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Bangkok Thailand 001 - Thailand Night FeverSome of you less romantic folks might need a reminder that it is Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  This is to jog your memory, because you know what us men are like for remembering special days.  Try not to forget a card, or gift for the special person in your life.  It is not too late to surprise your teerak (sweetheart) by arranging a romantic dinner for two.  Just by making the effort, I am sure that it will be appreciated.  We should get away with being a Romantic Romeo and not be accused of getting too soppy by our macho mates.  Wherever you spend this year’s Valentine’s Day, I sincerely hope you have a pleasant time.  Who will be your Valentine?

Carnival Go-Go Bar located on the top level in Nana Plaza is holding a Bull Riding Competition on Thursday, February 14th.  Both Angelwitch Go-Go Bars in Nana Plaza and Walking Street, Soi 15 have been decorated for Valentine’s Day.  The Angelwitch Show Team will be performing some special Valentine’s shows this Thursday night.

Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun around the nightspots across Thailand.  The bargirls like to give out loads of love heart stickers.  I know this practice well, because my reflective dome was completely covered with love hearts last year.  If you do not normally hit the town on a Thursday night, you should for Valentine’s Day.  It will be a lot of fun!

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Hooray!  The smoking ban has been enforced across Thailand.  I did state that my local sources spoke of strong indications that the smoking ban would be enforced.  All entertainment venues and restaurants have been told to comply with the new regulations.  The only exception appears to be some open-air bars and perhaps a few places that are ignoring the new regulations.  On-the-spot fines of 2,000 Baht can be extracted from offenders.  Furthermore, establishments can receive a HEFTY fine of 20,000 baht for not enforcing the smoking ban.  There is a clear message to smokers — pack up or pay up!  For those people who are desperate for an infusion of smoke and nicotine, they can sit, or stand outside the bars.  Meanwhile, I am pleased to announce that inside enclosed establishments, it is a case of butt out! 

*For those wishing to stop smoking check out this website on the banner below.*

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Soi Cowboy Bangkok Thailand - Thailand Night FeverAfter a very pleasant visit to Shark Bar, Sanook Shaun, Nath and Dave The Rave decided to go to Baccara Go-Go Bar and see what there was to see.  I like the cheerleaders who work outside Baccara.  They are fun, friendly, and not aggressive like some door girls.  Baccara is usually very busy these days due to its transition into a Jap Trap.  We farangs have to understand that Baccara Bar has found its business niche in Soi Cowboy by catering to a Japanese clientele.  Understandably, as a bar business they are trying to make as much money as they can.  Baccara is by far the most popular go-go bar for Japanese customers in the whole of Soi Cowboy.  Downstairs in Baccara, it does get very crowded; therefore, be prepared to weave your way through the crowd.   Previously, the sheer amount of cigarette smoke from the Japanese used to be quite a problem for some people.  However, with the smoking ban enforced this will make a considerable difference.  With the Japanese unable to blow up a storm, this will make it much more comfortable for all concerned.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but Japanese men have this “up skirt” obsession.  They can sit there for hours in Baccara with their heads cranked up towards the see-through ceiling.  I think to myself, “Why do they do that?”  I just amble on up the narrow, winding stairway and watch the go-go dancers up close and personal.  Well, that is as up close and personal, as a farang can be in a Jap Trap.  One guy said to me, “Why go to Baccara if you know it’s full of Japanese?”  To your average “Billy Bunter” or punter, that’s a fair comment.  But, this was investigative reporting for my readers.  In the West we say, “Seeing is believing.”  But, the Chinese say, “Feeling is believing.”  I wanted my mind and my senses to “feel” the Baccara experience.  Anyway, what I can tell you is that there were still a few surprises… 

DeanBannerDoc - Thailand Night Fever 

We were DIRECTED rather than ushered to our seats, as the impatient service girl looked on with a serious expression.  Of course, I realised that we are Westerners and not Japanese men, but nonetheless we were still customers.  Perhaps Sultry Suzie was having a bad day in the orifice!  Whatever her problem was, serving us was clearly a chore.  I tried to draw her closer to us, so that the service girl could take our order.  She kept her distance, steadfast like a soldier on guard, so I thought, “Blow it, this is too much like hard work.”  Sanook Shaun took command and ordered with another service girl.  Shame, because she was cute.  But, she was so sultry and as cold as a British winter.  Mind you, I could have overlooked the fact that she might have been blinded by my reflective dome!  However, I decided to conclude that it was because I was caught in a Jap Trap. 

