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For some time now, my friend Nick has wanted to hit the town with me.  Nick is currently based in Cambodia as a mine clearance specialist.  Obviously, any day off from the minefields would be relaxing, but I wanted to introduce Nick to some places that he has not visited before.  I took a night off from my duties in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar and I looked forward to the night ahead.  I wasn’t feeling 100% but I was determined to meet Nick and spend some quality time with a good friend.  Nick was about to experience one of my “nightseeing tours” and he seemed keen enough.  We arranged to meet at Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill, which is located in the Leader Price Complex.  (For those not familiar with the Leader Price Complex, it is right next to Time Square Building between Sukhumvit, Soi 12 and Soi 14).  Several months ago, the owners of Sunrise Tacos decided to take over a vacant space directly opposite their shop.  At first, I was not sure what Greg Lange was intending to do with two Sunrise Tacos shops.  Was Greg intending to open two branches of Sunrise Tacos in the same complex?  This all became very clear when Greg explained the concept to me.  The original Sunrise Tacos is a small place, and it now provides a 24 hour takeaway and delivery service.  The new, larger premise has become a cosy restaurant that is stylishly designed and furbished.  The credit for the interior design goes to Mrs Lange.  Greg’s wife Nui has done a superb job!   

shoppic - Thailand Night FeverJust in the “nick” of time, I arrived at Sunrise Tacos shortly after my friend had arrived.  We shook hands and eagerly looked through the menu.  Nick told me that he had not eaten Mexican food in ages.  I was very confident that he was in for a real treat.  We both noticed that there was Caldo De Res or Hearty Beef Soup on the menu.  Being curious, we both ordered the Hearty Beef Soup.  Now we have to redefine the word “soup” here, because those with a smaller appetite would think this was a meal in itself.  It definitely isn’t half-hearty!  Speaking to Greg, he jokingly said, “I’m Director Of Portions.”  Those of you that know Greg realise he is a BIG man with a BIG appetite.  In fact, Greg’s definition of fast food is anything that can move quicker than he can!  The portions are nothing short of very generous for the price.  The beef soup was delicious; it was full of tender pieces of succulent beef.  Many of you will know that is it not easy to get quality beef in Thailand. 

 bangkok properties - Thailand Night Fever 

Nick decided to try one of the Sunrise Specialities.  He chose the California (red snapper) fish tacos.  Nick thought that this special fish dish was good value at 189 Baht.  It included three tacos with Mexican fried rice Burrito - Thailand Night Feverand beans.  My choice was a regular burrito.  There are so many styles and ingredients that the service staff filled out a menu sheet for me.  I ordered a grilled burrito with ground beef, Mexican rice, refried beans, coriander, fire roasted bell peppers and onions, Sunrise salsa, sour cream and cheese.  I got all that for 168 Baht, which I thought was very reasonable.  After we finished our food, it was time to visit a few bars.

We walked from Sunrise Tacos down to Soi 8 Pub.  I introduced Nick to the owner Dave and his manager Murray.  They are both New Zealanders who I must say are very friendly hosts.  I suppose you could say that the “theme” at Soi 8 is being what a real pub should be.  We both received the customary Kiwi warm welcome and a cold beer.  Being somewhat of a creature of habit, I ordered two Kronenbourg Lagers.  I was pleased to see that Soi 8 Pub only charges 100 Baht for a half pint of Kronenbourg.  I took the first sip of my beer.  Aaaah, that’s better!    I was feeling replenished after a stroll in the humid heat of Bangkok’s open-air sauna.  It is Thailand’s hot season and the amorphous monster of heat has risen.  And, if you don’t believe me, just try walking along the stifling streets in the afternoon!  At least during the night, there is sometimes a welcomed cool breeze to stop us farangs’ from roasting.

hypnotherapybanner1 - Thailand Night Fever

Soi 8 Pub was reasonably busy for a Monday in the slow season, but something was missing.  Then, upon enquiring with Murray, I discovered that there was no live entertainment.  Unfortunately, Richie could not make it due to business commitments.  It was shame, because I had booked a night off especially to listen to the tremendously talented Richie.  Oh well, there’s always next time.  Hey Richie, you owe Dave The Rave a couple of song requests!

