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After Dark Asia Volume 5 Thailand - Thailand Night FeverI decided to take a night off and visit Soi Cowboy with a friend.  I needed to go to Soi Cowboy to write an update for my website, and the “booze & babes” investigation suited my friend.  We arranged to meet at Tilac Bar, where you can relax outside and watch the world go by.  My friend was running late, so I went inside Tilac Bar.  Immediately, I saw Jay standing at the bar.  Jay is a bubbly Englishman who is always chatty and so, we talked for a while.  I ordered a San Mig Lite (as you do).  Then I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bill for a mere 60 Baht.  The service girl was polite and flashed me a warm smile, as she went about her duties. 

One very good reason to start your evening in Soi Cowboy is to take advantage of the excellent drinks deals on offer.  Unlike Nana Plaza, almost every single bar in Soi Cowboy has a Happy Hour.  Tilac Bar and Black & White Bar both have a Happy Hour that runs until 9:00pm.  Better still is the fact that they all offer local beers and spirits at only 60 Baht.  When you see the “birthday suit babes” in Long Gun and Raw Hide, this has to be the best drinks deal in the whole of Bangkok.

Tilac Bar recently received a serious remodel and it is almost futuristic in design.  Tilac now has an “all things bright and beautiful” look about the place.  It is reported to be doing a brisk trade.  Tilac was very busy last Friday night, but on Monday night, it was quiet.  When I walked into Tilac at approaching 9:00pm, there was only a scattering of customers.  I was surprised because the Happy Hour alone should be reason enough to draw the crowds.  I thought that the line-up on Monday was all right, but nothing to get too excited about.  The Tilac go-go girls wear a top and a skirt, but because they are so forgetful, the up skirt view is rather enticing!  Tilac Bar is definitely worth a visit, even if it is just to take advantage of the super saver Happy Hour… That is of course, while you admire the scenery.   

San Mig Lite 01 - Thailand Night FeverI finished my beer, paid my 60 Baht bill and walked over to Long Gun Go-Go Bar.  I have been visiting Long Gun for the best part of 20 years and amazingly, it still draws a good crowd.  It has to be something of a Bangkok institution after all these decades.  I ordered a beer and it was 125 Baht, which is a good drinks deal compared to general go-go bar prices these days.  It was after 9:00pm and I was surprised how easily I was able to get a seat, but it was a Monday night.  By the way, don’t those church pew seats just kill you?  Some people cannot understand why Long Gun has never been renovated in its entire history.  Perhaps I am a bit weird, but I kind of like the rough and ready feel of Long Gun.  However, in saying that, I must admit that those toilets are a disaster zone.  I think they were built in the days of the Wild West!

BANG!  A showgirl’s boot slams down onto the stage, after she falls from the flying splits.  Her firm breasts barely wobble from the crash landing.  My timing was fortunate, because one of my all-time favourite go-go shows was on.  Whilst I took the first sip of amber arouser, a broad smile appeared in my minds eye.  I love the Rock Show in Long Gun and Raw Hide.  No matter how many times I see it I always enjoy admiring the acrobatic athleticism.  The Rock Show as I refer to it, comprises of a series of rock songs, which includes “Hells Bells” by the legendary band AC/DC. 

bangkok properties - Thailand Night Fever 

The show ended and I went across to Tilac Bar to meet my friend.  Sanook Shaun had very kindly ordered us two Erdinger Beers.  (Erdinger is the most popular of the German wheat beers that are available in Thailand).  We were sitting at a table outside Sam 2000 Pub & Restaurant.  The large 500ml bottle appeared in front of me, along with a tall German beer glass.  I had not sunk an Erdinger Beer in a long time and it went down very smoothly.  Remember that this is 500ml of imported German wheat beer, so one bottle costs 195 Baht.  I think it is a fair price, but on this occasion, Dave The Rave was being treated to one.  Cheers Shaun!

