Bangkok & Pattaya Bars Are Open


SOI COWBOY BANGKOK THAILAND 01 - Bangkok & Pattaya Bars Are OpenOnce again, some people find themselves in a state of confusion about this weekend.  In fact, there is so much confusion that some farangs have left Thailand to party in neighbouring countries.  This time around, a Buddhist holiday coincided with yet more Government Elections.  What I NOW KNOW is that certain most bars in Bangkok and Pattaya are open on Saturday and Sunday.  Technically, it should be strictly “NO ALCOHOL” but there will be places across Thailand that discretely serves booze.  Your “coke” will be graciously enhanced and certain bars will be serving “special tea.”  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink… if you know what I mean!  Do you remember the last Elections?  Down in Club Electric Blue in Patpong, there was a special drink that guys swear tastes just like real beer.  It’s amazing!

Right across Bangkok, you will see that some small bars will not bother to open.  It is just not worth the time and effort for smaller bars.  Unless a bar has an attraction other than booze, why would they bother to open?

BANGKOK UPDATE – For some reason Soi Cowboy was closed last night, but a bar owner told me that Soi Cowboy will be open Saturday and Sunday.  Good news!

The bars in Pattaya have been told they must close by the police and closure papers have been issued.  However, some bars will be playing the waiting game to see if they can open.  It is possibly worth checking around Pattaya, because it is rumoured that some bars will try to open this weekend.  Unfortunately, if last time is anything to go by, the police might not allow any bars in Pattaya to open.

PATTAYA UPDATE – A last minute decision has allowed the bars in Pattaya to open last night.  I am not sure what alcohol will be available, but at least the bars are open.  Hooray!

Regarding the party animals, you guys could do with a deserved break from the booze, which includes Dave The Rave.  Let your poor suffering bodies have a couple of nights off getting smashed.  Although we know it is due to the Government Elections, this weekend could be called “Health Awareness Weekend!”

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5 Responses to “Bangkok & Pattaya Bars Are Open”

  1. hansum man says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for the heads up about this weekend. I was going to cancel my trip to Pattaya but I changed my mind. Great job you are doing with the updates. Keep ’em coming buddy!

  2. Thanks Hansum Man, I appreciate your kind words.  I am thinking of stepping up the amount of posts that I make.  If I have news and information I will try my best to post it promptly.  I am pleased that you enjoy the updates.  Cheers!

  3. Dana says:

    Ok, I understand why you can not have a special part of your website that features pretty girls in various outfits and costumes, and perhaps no outfits or partial outfits, or no costumes or only little parts of costumes. I get it. I’ve been educated and I’ll stop asking (begging). But heh, why not you Davetherave? Why not have a special page with weekly updates of you wearing outfits and costumes, or only parts of outfits and parts of costumes, or perhaps just naked man. Come on — you know you want to. And I think I can state without fear of correction that millions of viewers all over the world would love to see pics of you riding a horse wearing a speedo (you are wearing the speedo, not the horse). And do not even get me started on how totally bitchin’ kool it would be see you up on stage in strapless backless clear plastic heels with little pink bows and nothin’ else man. So come on Davetherave, get up off your seat in the back and strip off and get up on the stage. You know you want to.

    And then there is the subject of all girl tranny rock bands — sweet Jesus on a cracker: but I guess that will have to wait ’till later.

    Who Loves You Baby?

  4. Well Dana, I have just stopped laughing!  You poor, suffering man, I sincerely hope that there is professional help in America for guys like you.  LOL!

  5. Hi Johnny, although I do agree with your comments, we all should know the situation here in Thailand.  I was just injecting some mild humour that’s all.  My advice to any bar, or entertainment business based in Thailand, is always try to check the dates of political events and religious holidays.  It is obviously very important to avoid political and religious days wherever possible.  What more can I say than this is all part of “Amazing Thailand” and you won’t change this country.  Just try to live and learn from it.  Cheers!

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