Buddhist Flower Garlands Bangkok Thailand 01 - Thailand Night FeverOne of my occupational habits alerted me to an American standing at the bar.  He looked rather weird to say the least.  His appearance was scruffy and he had his T-shirt on inside out.  He also had a strange look in his eyes.  That’s not a good sign in a respectable pub may I say!  The Go-Go Guru wants to let you guys know that running a bar in Thailand, is definitely NOT a job sent from heaven.  We do have some real whackos to deal with at times.  I could see that the American was complaining incessantly about something and Dave was trying to reason with him.  Even in a family friendly pub, there is never a dull moment.  This guy was ranting on-and-on and starting to get on everybody’s nerves.  Eventually he left Soi 8 Pub.  I discovered afterwards that he had the sheer audacity to say to Dave, “Hey, I’m a farang, so I’m special.”  Yeh right, he was special.  The special slob had his T-shirt on inside out and looked as though he had been dragged through a hedge backwards.  Furthermore, this guy didn’t have personality, he had poisonality!  The situation all boiled down to this guy not having loads of women hanging off him.  One Soi 8 regular tried to explain the fact that it was not a go-go bar.  Friendly advice fell upon deaf ears!  To top it all, the guy had to be escorted to his hotel because he had no money left to pay his bill.  What the hell was this idiot thinking?   

In a separate incident, Dave told me about a farang who said, “I want water but I don’t expect to pay for it!”  What a cheeky barsteward!!!  Some of the liberties these cheapskates take are shocking!  Considering these guys had set off the “DD” or “dickhead detector” the situation was dealt with very professionally.  Dave kept his cool throughout this bizarre episode.  Afterwards I noticed that Nick and Dave were getting on very well.  Nick told Dave that he would visit Soi 8 Pub next time he was in Bangkok.  By now, time was getting on, so we drank up and said our goodbyes.

DeanBannerDoc - Thailand Night Fever

Because Nick usually spent most of his time visiting Nana Plaza, he wanted to visit Soi Cowboy for a change.  By the time we were ready to go to Soi Cowboy, both Nick and I were a bit pushed for time.  Nick was meeting some friends later and I didn’t want to be out too late.  I feared that I might have a touch of the old Bangkok boogie (Delhi belly).  This was going to be a whistle-stop trip to Soi Cowboy.  The taxi entered Soi 23 and slowed to a halt.  We walked into what looked like a lively Monday night in Little Las Vegas.  We received a warm welcome from the Baccara Bar cheerleaders.  I do like the friendly approach by the reception girls outside Baccara.  A couple of them are very cute too, which is an added bonus.  Down Silom way, the aggressive touts and door attendants, is one BIG reason why I rarely visit Patpong.  When approaching a venue, friendly smiles and warm welcomes make all the difference.  As Union Hill said to me last Friday night, “Bangkok’s bars are supposed to be fun.” 

SOI COWBOY BANGKOK THAILAND 06 - Thailand Night FeverWhen we walked inside Baccara Go-Go Bar, the downstairs stage was full of bikini-clad go-go dancers.  There were customers spread all around the room.   Baccara was doing its usual brisk trade.  The distinct lack of cigarette smoke definitely made a pleasant change.  With no “smoke screen” to obscure our vision, Nick and I viewed the line-up.  On this particular night, there were a lot of go-go girls downstairs and there were some cute dolly birds among them.

Nick asked whether we should go straight upstairs and I nodded in agreement.  We made our way up the narrow, winding staircase.  Upon entering the top level, I noticed that there was a lot of people spread around the room.  Most seats were occupied on both levels and this was impressive for a Monday night in the hot season.  We sat at the bar and ordered two drinks, which cost 140 Baht each.  Nick had not visited since the renovation and Baccara Bar is now bigger on both levels.  And, it is fair to say it is bigger and better. 