Surveying the scene, I noticed that a nearby table of Japanese tourists visibly cringed, when bargirls walked over and bought various insects from a meals-on-wheels vendor.  Four farangs sat at another table were eating an assortment of Thai dishes.  The food came from Sam 2000 Bar & Restaurant and when I read the menu, I discovered that the prices were very reasonable.  The food looked delicious, but I was on a “booze & babes” mission.  In a short space of time, no less than three Indian hawkers came to our table and tried to sell us a wristwatch.  The elephant mahout with a memory span of a gold fish asked us numerous times if we wanted to feed Jumbo.  And then, a cheeky little flower seller called my friend a Cheap Charlie.  That was funny, because we were sat there drinking 195 Baht Erdinger Beers.  Sanook Shaun is far from cheap!  We realised that it was time to move on…

Next on my list was Raw Hide Go-Go Bar.  Just as good luck would have it, the Rock Show was on.  This time I ordered a bottle of water and I was pleasantly surprised (yet again) to get a bill for just 65 Baht.  I merrily popped the bill back into the bill cup after reading the good news.  The service girl smiled when she saw an expression of sheer glee right across my ghost white face.  I just love being the Prisoner In Paradise!  (A Sojourn To Soi Cowboy continues next week, so stay tuned folks). 

ShakerzLogo001 - Thailand Night Fever    


Even though January is just ending, the number of tourists throughout the majority of Thailand is already beginning to taper off.  With the exception of Phuket, the number of tourists across Thailand’s nightspots is beginning to decrease.  I hear sighs of relief coming from the expat residents, who can now safely emerge from silly season hibernation.  Don’t worry guys; it is safe to come out now!  Mind you, in saying that the guys in Pattaya are becoming seriously outnumbered by dolly birds.  The momentum and therefore advantage has swung back to the resident sexpats.  Party on! 


I am pleased to announce that Cathouse in Nana Plaza is now running their daily Happy Hour from 4:00pm-8:00pm.  The Happy Hour local beers are only 59 Baht each.  They include Chang, Heineken, Tiger, Singha and Beer Lao.  San Mig Lite is 69 Baht and Beer Lao Dark is available all night long at 99 Baht.  Cathouse also offers some Special Shots during their 4:00pm-8:00pm Happy Hour.  Sambuka, Tequila, Vodka and even Fisherman’s Friend shooters are all only 49 Baht each.

Willem, the friendly co-owner of Cathouse approached me and said, “I will give you a Fisherman’s Friend.”  Well, I don’t mind telling you that Dave The Rave wondered what he had let myself in for.  I am a straight guy and did not want a fisherman’s anything, anywhere near me!  However, I was relieved to learn that it was a special shooter.  Thank goodness for that!   

Incidentally, the barfine in Cathouse is very reasonable at 500 Baht.  Although Willem is a lovely guy, he is not on the menu.  Willem is married, so please keep your hands to yourself!

hypnotherapybanner1 - Thailand Night Fever

Mercury Go-Go Bar has reintroduced its Happy Hour.  Situated three doors down from Cathouse, it is now under new ownership.  The revised Happy Hour runs from 7:00pm-9:00pm.  Local beers and spirits are all 90 Baht.  Draught Beer is available during Happy Hour for only 65 Baht.  


The boys in brown have visited a few go-go bars in Nana Plaza over the past couple of weeks.  Spankys Go-Go Bar located next to Angelwitch was the latest place for the Thai authorities to “extract the urine.”  I kid you not; they were taking urine samples from some of the go-go dancers in Spankys last Friday night to test for drug abuse.  This quite eccentric activity brings a new meaning to the British expression “taking the piss!”


Flying To Bangkok Thailand 01 - Thailand Night FeverThe late night party options are definitely emerging again amid the City Of Angels.  Sin Rooftop Garden is back in action again.  Situated above the 7 ELEVEN just past bus Stop in Soi Nana, Sin are now open until 4:00am.  Sin also has a kitchen, which takes orders from early evening right up until 3:00am.  The friendly farang chef is Paul, who has been specially flown in from London, England.  Paul puts his individual twist and flare to enhance Sin’s pub grub.  Considering that Sin is offering a late night option, their local beers and spirits are super value-for-money at only 110 Baht.  I suppose you could be termed as a “sinner” if you visit often enough.  And so, don’t worry guys, you can still live it up in Sin! 