The 140 Baht beers arrived and we sat back to view the dance floor.  Baccara is nicely furbished following its expansion into a medium sized go-go bar.  When they fill both floors that amounts to a large number of customers.  Unquestionably, Baccara is doing very well.  The dance floor was alive with teenyboppers, but what strikes you immediately is the total lack of any expression upon their faces.  They were like little dancing dolls, cute and attractive, but void of any emotion.  Has the Asian invasion from the Japanese turned them into aliens?  Perhaps I was watching an episode of “Asian Invasion Of The Body Snatchers.”  Now that’s a scary thought!

ShakerzLogo001 - Thailand Night Fever

Overall, (in my opinion) the go-go dancers could not match the attractiveness, or the warmth of the dolly birds in Shark Bar.  For me, there was no comparison.  Remember that this is real-time reporting and a Monday’s go-go line-up will never match a Friday, or Saturday night.  Incidentally, did you know that many go-go bars would cut their go-go girls DOUBLE, if they did not work on Fridays, or Saturdays?

SOI COWBOY BANGKOK THAILAND 01 - Thailand Night FeverWe made our way carefully down the narrow, winding staircase and out the door.  Directly opposite Baccara is Our Place Go-Go Bar, which is under the same ownership as Midnite, Spice Girls and Déjà Vu.  Our Place has been completely renovated and like her sister bars, it is a very modern design.  But, on this occasion, I did not enter Our Place.

Earlier in the evening, I wondered into Coyote Bar, which was formerly Apache Bar.  Unfortunately, I did not recognise any of the go-go dancers from my previous visit.  Special K who frequents Coyote told me that it is a high turnover bar.  Some of the go-go girls in Coyote are so sexy that customers have recently bought five out.  I didn’t hang around because the lovely dolly birds that I met on my last visit were not there.  This is one downside to owning a small go-go bar.  It is not easy for small bars to hire and keep a large stock of go-go dancers.  This is what I refer to as the R Factor.  Successful go-go bars need to recruit and retain their girls, as a measure to compete with high turnover.  Hopefully, Coyote Bar can replenish its stock, because I do like the fun and friendly nature of the dolly birds in Coyote Bar.

Sanook Shaun and Nath wanted to go to Nana Plaza, so we took the short taxi ride to Soi Nana.  And so, my sojourn to Soi Cowboy ended.  Overall, I enjoyed the visit and it will not be long before I return to “Little Las Vegas,” or as it is officially known Soi Cowboy.  

Bluebartender Banner Bangkok Thailand - Thailand Night Fever 

*The “buy out” is not to be confused with barfine.  A buy out or “ser tua ork” (buy body out), means to pay a lump sum for the go-go girl to stop work.* 


One very positive thing about Soi Cowboy is that a number of bars, open their doors earlier than both Nana Plaza and Patpong.  Combined with the Happy Hours on offer, it makes Soi Cowboy an appealing choice to commence a night on the town.  Long Gun and Raw Hide both had go-go dancers on stage before 7:00pm.  Also, many of the smaller bars are open in the afternoon, which is ideal for those who want an early start.  From 7:00pm, the go-go girls in Long Gun and Raw Hide dance in mono-bikinis.  At 8:00pm, the mono becomes zero!  I can’t think of a better choice in Bangkok for an early evening go-go bar hop than Soi Cowboy.


GO GO DANCERS NANA PLAZA BANGKOK THAILAND - Thailand Night FeverThe Thai authorities recently told the go-go bars in Bangkok that number badges must be worn by the go-go dancers and the service girls.  Apparently, this has been a Thai regulation for many decades.  Every employee is supposed to be allocated a work ID number.  It reminds me of the old British Armed Forces; NAME — RANK — NUMBER.  The go-go dancers now wear a red badge, which is quite appropriate with those RED HOT babes!  The service girls wear blue badges.  This is also appropriate in some cases, because some of the innocent looking service girls might actually be rather BLUE. 