AfterDarkAsiaMagazine01 - Thailand Night FeverThis time I received a pleasant welcome from the Baccara service girls.  In fact, one service girl greeted me with a welcoming smile and a “wai.”  (NB.  The “wai” is the traditional Thai greeting where the hands are placed together in a prayer-like gesture).  I think that the “wai” is very special, because it is uniquely a Thai custom.  I did not return the “wai” because the service girl is considerably younger than I am.  Instead, I smiled, nodded and said, “Sawatdee.”  Always remember that in most cases, it is the person of lower social standing that initiates the “wai.”  More frankly, I still see far too many farangs who “wai” everybody and their dog.  Some naïve newbie’s get so carried away; they even “wai” fellow farangs!  Only the other night in Angelwitch, three Aussie newbie’s must have given Dave The Rave five “wais” in about an hour.  They were accompanied by Aussie expat veteran JP.  However, I am not quite sure if that is a good, or a bad thing!  One evening JP walked into Angelwitch wearing a neck brace.  After several swift shots, JP left Angelwitch with the neck brace wrapped around his leg.  This was my concern for the Aussie newbie’s — it was most probably a case of the blind leading the blind.  Anyway, I digress… 

OK guys, back to Baccara.  The dancers upstairs wear a white blouse, a pleated navy blue skirt, ankle socks and training shoes.  After a couple of songs, the blouse is removed.  Hey, that’s because all that dancing is hot work!  Tonight Baccara had a better line-up than my previous visits and the dancing dolls were more approachable.  I thought some of the dancers were pretty and their figures were outstanding.  The crowd was a mixture of Asians and Westerners.  The only problem was a man (who appeared to be Indian), standing directly in front of Nick’s view.  He kept moving around and would not sit down.  After a while, this irritated Nick so much that he wanted to leave.  We drained our vodkas, paid our bill and exited Baccara.

angelwitch logo - Thailand Night Fever

Shark Go-Go Bar was the second place that I wanted Nick to visit.  Shark Bar had a good crowd, as it usually does.  We found a seat and ordered our drinks.  In Shark Bar, they sell Sky Vodka and Nick was suitably pleased with the taste.  To be honest, I am not much of a vodka drinker, so I didn’t really know whether it was particularly good or not.

A go-go dancer, who recognised me, came over and plonked herself down beside me.  I couldn’t help but notice that she looked rather “ding dong” (nutty as a fruitcake).  Her mannerisms were VERY erratic.  She proved this by suddenly thrusting her hands towards my head.  I thought, “Look out it’s a Shark attack!”  I pulled my head back and then she pulled a funny face at me.  To touch another person’s head (especially aggressively) is forbidden in Thai society.  If she had touched a Thai man’s head like that, she might well be counting her teeth!  NEVER EVER let a bargirl abuse your head.  Now guys, I am talking about the head on your neck!  Her weird behaviour was explained; I could see that her eyes were heavily glazed.  Say no more!  Thankfully, after a short period, the Shark swam away.  This was the most extraordinary encounter I have ever had in Shark Bar.  Mostly, the dolly birds are farang friendly. 

Bargirl Praying With Time Card - Thailand Night FeverNick spotted a girl sitting on the opposite side who he thought was absolutely stunning.  I recognised her straight away.  It was Pin, who formerly worked in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza.  Yupinda or Pin is so gorgeous that she was the After Dark Asia centrefold in volume 2.  Pin has even appeared in some sexy, glamour magazines in Australia and America.  It came as no surprise that Pin had already changed into her street clothes and was therefore, otherwise engaged. 