Dave The Rave’s sources have confirmed that the newly formed Thai Government will introduce a nationwide public smoking ban.  It will come into effect next month, but it is thought that it will not be implemented during the first half of February.  All entertainment establishments and restaurants must comply, or face a hefty 20,000 Baht fine.  Individuals who are caught smoking in these establishments could face a 2,000 Baht fine.  So guys don’t be seen holding your butt outside the bars, while we are all enjoying ourselves inside!

As if smoking is not bad enough, it could now cost smokers a hefty fine. 

DeanBannerDoc - Thailand Night Fever


Shadow Sports Bar in Soi Cowboy will be showing the American Football Super Bowl live.  The New England Patriots will battle it out against the New York Giants on Monday, February 4th.  On the morning of the special event Shadow Sports Bar are offering a 150 Baht buffet breakfast.  The bar will be open at 7:00am for the kick off at 8:00am.  Unfortunately, Shadow Sports Bar put the wrong times on their banner.  Shadow Bar opens at 5:30am and the game kicks off at around 6:15am.  Quite a lot of Americans complain that few bars are interested in showing their national sports.  Well guys, here is a great opportunity to enjoy the Super Bowl in a modern sports bar with a selection of seven screens.  May the best team win.  Enjoy!


Located where the BTS Sala Daeng Skytrain Station meets Silom near Soi Thaniya, O’Reillys Irish Pub lies in the heart of the night market area.  O’Reillys Pub is a lively mixture of Irish hospitality blended with live sports, live music, traditional pub grub, and a cosmopolitan crowd.  O’Reillys offer a superb Happy Hour of 50% off, which runs from 4:00pm until 7:00pm.  The Happy Hour includes Heineken and Tiger available in both draught and bottle form.  Draught beers include Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken, Tiger, John Smith’s Bitter and Strongbow Cider.   O’Reillys Irish Pub also offers a Happy House Special with Johnnie Walker Red Label available on a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” basis.  In addition, the Johnnie Walker Red drinks deal runs all day every day.      

The recently updated menu includes fine farang fare and Thai favourites too.  Entertainment includes the famous Asian Beatles tribute band.  Beatles fans can enjoy “The Better” perform every Friday night.  O’Reillys has recently hired Danny as their new manager.  Danny was the former manager of the Ball In Hand Pool Hall.  We wish him luck in his new position.  Check it out!

angelwitch logo - Thailand Night Fever


It is time for a last call for the Thai pop star Sek Loso’s concert.  Don’t forget Thai pop fans that Sek Loso is performing live in Hillary 2 Bar this Saturday, February 2nd.         


Thailand is the only country that I know of, where lady-boys are classed as a third sex.  (Dave The Rave 2008).


Wine lovers would simply cringe!  The other night I witnessed a Thai woman order a glass of red wine.  It was already chilled, which seems the norm here in many Bangkok bars.  But, then to my horror she proceeded to plop several ice cubes into her (already chilled) red wine.  From the bible I have heard of turning water into wine, but I have never heard of turning wine into water.  Stop the insanity!

Bluebartender Banner Bangkok Thailand - Thailand Night Fever


Angelwitch Go-Go Bar located on the middle level in Nana Plaza, sees the return of two top Showgirls.  The two superstars of the stage are the spinningly scrumptious Miss May, and the tremendously talented Miss Jo Jo.  Those of you that know Jo Jo realise that her attendance in any go-go bar is rather unpredictable to say the very least.  There is more chance of four aces turning up in one hand!  Nevertheless, we enjoy her special guest appearances to perform those exciting solo shows.  When Jo Jo says to the Boss, “Hi, I’m back again.”  Matt jokingly replies, “For how many days?”  Her attendance is so up and down that I call her “Jo Jo the Yo-Yo.” 