The badges state the bar’s name and the girl’s number.  Until just recently Angelwitch Go-Go Bar never used to have any badges on their girls.  The reason was to be different to the rest of the go-go bars.  With the badges regulation in place, this will allow you to take note of the girls’ numbers.  This is terrific news for you avid dolly bird watchers!


Taking photos, or videos inside the go-go bars, has been a subject of disagreement between photographers and go-go bar bosses.  Every tourist season, the amount of customers who try to take photos and videos in the go-go bars is increasing.  One former go-go bar manager told me that it was (almost) a nightly occurrence in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar down in Pattaya.  Although this is a bit of a grey area, common sense should prevail.  What would happen if they tried to take photos inside a Western strip club?  However, the lack of visible “NO PHOTO” signs is an issue.  The customer can simply play innocent and say that they did not know.  They might well say, “Where are the ‘NO PHOTO’ signs?”  In an attempt to prevent the problem arising, large “NO PHOTO” signs have been put up in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza.  Eventually, there will be both “NO PHOTO” and “NO SMOKING” signs up.  Two “NO PHOTO” signs have been placed on the crossbeam directly above the go-go stage.  Remarkably, one of the Mamasans in Angelwitch still had to stop a customer from taking a photo last night.  For that particular customer, I think he is well overdue for a visit to the opticians!

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Today I have two amusing Thai tales about farang men who dared to ascend the stage in a go-go bar.  They might think they are the first farang to do this, but there is a long line of these farang fools…

Earlier this week a strange looking chap walked into Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza.  He was accompanied by a few mates and he was wearing a sky blue woollen tracksuit.  Apart from the fact that it looked very gay, it was several sizes too small for him.  I took a calculated guess that it was a stag night.  The way this farang looked, I had pity for the poor bride!

I had just finished introducing the start of Angelwitch Showtime and the showgirls were about to ascend the stage.  To my horror, the farang freak in the sky blue, miniature tracksuit walks onto the stage.  I turned the music right down and said, “Sorry, but it’s not a gay bar.”  Amid laughter from the audience, the farang walks off the stage after being shot down in flames. 

One evening in Hollywood Carousel in Nana Plaza a farang walks onto the empty go-go stage.  He was dressed like the British comedian Ali G and started prancing around.  Just then, one of the Thais turned the shower on.  They say that revenge is best served cold…  In this case, the revenge was a cold shower!

StickmanBangkokBanner - Thailand Night Fever      


These go-go dancers are playing the numbers game.  They all have numbers and they are all on the game!     
I notice that some of these Hollywood movie stars come to Thailand for some peace and quiet… They soon find the piece and pray that she keeps quiet!


The new images of Soi Cowboy were kindly supplied by Crystal Images.  Thanks Sean!


I recently enjoyed having a few drinks with Bangkok Barry in Nana Plaza.  The other night he told me that he was off to Pattaya.  I was shocked to hear that Barry was attacked in a go-go bar in Pattaya.  Here is Barry’s story on THIS LINK



In the meantime, if you cannot be good be careful… Safe sex saves lives!

The Prisoner In Paradise wishes to thank you for visiting…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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16 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. MCAD says:

    Hi Dave,

    Actually, the smoking ban isn’t being enforced at all in a lot of enclosed venues in Bangkok, based on my excursions of the past few evenings. True, some are enforcing it at the moment, but this may change when they realise that other bars are getting away with it. I suspect the whole thing is going to take months to settle down. This one’s going to run and run 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Enjoyed the read, Dave. Lookin good. How do I see more of your pictures? You say there’s more this week, and last, but I can’t find them.
    See you soon mate.

  3. Hi MCAD, the smoking ban just came into action (supposed to have) in Nana Plaza on February 12th.  Thailand being Thailand, it will take time for people to get used to it.  We can only follow what the police tell us to do and it has been very vague!  As Westerners we have no real control of what goes on here.  In Pattaya I heard that the police have been going around collecting ashtrays and some bars have been told they will be fined 20,000 Baht.  In stark contrast to that what you might not know is that the authorities are apparently allowing an adjustment period of several weeks.  As with many new regulations in Thailand it can be very confusing.