At last a breakthrough — a lovely little dancing dolly recognised Nick.  Nick is a handsome lad and as soon as the girl saw Nick’s smiling face, she was over in a shot.  As luck would have it, she had a lovely little friend with her.  The two girls sat next to us.  Now this was more like it!  Nick ordered lady drinks for them both.  Wow!  These two really were dolly birds!  They both used to work at Baccara, but Tip had a problem with a Baccara bargirl.  Tip left Baccara and took Pung with her.  Both girls are very farang friendly and gorgeous too.  Tip and Pung are very pretty and have sexy, slender figures.  For you keen dolly bird watchers in Shark Bar they are Tip (44) and Pung (97).  Tip and Pung would comfortably embellish any go-go stage in Thailand.  The girls politely told us that they had to dance, and that was our cue to visit another go-go bar.  From this experience, I will have to go out with Nick more often.

Bluebartender Banner Bangkok Thailand - Thailand Night Fever

My next choice was Tilac Go-Go Bar and it was very busy.  For such a large go-go bar, it is amazing how they fill it with people.  There were loads of guys and gals all around the place.  Tilac was really rocking.  We did not stay long but I spotted buxom babes all over the place.  If you like a buxom babe, this go-go bar is a real booby trap!

Nick’s Nightseeing Tour had ended and he said that we must do it again sometime.  Nick headed back to Nana Plaza to say goodbye to some friends, and I called it a night.  Please stay tuned folks for more of Dave The Rave’s Nightseeing Tours!                   


A few readers have recently asked me to write about Soi Cowboy.  I did a “Search” in the Search Box at the top right of the Home Page.  Guess what guys?  No less than 10 Soi Cowboy entries from the last couple of months popped up.  So, you avid Cowboy fans can do the same search and read all of the Soi Cowboy entries.  It’s a simple at that.  Enjoy!

StickmanBangkokBanner - Thailand Night Fever


The new sign that is to be erected above the entrance to Walking Street is still not finished.  Hopefully, it will be up for all to see fairly soon.  Is it really such a big job?  Because, it seems to be taking ages.


Hammer Disco is due to reopen very soon.  The guys at Hammer Disco have wisely decided to install an escalator.  Smart move!  For the time being Ocean 10 on Walking Street have closed their doors.  It is rumoured that Ocean 10 is being renovated.  In the meantime, the live band from Ocean 10 might be playing at Hammer Disco when they reopen.


I have been informed that a sister branch of Gulliver’s Traveller’s Tavern has opened on Walking Street.  Apparently, there is a classic car on a podium outside the new Gulliver’s Pub.  Check it out!


Its official folks!  Catz Go-Go Bar is for sale.  Some go-go bars like Taboo have not made it that far, because they have been forced to close their doors.  Sadly, there will be more closures/sales to follow, because of complete and utter saturation.  In what is clearly a sign of the times in Pattaya, Catz Go-Go Bar joins a record number of bars for sale.  It is currently listed on Sunbelt Asia’s website.


Coyotees Go-Go Bar located in Soi Marine Plaza has around 12 Showgirls.  The management are known to be fussy about who they employ in their line-up.  Also, the management insist on training their showgirls.  They do the exotic erotic well.

COYOTEESADVERT02 - Thailand Night Fever


What’s Up Go-Go Bar are in full swing and the “naughty but nice” sexotic theme keeps the crowds coming back for more.  Equipped with a birdbath and bird belters, they are following the cleanup campaign.  Talk about keeping your dolly birds clean and whipping them into shape…  In What’s Up, there is a lot of whip and dip!


Many go-go bars in Pattaya are struggling to maintain a decent amount of trade on a regular basis.  But, the top hot spots battle on relentlessly.  Here is a list in alphabetical order of a suggested TOP 10 go-go bars that are renowned for hot babes and/or good shows – Angelwitch, Club Boesche, Coyotees, Happy, Heaven Above, Living Dolls 1, Living Dolls Showcase, Peppermint, Super Baby and What’s Up.

*Note that individual taste varies, so this list is meant as a general guideline.*


A farang guy gave a false name to a bargirl.  Some time passed and they ended up in a relationship.  The bargirl was becoming more attached to her newly found farang boyfriend.  One day she surprised him by getting a tattoo of his name.  There it was for all to see – Ted Bundy!