This week I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from one of Thailand’s bestselling authors, the charismatic Andrew Hicks.  Andrew, who wrote Thai Girl was very impressed by the shows in Angelwitch.  So much so, he thinks that “Bangkok Broadway” has much more finesse than its counterparts do.  Andrew commented, “This is brilliant, it’s erotic ballet.”  Complimentary words indeed from the talented writer.

Andrew’s first Thailand novel Thai Girl has become very popular.  Rapidly approaching 15,000 copies have been sold.  Thai Girl is available in 300 bookshops throughout Thailand.  The blurb on the cover provocatively asks, “Seductive, scheming and available?  Or is the Thai Girl modest, sweet and innocent… Is it she who is the victim?”   

StickmanBangkokBanner - Thailand Night Fever


Butterfly Bob walked into his former Thai girlfriend’s bar the other night… Unfortunately, it was an iron bar.

The man with the reflective dome went to a posh hairdresser the other day.  Dave The Rave asked, “How much for a haircut?”  The hairdresser replied, “350 Baht Sir.”  Then I asked her, “How much for a shave?”  The woman replied, “50 Baht Sir.”  So, I said, “OK, shave my head.”


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In the meantime, if you cannot be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

The Prisoner In Paradise wishes to thank you for visiting…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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21 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. Bob From Hawaii says:

    Hello Dave,
    It’s nice to get information from Thailand, and even better from someone you know.
    You bring me back into a day dream about all my trips each time I read another story.
    Soi Cowboy, your latest really brought me back.
    I spent most of my time in Soi Cowboy and Pattaya my last trip.

    Cheers, keep it up.
    I know it’s not easy?

    Bob From Hawaii –

  2. Hi Bob, thanks for those kind words.  I am pleased that you like my website and I always endeavour to do my best.  I would like to write more about Pattaya, but I never receive much Pattaya news.  I am always very busy, so I have not had the chance to visit Pattaya, but I hope to some time in the near future.  However, there will be more about Soi Cowboy in next Wednesday’s “Thailand Night Fever.”  Cheers!

    Smoking is not a good thing for anybody.  Personally, I will welcome Thailand’s smoking ban that comes into action next month.  Those that want to quit smoking, can visit THIS WEBSITE

  3. sy-man says:

    G’Day Dave,

    Great Website and I look forward to the updates.
    Keep up the great work! It must be difficult doing the ground work for the reviews, just hope you can keep it up.


  4. Special K says:

    To be very honest Dave I can’t wait for the smoking ban to start, and I hope everyone especially smokers understand the ban is for the good of everyone, and they should look to quit.  It will be a significant improvement in the quality of the night out. 

    Now if only Long Gun can do something about that terrible reverse inclined seating.  I can only stand to sit there for 20 minutes before my back starts to complain.  Sitting at the stage has it’s hazards too.  You need to dodge butterfly wings, show girls spinning on poles, darts, and hopefully now off the list of things to dodge is smoking pussies.

  5. Hi Special K, regarding the smoking ban I’m with you on this one.  I agree with your comments.  However, Thailand being Thailand let’s see what happens.  We will not know until the official date for sure, but the authorities seem to mean business this time.

    RE:  LONG GUN – Ah yes, those “church pews!”  Well, a renovation or even minor refurbishment in Long Gun might not happen in our lifetime, but let’s hope youngsters get better luck!  The old “church pew” seats don’t really bother me and like I said in “Thailand Night Fever,” I kind of like that rough ‘n’ ready feel to Long Gun.  Always remember that it is what’s on stage that counts the most.  You can walk into some absolutely immaculate go-go bars and they are completely void of (almost) any human life.  However, as much as I like visiting Long Gun, I do run for cover when those darts start flying!  But, guys can say what they want about Long Gun, it is a Bangkok institution.  Long Gun still draws the crowds and that is a reflection of Long Gun’s success, which spans several decades.  Long live Long Gun! 

