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Eve X Zone Pattaya Thailand - Thailand Night FeverThis news might come as something of a surprise to you, but the owners of Nana Plaza have been digging into their pockets.  According to the Nana Plaza management (Nana Castle), the escalator next to Lucky Luke’s Bar inside Nana Plaza should be operational in about one week.  The new escalator is now operational.  Apparently, the job was finished before expected – that is a shock by Thai building standards!  It has not been repaired, but instead it has been replaced by a brand new escalator.  For those of you who are not keen on using lifts, or stairs, the new escalator will be an excellent alternative.  By installing the new escalator, I think it will please everybody, but especially the disabled.  Fellow internet columnist Baron Bonk should be thrilled with the new escalator.  We can now send dear ole Baron Bonk up to greater heights!  Combined with a clear pathway at the entrance to Nana Plaza, it will be much easier to enter and exit, plus go up to the middle level.

Recently I have spoken to Khun Num who runs Rainbow 1 and Rainbow 3, about the old Farang Connection.  (If you cannot quite remember, Farang Connection was located next door to Rainbow 3 on the middle level in Nana Plaza).  If you did not know, Khun Num has taken over the lease and is currently building a Thai restaurant there.  The building work is progressing steadily as we speak.  The new owner has hinted that he thinks he will just sell Thai food.  I am sure that it is not easy, or cheap to hire a chef who can cook both Eastern and Western cuisine to international standards.  More interestingly, with some of the hot babes that will be dining here, it definitely will not be your average Thai noodle shop!


Tonight it is Khun Num’s birthday (Wednesday, April 9th).  For those of you who know Khun Num, he will be celebrating his birthday in Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar.  Because it is Khun Num’s birthday bash, there will definitely be a party atmosphere tonight.  Check it out!

*Rainbow 1 Go-Go Bar is located next to Play Skool on the ground level.  It is the first go-go bar on the right-hand side as you enter Nana Plaza.*

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Unfortunately, early closing continues to hurt many of Bangkok’s nightlife venues.  Some bars in the Lumpini District (lower Sukhumvit) are being ordered to close at midnight.  A Bangkok bar owner said to me, “Customers never come into my bar until later on in the evening.  Closing us at midnight is crazy, they are killing my business.”  Down in Soi Nana all of the bars are ordered to close at 1:00am.  This includes the go-go bars in Nana Plaza.  In Soi Cowboy, the bars usually close between 1:00am and 1:30am, depending upon what time the police arrive.  I was in Soi Cowboy on Monday night and the police closed the bars at 1:30am.  Brother Steve said to me the other night, “You wouldn’t want to be a nightclub owner in Bangkok right now.” 

Just when it looks all doom and gloom, there might be light at the end of the tunnel for Bangkok’s nightlife.  Word on the street is that the nightspot closing times in Bangkok might loosen up very soon.  The current *rumours* state that this will possibly be either during, or just after Songkran (Thai New Year, April 13th-15th).

*Please note that these are just rumours about the closing times loosening up in Bangkok and therefore, not yet confirmed by any official source.*

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Once again, we find ourselves on the doorstep of Songkran water festival, which is a good excuse to be a kid again.  But, more importantly, it is traditional Thai New Year. My initial thoughts are not about the forthcoming Songkran festival, but rather worryingly where has the year gone?  I don’t know about you, but year has vanished rather rapidly for my liking.  Time really does fly amidst the hustle and bustle in the City of Angels. And so, another Thai year will soon end and meanwhile the land aches for water. The drought has been quite bad again this year and more rainfall would be a welcomed blessing for the agricultural industry. Thailand has seen some rain, but too little to make any real impact. The land remains so dry and desolate. The levels of the rivers are low and baron lands are yet to quench their thirst. It is no wonder that many farmers all over this region are praying for the heavens to open. Hopefully Songkran will be a respite for those farmers and their families who toil so tirelessly amid the unrelenting heat. Does anybody know a good rain dance?


SOI COWBOY BANGKOK THAILAND 05 - Thailand Night FeverAlthough it is a time for Thailand to celebrate and pay respects to family and fellow fellow citizens, it is a notorious time too. Why am I not deliriously happy? The Songkran festival has frankly speaking turned into a “water war” in Bangkok and especially in Pattaya.  For those of us who reside in Bangkok or Pattaya, it can be a living nightmare. No doubting that despite water warfare warnings from the authorities there will still be tons of soakings, accidents and unnecessary deaths. Before nightfall, you will be wise to avoid Khaosan Road, Soi Cowboy and lower Sukhumvit Road.  Many parts of Pattaya will be crazy!  Be warned – avoid these areas mentioned before nightfall, unless of course, you want to go aquatic!

Here in Bangkok, the Songkran festival can start early during the evening of April 12th, but the traditional dates are April 13th through to April 15th.  Pattaya usually extend that period and Songkran could last anywhere from April 13 until April 19.  Be warned that many parts of Pattaya are like a battlefield for the whole period. Can you imagine it? However, in saying that the Thai authorities do try to control the water wars on Walking Street after sunset.  Going by last year, you should be OK to visit the Walking Street area later on in the evening.  Nowadays inside most go-go bars, there is a strict “NO WATER FIGHTS” policy.  However, there might be some exceptions to the rule.  Therefore, I can only state what is supposed to happen.  If you are particularly concerned about the water wars, then be advised to avoid going out in the daytime.  Also, when venturing out to hit the town, make sure that it is after nightfall.