(For those that may not be aware, Ted Bundy was one of the world’s most prolific serial killers).


“My wife is on a diet.  Coconuts and bananas.  She hasn’t lost any weight, but can she climb a tree!”  (Henny Youngman).

“An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.”  (Agatha Christie).


Crystal Images kindly supplied the photos of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.  Thanks Sean!


Thanks for visiting.  Reporting live from the heart of Thailand…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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40 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. Craig Sandy says:

    A dubious column today Dave. It is an infomercial! At least be honest and say “I got paid to write about Sunrise Tacos so I will say good things”. Do this again and I say goodbye.

  2. Paul Hinkel says:

    When I was 20 L.O.S was Land of Sex
    When I hit 40 it became the Land Of Smiles
    Now at 60 it has become the Land of Scams

    Great web site, a must read for me everytime you update it.

  3. Special K says:

    Good read Dave!!!

  4. Hey Craig Sandy, you are trying to pick on one aspect of what most readers think is overall a very good FREE information service that I am providing.  By the way, if you tell me that Sunrise Tacos supply bad food, then I will listen!  However, have you even tried the excellent food at Sunrise Tacos?  I don’t think you have a valid point, unless the venue is terrible.  Ask yourself a question, do you know what you are taking about?  OK, I might lose you as a reader, but I prefer to have guys who know what they are talking about.  Enough said!

    Hi Paul, thanks for your comments, but I have to disagree with you.  The Land Of Scams could well be England, because the foreigners rule and the English don’t!  I still don’t feel scammed in Thailand and I first came to Thailand 20 years ago.  I am surprised you said that. 

    Thank you Special K, I try my best.  As you can see, you can’t please everybody.  I just want to party, what is wrong with some of these guys? 

  5. Chris says:

    Regarding the comments by Criag… Dave I love the website and as an avid reader for the last 12 months, I’d say your pretty spot on. I used this and a few other websites to identify THE places to go for entertainment and food during my last trip. You certainly won’t loose me!

  6. Georgie says:

    Hey Dave
    Those were 2 really “cheap shots” against Americans. The first was the multiple references toward the “wierd looking American” followed again pointing out that this argumentative guy was an American.

    Then you had to refer to another American by letting everyone know that Ted Bundy was “ONE” of America’s most prestigous serial murders.

    While in other parts of your column you refer to “the friendly New Zealand hosts” at Soi 8 Pub. You also mention the playful antics of multiple wais by some “Aussie newbies”

    So when you made another negative reference to “a Farang” who did not want to pay for water you conveniently did not mention his Nationality. So he must not have been an American.

    So Dave you are clearly exposed as an “American hater” by YOUR OWN biased writings. I for one will take my Nana business somewhere else beside your place of employment. I hope that other Americans will do the same. I am sure that your parents generation had a different opinion of Americans.

  7. Blue Angel says:

    Dave, I really wouldn’t worry about comments from people like Craig Sandy. He might be jealous, unhappy, or possibly a competitor to Sunrise Tacos. Or even a mixture of all three! I read you religiously and always find your articles interesting and informative. I know that you would never promote a bad business, you have more respect for your readers. If Craig Sandy wants to stop visiting your website, then he will lose a vital internet information source. Keep on keeping on buddy!

  8. BangkokDan says:

    No worries about worrying comments Dave. Some controversy just spices up nicely.

  9. hansum man says:

    Hi-ya Dave, boy do some guys have issues here! This guy Craig Sandy is missing the point that you are providing guys with a free information service. As for Georgie’s comments I’m from the USA and I don’t see a problem with any of your comments. Keep up the good work buddy and ignore the air heads!

  10. Thanks to Chris, Blue Angel, Bangkok Dan, and Handsum Man, I am pleased that you like my website.  I appreciate your kind words and your loyal support.  Cheers!

