will.  After all, this is my blog.

    Bangkok Barry, I was confused by the “high prices” comment.  We are talking about two pounds per beer (145 Baht).  In the UK the media are reporting a possible HUGE rise in beer prices.  This will mean that a beer will cost (four pounds or more) 300+ Baht.  Now that is what I call a high price! 

    The photo of the Bangkok hotel room represents the “home from home” that so many farangs look forward to… 


  6. TAFKABBB says:

    Angelwitch is now the most expensive gogo bar in Thailand to buy a bottle of beer.

    Congratulations on Matt & Pim’s record takings – any buyers for the bar yet?

  7. TAFKABBB, this is true about beer prices.  Angelwitch now charge 145 Baht for a bottle of beer.  However, it works out just FIVE BAHT more than the likes of Suzie Wong and Sheba’s.  Although you are quite correct in your statement, who is really worried about FIVE BAHT more?  Perhaps it’s guys who say, “Have you seen the price of street noodles these days!”

  8. Harry says:

    AW is a show bar not a go-go, although it has not quite grown out of its go-go roots. I am sure the management will be much happier once they drop the bar fine system and employ only dancers not hookers. Think of the huge leap in self-esteem for all concerned. Beer and ladies drinks around the 200 baht would make for a much fairer deal all round!

  9. Hi Harry, interesting point you are making here.  I class Angelwitch as a “show go-go” and that is exactly what it is.  From 10:00pm until 1:00am the Showtime consists of a string of shows followed by 10-15 minutes of go-go dancing.  This format has proved to be extremely effective.  In Angelwitch’s case, the “show ‘n’ go-go” concept is a winning formula.  Unfortunately for you, the go-go bar system has stood the acid test of time.  The go-go bar scene was said to be just a passing fad, but 40 years on it is still going strong.  Green for go-go!

  10. Harry, I think it would be a BIG mistake for the go-go bars to change to the frustrating format of Western strip clubs.  You are forbidden to even touch the Western showgirls, let alone take them home.  This is what gives the go-go bars here in Thailand a tremendous advantage over their Western counterparts – they are AVAILABLE!  It is such a frustrating tease, when the stripper gets the guys engine running, but he is not allowed to go anywhere!  You know, the stripper has raised his sail but he cannot leave the port!  For your information – a stripper in England will perform a lap dance with a strict “no touch” policy for 14,000 Baht (20 pounds).  Furthermore, a UK lap dance is for the duration of only one song.  In the go-go bars in Thailand you can get all that and much more, (usually) for the cost of one lady drink (less than 2 pounds).  

    WARNING!  Have you seen the size of some of those Western strippers?  After a lap dance from a beefy farang stripper, just check carefully for no fractured bones! 

  11. Angelwitch waste says:

    don’t want to post my comments? I will post to another forum then

  12. As the owner of this blog I reserve the right to delete comments that I feel are inappropriate, contain offensive language, or are personal attacks.  For that sort of “virtual handbag fight” go to another website.  I have stated this several times, I hope it has sunk in this time!

  13. Nathan says:

    have a girlfriend working in pattaya in angelwhich agogo can anyone tell me is she a good girl and not going with guys…please

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