  6. MCAD says:

    Clearly, if there really was a demand for a non-smoking gogo bar, we’d already have one.

    Does Dave’s stance here mean that Angelwitch will enforce the smoking ban, even if the authorities allow it to be, uh, bypassed? Will be interesting to see what it does to the customer numbers. Will the girls have to go outside to smoke? More importantly, what fate awaits the “smoking shows” of Patpong and Soi Cowboy? 🙂

    Regarding Pattaya news, any comment on the recent savage beating of those Estonian tourists? Stickman says that a member of staff from Angelwitch Pattaya was involved…

  7. Hi MCAD, this is nothing to do with “demand for a non-smoking go-go bar,” we are talking about a new law being introduced.  My stance on smoking has absolutely nothing to do with whether a law is enforced or not.  The Thai Government will decide when and where the smoking ban is enforced.  Like I have already stated, we will have to wait and see if and when the smoking ban is enforced.

    Pattaya Police reports state that a farang man was involved in two fights with Thais that night.  Eye witnesses, which include a Westerner, said that he walked up to an Angelwitch tout and punched him in the face.  Then, a group of Thai men from several different go-go bars set upon the three farangs.  What do you expect will happen if you start a fight with the Thais?  Yes, it was a very nasty incident, but it was very foolish to try to start a fight with the Thai men. 

  8. MCAD says:

    Hi Dave,

    This is not so much a new law as the extension of an existing one. Air-conditioned restaurants, which includes pretty much all of Bangkok’s pubs (eg. O’Reilly’s, mentioned in your article), are already supposed to be smoke-free by the letter of the law. As I’m sure you’re aware from your visit there, this law isn’t being enforced!

    The managers of Bangkok’s pubs know that if they enforce the law, they will lose about 30% of customers to the pubs that don’t enforce it. So they have found a way around it.

    The new law extends the existing ban to all bars and entertainment zones, but the fines for non-compliance are exactly the same as under the existing law.

    As the manager of Angelwitch, surely your stance on smoking has everything to do with whether Angelwitch decides to enforce the ban, or to find a way around it? Just curious.

    Lots of conflicting reports on that unpleasantn episode in Pattaya, I was just wondering whether you had any hard facts for us. Heading down there myself soon – I will try not to punch any of your touts! 😉

  9. Gary says:

    MCAD, Give it a break, the time has come for this and it is about time! Smoking is for losers and if you are a smoker it is because for what ever reason you chose to be. That nasty habit effects others who want no part of it. If your habit only effected you, not many would care. If you were sitting next to me I smoking after I asked you politely not to, I would have no problem zapping you with a tazer every time your smoke came my way to return the favor and to allow you to enjoy the evening just as much as me. I suggest you follow the link Dave provided. As for the smoking shows, well I for one can think of something much better to stick in there, can’t you?

  10. Hi MCAD, I do agree with some of your comments, but again I must stress that Thailand being Thailand, we will NOT know for sure what is going to happen until the time.  I can’t be more honest than that and I still stick by my statement that my personal preferences have very little to do with what will, or will not be enforced by the authorities.  I can hardly tell the police what to do?  Yes, wise decision NOT to try to give the Thais a lesson in streetfighting (LOL)!  We are outnumbered by how many million?

    Hi Gary, hey come on cool it a bit.  MCAD is entitled to his opinion and he was not being offensive.  I totally disagree with the tazer idea, because that can get you slung into a Thai jail.  Just in case you were serious!  I do agree with you about the smoking sex shows.  These are disgusting in my opinion and should be outlawed.  I really thought that Thailand’s go-go bars had progressed further than those barbaric stage acts.

  11. MCAD says:

    @Gary: Why so defensive? And who says I’m a smoker? Just interesting to see whether this ban will be ignored like the last one!

    I thought Dave’s stance might mean that Angelwitch would be confirmed as the first gogo bar to ban smoking in Thailand, but it seems we’ll have to wait and see. The authorities will either allow bars to bypass the law or not. If they do, I was wondering whether Dave would be interested in taking them up on it. But I guess a public forum is perhaps not the place to discuss such matters. Like I said, just curious.