    Georgie, you have me baffled here!  I merely stated the nationalities of the men in question.  I am the first to admit that most of the problems in Pattaya are caused by Europeans.  Also, I said “Prolific” not “prestigious” so you got your facts wrong there too!  I think you have totally overreacted here.  Try chilling out and enjoy life!

    OK guys, to keep the peace I have changed the comment to, “One of the world’s most prolific serial killers.” 

  11. Special K says:

    Hi Georgie,
    seeing is America is the great melting pot that is made up of people from every other country including the UK where Dave is from so I don’t see your point. Unless he was making reference to a native American Indian you are the one that is way off base here. It sounds to me like you had a few too many beers when you posted, so like most we will overlook it. FYI am An American and my family roots are from Europe.

  12. hansum man says:

    Hey Dave, i think you are too much of a gentleman at times. It’s this Georgie guy that has an issue and not you. His problems sound much bigger than the comments on your site LOL!

  13. Blue Angel says:

    Dave, I think people like Georgie have way way too much time on their hands. Either that or they have serious personal problems. Don’t change what you’re doing Dave Rave. You are doing a great job of keeping us all informed about the nightlife scene in LOS.

  14. Craig Sandy says:

    Hello David. Your response to me was insulting. I pointed out that you are clearly in Sunrise’s back pocket and wrote favourably about them. The quality of the food there is irrelevant. You just sold your soul to the devil. Bye bye.

  15. Craig Sandy, I have stated my point and I will not defend it, or repeat myself.

  16. Bangkok Babewatch says:

    Hello Dave, great site and info. Forget about these losers and don’t stop writing your updates. With names like “Georgie” and “Craig Sandy” they sound like they visit katoey bars!


    I want you all to understand that comments containing foul, or offensive language will be deleted. I communicate in a civil manner, so I expect the visitors to my website to do the same. I will not be drawn into “virtual handbag fights!” Keep it cool guys!

  18. Chris says:

    I thought you might delete that message Dave, but hope you enjoyed the joke, which I may have told you before! But it was only a joke. However, I understand your rules and the fact that you certainly don’t want to upset or lose readers from other , equally important as far as your website goes, Countries! So probably best we keep that joke to ourselves, cos we both know there’s a hint of truth in it too! Ha ha. Cheers matey. United!!!!

  19. aussie bill says:

    Hi Dave , Great site, just keep it up , im going to bring you a bundy, when i arrive in may haha, it wont kill you but . Dave could you tell me who owns five stars in soi cowboy , spent a lot of time there last holiday ,
    Cheers mate , Bill

  20. Jimmy says:

    Maybe Georgie wears his T-Shirts inside out.

  21. George says:

    Think Five Stars is Thai owned, the upstairs rooms are packed out with Thai mangda (pimps) anyway!

  22. Blue Avenger says:

    Hi Dave – Don’t know where Georgie gets off complaining about your remarks. You observed a situation, one you didn’t create, and talked about it. Georgie needs to know there are plently of Americans in BKK who are losers – they’re losers in the US also. If the boot fits, lace it it and wear it. As far as Sunrise goes – the food is good and Dave talks about it. That doesn’t mean Dave’s in anyone’s pocket. If Dave compliments a certain go-go does that mean he’s in their pocket also? So Dave can’t say anything positive (or negative) about any place? Guess I’m getting kickbacks from Sunrise now too – Dave you know where to send the check right ? PS – I’m an American and grew up eating Mexican food in SoCal. I know good Mexican when I eat it and know buttheads when I see ’em.

  23. Nick says:


    As the guy that was out with you that evening, I will back up what you wrote totally. We went to Sunrise Tacos purely because I asked, nothing more and not an advertising ploy on your behalf.
    As for the guy in Soi 8, yes he was an idiot and yes he was an American, nothing more than that. I would still describe him as an idiot even if he had been a Brit, which I am. He was rude to both the owner, staff and another customer and was behaving strangely and saying some crazy things. What you wrote was not a racist comment in anyway, just an observation, and having been friends with you for the past 5 or 6 years mate I know that you are not racist in anyway and have a lot of friends from the States, as I myself have.
    Keep up the good reviews and observations.
    Cheers, Nick.