    Hi Chris, thanks for the comments mate.  What I am saying is that I am introducing new photos.  The photos of Soi Cowboy were taken this year. They were taken by a friend of mine only a couple of weeks ago.  Many websites have photos (and information) from years ago, I am trying to keep the images/info as fresh as I can.  Enjoy!

  4. Dean Barrett, Thailand says:

    Hey, Dave, does the photography ban in Angelwitch apply to taking pictures of hansum men like yourself? Cheers!

  5. Hi Dean, I heard that you returned safely from Cambodia.  Hope you all had a good time.  I sincerely hope that guys are not desperate enough to want to take photos of a bald, middle-aged farang male!

  6. nonsmoker says:

    Smoke ban is being ignored at thermae…..Last night (wednesday) it was as full of smoke as ever.
    i asked one of the staff about that and he just ignored the question (as you would expect)

  7. BK_Night_Spy says:

    Hi Dave,
    Yes the now in effect smoking ban seems to be having mixed results, Some bars have removed the ashtray and others have not. Some places have added a “smoking section” and others have opened the doors to there place and turned off the air-con…. last night decided to do the nightlife spy thing as im so fond of to see what is what around the area.OK first was soi 4 , im not going to name any as I don’t like to attack places,I try to stay neutral and open minded, 3 places on soi 4 (well known beer bars) no problem smoking at all,I saw new No Smoking signs around the bars as well. 1 place also on soi 4 was smoke free until 1 am, then the cashier lit a smoke and the customers followed,ect.

    Next was into Nana Plaza,
    OK, this was more of a challenge to figure out as most of the ground floor bars have outside seating ect, I walked into 1 of the bars on the right side and sat and ordered a drink, I noticed there were no ashtrays on the counter so figured this 1 is a No Smoking zone, then just for the fun of it I asked the service girl when she returned with my drink for an ashtray, she surprisingly said “just use the floor tis okayy” ..
    Next stop was to the 1st floor, ok off the escalator and into the closest bar,sat down and ordered , there was a ashtray on the table so no need to wonder on this one, after a drink and 3 lady drinks 🙂 It was time to move on again as I didn’t like the dancers ,but that is for another forum/blog story.
    So out the door and down the narrow walkways of the the plaza to the next place , Up the back stairs and into 1 of the 2 larger places on the top floor , I sat down and ordered looked around and saw no one smoking, then I noticed something else, The place really Stank!! I don’t like the smell of smoke but the smell of cat urine mixed with to me was old fish was a big turn-off. I drank my drink in 2 gulps and was gone.

    Now it was time for the After hours bars to start opening up so i made my way out of the plaza over to soi 11 , Entered the Club and was hit with a cloud of smoke as normal. Stayed there for about 30 mins and wanted to try another late night place, Last place for tonight as it was getting real late (after 3:30 am already i am not young anymore) I headed over to another club and same thing , not even a no smoking sign in the place ,I saw a few local friends and a local BIB i am friends with and sat with them for a drink, one of my friends asked him about the smoking ban as he also is the owner of 2 bars in that area (soi 4 ) the response was “some will do it others wont need to” then he asked about the club we were in? his answer was funny to me “if they open late they need worry more about that then smoking” I think he is right about that.

    Well that is my small report, Hope it is useful to others.


  8. Star says:

    It’s a pity that the law is not flexible enough to allow bars to designate themselves as smoking and non-smoking enterprises, leaving the market to see who wins out. It’s a great pity that Thai lawmakers have to emulate their Western counterparts and not concentrate their efforts on serious crimes. In fact, the more petty laws that are inflicted on people the more they tend to disregard more serious laws! Personally, I would favour non-smoking (as in cigarettes) bars myself but if the only bars packed out with women were smoking ones I would obviously change my mind! I rather like the idea of cramming all the smokers into a small bar (as in those airport rooms) where they can kill each off pronto; the air-conditioners set on endlessly recirculating the smoke rather than drawing in outside air. Of course, you also have a majority of b-gals gasping for a cigarette as well! Hey, I just had a thought, maybe the smoking ban has nothing to do with cig’s…

  9. bambi says:

    A few weeks ago I wrote that ALL happy hours at soi cowboy ended at 8:30pm. I was wrong. I just walked
    through there…a few of the bars there have different hours.