    Would be interesting to see what a gogo bar really smells like, without the veneer of cigarette smoke to mask all the other odours though! Try wandering into a busy pub in the UK around closing time and you’ll see what I mean!

  12. Alex says:

    I have to side with the non smokers. The last time I was out and about there were far less smokers than nonsmokers except for the Japanese. The smokers are still welcome in the bars, however their smoke is not. The law is all about keeping their disgusting habit outside, not the smokers themselves. The smokers make it sound like it is them who are being kept out. I have watched people get up and leave a bar if the smoke was too much for them leaving half empty bottles of beer behind or taking them with them, so I doubt there will be any change in bar income but companies who sell shampoo may lose out. I am sure Dave is right up on shampoo costs, right Dave!

  13. Yurt says:

    Tazer the Smokers! There are many Lifestyle Nazis like Gary in the USA. They make me proud to be a Farang and American. And no, I have never been a smoker.

  14. bambi says:

    You got it wrong. Happy hour ends at 8:30, not 9:00, at every single soi cowboy bar…and all the signs clearly state that.

  15. Hi Bambi, I was right about Tilac Bar.  When I walked into Tilac Bar it was almost 9:00pm and I was served a beer for the Happy Hour price of 60 Baht.  With regards to Tilc Bar and Black & White (same ownership), they were definitely running their Happy Hour up until 9:00pm.  I will check Long Gun and Raw Hide again.  Thanks for the heads up! 

  16. Hi Alex, I think this smoking ban issue will have to wait until we know what is, or what is not going to happen.  A Thai woman said to me that there’s a lot of farang “experts” on the internet.  However, the Thai people are unsure what will definitely happen, so how can these farangs claim to know everything?  I think she has a good point and this is what I am trying to state here.  It is clearly a case of wait and see.  As for “The Man With The Reflective Dome’s” shampoo costs, what are you trying to say? I’m deeply hurt (LOL!)

    Hi Yurt, I hope that Gary was NOT serious about tazer attacks!  I really did not think that smoking in bars would be such a strongly debated subject.  However, my stance is definitely with non-smokers, but I will try not to tazer anybody (LOL!)

    Hi MCAD, you are right about the smell of the pubs and clubs in the UK.  I was a supervisor in nightclubs in England for almost 15 years.  In the “Dog & Duck” in Farangland, I dread to think what stench lies within.  Anything from body odour to rotting old people… YUK!

  17. SUPER BOWL UPDATE – Shadow Sports Bar in Soi Cowboy put the wrong times on their banner.  Shadow Bar will be open this Monday, February 4th at 5:30am for the kick off, which I believe is around 6:15am.  Shadow Bar are offering a breakfast buffet for ONLY 150 Baht.  May the best team win!

  18. bambi says:

    As I said the signs right in front of the bars all say 8:30….including tilac, bw, etc. etc.
    I’m talking about what the signs say, not necessarily how they treated you.

  19. OK Bambi, no problem.  However, I will be looking into the Happy Hour times in more detail.  Like I said, thanks for pointing that out.  Long Gun and Raw Hide run their Happy Hour from 6:30 – 8:30pm.  It was a whistle-stop tour and there is obviously a lot to take in.  The most important thing is that the go-go bars in Soi Cowboy collectively have the best Happy Hours in Bangkok.  Cheers!

  20. bambi says:

    p.s. I just looked at some old notes of mine, and I see that over the summer, HH ended
    at 9pm at tilac (and i think b&w). but i’m pretty sure that when i walked thru SC a few weeks
    ago, every single bar had a sign outside with the same magic time of 8:30 .

  21. Hi Bambi, yes, I do believe some of the signs are misleading.  However, I go straight to the source and ask the member in staff who seems to be in charge.  In somewhat typical Thai style, they change the Happy Hour times, but forget to update the sign.  Welcome to Amazing Thailand!

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