  24. Rondee says:

    Dave, thx for the Wai etiquette reminders. I understand it’s goofy to return a Service Girl’s wai in the bar. But a few hours later if she “wais” you when leaving your hotel room, aren’t you being rude if you don’t return it?

  25. MeInSingers says:

    Bye Bye Craig Sandy, we all hope you find a life on the way to wherever you are going! (By the way, the fact that you are even thinking about replying to this proves everybody’s point) Georgie, can we assume that you are over 12 since you have access to a pc? Thought so – GROW UP!!!!!! Dave is not a qualified journalist and so his style of writing is very much off the cuff – sometimes not exactly realising the sensitivity of his audience and I have suggested he lets me or A N other proof read his stuff before he publishes it. However none of it is vitriolic. I am sure he only repeated the nationality to be clear about who he was referring to. There’s not a racist bone in the man’s body. For God’s sake, he has to work with a German!! (I hope Mat reads this!). No, I am not American, I am English and count many Americans in my circle of friends. We ALL know what dickheads/Knobheads/A’Holes etc there are from all of our homelands -isn’t this why we are in Asia, to get away from them? However, Thailand being the welcoming place that it is, does seem to attract a fair few. Thanks for pointing them out before I have to waste time discovering them for myself Dave. Cheers. By the way, the next B145 beer will probably be the end of this month. Just going to find my flack jacket!!

  26. Thank you all for a most entertaining thread.  However guys, I think it is a mistake to waste valuable time in our lives.  Please move on from this saga, we have a life if others appear as though they don’t!  Discretely, I mention no names here!

    As my loyal following, please move onwards and upwards.  Besides that, I have next week’s column to write and you have a life!

  27. Blue Angel says:

    Talking about these two clowns Georgie and Craig, they have made complete idiots of themselves. In this world though some sad individuals have no shame! If they look at this thread again, they may see the errors of their ways. But with their few brain cells I would not expect much!

  28. Bangkok Babewatch says:

    wow guys, this thread is getting interesting. Obviously “Georgie” and “Craig Sandy” are clearly losing the fight here. you really should stick to bashing bottoms, you are obviously very gay! what a pair of losers. hey maybe you gay guys should meet for a date. get a life losers!

  29. hansum man says:

    This is a long thread and probably time to move on. I mean, don’t you guys think so? I’m here for a good time in LOS. Hey Dave I hope you can keep the Pattaya news coming?

  30. MeInSingers says:

    Hic…your round next Dave – Mine’s a Teeger! Apparently there will be a couple of extra seats in AW, I know a few peeps that will fill them!

    PS have they really gone, or are they lurking in the background? Keep it up Dave, with your personal observations on life in and around a great city. As long as you entertain us and make credible suggestions on the way it (the city) works, who (reasonably) can complain?

  31. Lee says:

    Dave keep up the good work. Maybe we need a little more controversy as I believe this post has the most responses! Personally I hate political correctness and I dont think u should worry at all about saying an American is an American or a jerk is a jerk. I read many blogs and unfortunately each and every one has 1 or 2 sad losers who are spitting out venom at the world.

  32. Ed Moore says:

    Dear Dave, fine column this week and I have two comments. First, I agree with that you provide a service, and a fine one at that. Readers might check out your suggestions, e.g., Sunrise Tacos. Second, the Land of Scams sounds so bitter. Hey, money talks and I challenge that reader to visit any other place and get the warm greetings that Thailand still manages.

  33. Thanks guys, the vast majority of you agree with what I wrote and I appreciate that. However, I should not have responded quite so frankly with the negative comments. Really, I should have recognised “trolling” when it reared its ugly head and just ignored it. This thread has become an epic!

    THAILAND NIGHTLIFE UPDATE – Unfortunately, early closing is still being enforced across many nightspots in Thailand. Most parts of Bangkok are being hit hard with 1:00am closing. Even in targeted parts of “Pleasure Playground” or Pattaya, the nightspots are ordered to close at 2:00am.