  10. Hi BKK Night Spy, thanks for the detailed report.  Yes, as with many so called “laws” here, the smoking ban (in some areas) is a complete farce.  That is why I previously said, “Thailand being Thailand, let’s wait and see what happens.”  The problem that some bars have is that they would like to go “NO SMOKING,” but when a rival bar next door allows smoking, naturally they don’t want to lose their customers.  Some smokers are very BIG spenders.  It cannot be a rule for one and a rule for another.  Just another day in the land of make-believe!

    Hi Star, this whole smoking ban issue is rather confusing, but it is all part of Amazing Thailand…

    Hi Bambi, yeh, no problem.  I think the most important thing is that the Soi Cowboy bar owners are really making an effort.  Furthermore, the Happy Hours on offer in Soi Cowboy are the best value-for-money in Bangkok.  The differences in the times are only 30 minutes, so it’s not as though we are talking an hour or so.  Those 60 Baht Happy Hours are incredible! 

  11. Yngve says:

    Hi Dave,
    I am disappointed to see that after several years, AW still runs the number where 7 nuns first tell us all “XXXX You” and then playing with dildos, as it was their own genitals. The show is distasteful without any humour, eroticism or entertainment value. Please remove it from the repertoire or try to move it to Cascade where it will do itself justice. The other numbers are good.

  12. bambi says:

    Actually, to me the more interesting things about the happy hours are things like:
    (1) which bars try to screw the customers a little bit by declaring “happy hour finished” when in fact their clock is wrong, purposely, by about 5 or 10 minutes. Some bars will say it’s “finished” at the right time, some will say it 5 minutes or more too early (using my cell phone clock as the “gold standard”).
    (2) this raises one other minor issue: I”m sick of hearing the word “finished” used in every context by thais, when there are about 50 other words that would be more appropriate. Almost as bad as the ubiquitous “hello welcome” you hear in front of every bar.
    (3) I think the happy hours can hurt business in some ways. For example, I visited a few happy hours where the drinks were cheap, but the selection of girls was pitiful (at 8:30)….for example suzi wong. That selection can lleave a bad impression and make me not want to re-visit the bar, even though i realize the selection could be a lot better after HH when the normal larger group of girls arrive.

  13. Hi Yngve, I think it is a case of, you can’t please all of them all of the time.  In Angelwitch, the naughty nuns show goes down very well with a lot of people.  Around the audience there is laughter, smiling faces, applause and generally people seeing the funny side of it.  OK, you do not like the nuns show and you have a right to your opinion.  But, the Boss will not remove the show, because it still remains popular with a lot of customers. 

    Hi Bambi, I find it hard to criticise the go-go bars that are providing a Happy Hour.  They are trying to offer something to their customers and that is good.  Most people I know don’t worry about a few minutes here and there, or indeed a few extra Baht here and there.  The fact that the Soi Cowboy bar owners make an effort is impressive.

  14. Blue Angel says:

    Hey Yngve, when you look up at the entrance to Nana the sign says NANA ENTERTAINMENT PLAZA. Farangs come to be “entertained” and that is the fact of the matter. Some farangs are so serious. I suggest some guys lighten up and see the funny side of life!

  15. Chris says:

    Hey Yngve,
    Are you having a laugh? Or do you ever wonder who the Nuns are directing their song at?
    Think about it.

  16. Hi Chris, I know that you cannot please everybody, but some guys suffer from a clear case of “sense of humour failure.”  Some guys sit there in the Angelwitch audience like they are on death row!  Hey Chris, unlike us two, we sit there giggling like naughty school boys! 

    Hey Blue Angel, I thought that was a good observation about “NANA ENTERTAINMENT PLAZA.”  It is “entertainment” and of course it should not be taken too seriously.  Observing the “funny side of life” is indeed the way I try to see things.  After all, life’s a funny old game!

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