    For example; we were all enjoying ourselves tonight (Sunday, April 6th) in a packed go-go bar in Nana Plaza.  Suddenly, at exactly 1:00am sharp, the Thai police order us to close.  Please be advised that there are few late night options in Bangkok right now.  Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but I want to be honest with you all.  Therefore, it is advisable to plan your nights accordingly and not leave things too late. 

  34. FlightRisk says:

    Dave, was amused by the comments about the ulgy Amerikan on Soi 8. Seeing as you and I have known each other for a few years, and I’m also an Amerikan, I think we can dismiss Georgie’s comments. Unfortunately, it’s dipsticks like the guy you described who contribute to the “ugly American tourist” stereotype; we’d all be better off if those types just stayed home.

    Funny thing is, we all met similar types who have lived in BKK for years, can’t (and don’t want to try to) speak a bit of Thai, and assume they are somehow entitled. Those types have me baffled; my Thai wife is living with me here in the USA, studies English everyday, and assumes she has to work for whatever she’s going to get from American society. Perhaps Georgie boy could learn a lesson or two from that …

    My 2 cents …

  35. Hi FlightRisk,

    Thanks for commenting, you have made some good points.  Ocassionally, we get weirdos ‘n’ whackos from all over the world, but I find that usually foreign visitors are respectful of other people.  I would also like to state that the incident in Soi 8 Pub has no reflection on what an excellent establishment Soi 8 Pub is.  I endeavour to be a candid columnist and therefore, I wrote the article as it actually happened.  I can’t be more honest that that.  At times we are undoubtedly going to witness the good, the bad and the ugly…

    I’m off out in a few hours to pound the streets of Bangkok.  I’m on a “Bangkok Nightseeing Tour” with “Tiger” (that’s Rich from Hawaii for the inner circle).  Hopefully, I won’t see any crazy farangs!  It should be very interesting.  Cheers!

  36. doctorbond says:

    Hello DTR – I have been a big fan of Sunrise Tacos in the past but I visited a fortnight ago and found the food to be quite bland – I don’t know why for sure – I may have had a furious smoking session that day and another bar owner said he had heard that some of the staple mexican suppliers had switched to lower grade products.
    Hopefully it is just a blip and like pretty much any service of any time, in any town – it can’t always be excellent.

  37. ketkonen says:

    Nah, loads of American tourists are ugly, particularly in the big marf boating talking too loud department. Sat next to one on sky train once who nearly rendered me deaf. It’s alright boys, we know your there, you don’t have to make more noise than a good ‘ol B52 !! By the way, aint Thailand pants these days ? I’m going one more time and that’s it. I can find enough bad attitude at home. As for those idiots who give naughty ladies thousands of bhat, well, what can you say? These ladies come from a culture where man have zero tolerance of their bullshit. If you don’t display the same attitude they think you are weak and will treat you wiv contempt.

  38. Bob Lawblaw says:

    Sunrise is always a crapshoot, sometimes good, sometimes sucks… which is why I visit less frequently nowadays. And the decor of the new place is shyte in my and my friend’s opinions. Gimmee a break…. photos of Mexican food on the walls… hmmmmm, shyte. Oh… avocados… sexy! As my friend said, looks like a fast food restaurant…..

  39. Benny says:

    Ted Bundy, the shoe salesman. Wasn’t he married, with children?

  40. dtyolmn says:

    Dave, Hang in there guy. Your doing a great job. I sure pick up some good information and put it to use. I was in LOS/BKK last October for a week and had such a good time that I’m coming back 04/29 until 05/20. I wish I had discovered this beautiful country along time ago. I would have moved there but alas it’s too late now. That’s why I’m takeing a month. (This is my trip of life) Anyone have any good tips please send them to me. I will say I’m planning a RR or Bus trip too Chaing mia and then from there I’ll probable head down to Pattaya and Punket. ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS and maybe a female travel partner.

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