I remember one farang last Songkran who got wet when he went to Soi Nana.  He had the audacity to insist that Dave The Rave should have called the police.  Now that would be crazy!  You can’t stop the Thai people from celebrating their traditional New Year.  Furthermore, the Thais say that if foreigners don’t like Songkran, they should stay in their homes and avoid Songkran all together.  Foreign visitors should not come to Thailand during Songkran if they don’t like it.  Some resident farangs choose to fly out for a break.  Others act like vampires, because they lock themselves away until darkness descends upon Thailand.

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Medical specialists advise us to be careful of accidentally swallowing infected water, because there is a risk of typhoid. I hope that you heed the warning. For the brave among us who want to venture out relentlessly, these last few years have seen the authorities at least endeavour to enforce a ban on water throwing at night-time. But, be warned that there’s always a few stealth slingers who wait to pounce upon dry people.  When nightfall descends most of the water throwing, should subside and the vast majority of nightspots will become a safe haven.


With the intense heat this Songkran some farangs want to join in the fun in the sun.  In Bangkok this past fortnight, it has been sizzling hot.  Even the Thais have been complaining how hot it is.  So, if the locals are complaing about the heat, you know it is bloody HOT!  The temperatures suddenly soared, so if you are planning to visit Thailand soon pack light cotton clothes.  Also, don’t forget that you can buy plenty of shorts and T-shirts here in Thailand for a fraction of the price in Farangland.  I hope you have a safe Songkran.  All that remains to be said is Happy New Year, and so in Thai tradition “Sawatdee Pee Mai Kap!”


Flying To Bangkok Thailand 01 - Thailand Night FeverFor some time now, most nightspots in the Walking Street area have been ordered to close at 2:00am.  It’s hard to comprehend that even the Pleasure Playground of Thailand was a target for early closing.  Venues in Pattaya might be getting an extra hour or so compared to most of the City Of Angels, but Bangkok is not a seaside town.  Some people in Pleasure Playground want to party until dawn and this must have been killing the late night discos and clubs.  Recent reports say that the enforcement of early closing has now eased off in Pattaya.  It would appear that later closing is emerging again, although certain venues are compromising by being discrete.  This means turning outside neon lights off, turning the music down, etc.  Good news for Pattaya.  Party on!


After Dark Asia Volume 6 - Thailand Night FeverDo you guys know how many times the pop song “Suicidal” has been played all over Thailand?  At one point, “Suicidal” could be heard everywhere.  Frankly, this song has been played to death!  The monotonous regularity is probably enough to make some people contemplate suicide!   Mind you, I think “Suicidal” is a very apt song for Pattaya.  The total amount of suicides in Pattaya by foreigners is very disturbing.  What is even more disturbing is the fact that some so-called suicides are extremely questionable.  High-rise apartment buildings seem to attract farang skydivers… the only difference being that they are minus the parachutes!

AFTER DARK ASIA – The latest edition of After Dark Asia magazine should hit the newsstands in Bangkok and Pattaya in about one week.  After Dark Asia has established itself as Thailand’s top go-go girly magazine.  This edition will be volume 6, which is also available in various go-go bars in Pattaya.


A farang guy woke up one morning to find all his cash and his mobile phone stolen.  He had slept with a Thai lady of the night.  However, this particular bargirl was considerate enough to leave both his wallet and his sim card next to the bed.  Now that’s what I call honour among thieves!


“I love being a writer.  What I can’t stand is the paperwork.”  (Peter De Vries).


(Q). What is the definition of go-go dancing?

(A). A vertical expression of a horizontal proposition!

(Dave The Rave 2008).

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Thanks for visiting.  Reporting live from the heart of Thailand…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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9 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. ketkonen says:

    Hee, hee, ain’t Thais bonkers ? Go to Ibiza or Bulgaria or Kavos and you can party till any hour you like. Do they actually want a tourist trade ? Their women aint that beautiful and there are plenty of other options. If you want real babes and endless nightlife try South America. Also they speak a language wiv proper writing dahn there, namely Spanish !! ( bet you never guessed that !! ). I shall be over soon and popping in to see me good ‘ol mate, mamasaan at Angelwych. Always get her a drink, she’s a scream !! She never fails to try fitting me up wiv one of her girls, but gord bless me guvnor, I ain’t having none of that !! Wot she fink I am, one of them naughty boy tourists ??@@!!!

  2. Svein says:

    Just poppin’ in to write a few words. I just read that someone has called you a racist, what the f is that all about. He might not know what a racist is, but as long as I have known Dave he has never said anything bad or hurtful about anybody. This is just bull. Go on rocking mate, this is what’s keeping me going when I’m away from my home (Thailand).  Stand up and fight for your right to write!

    Nature the Mad Viking

  3. Jan Trevor says:

    That is a very good looking girl at the top of the blog.

    All the best

  4. Hi Ketkonen, I assume you mean Angelwitch Bangkok.  Which Angelwitch mamasan do you mean?  Are you talking about Mama Fai, Mama Pop, or Mama Nic? 

    Hi Svein, thanks for your support.  I hope all is well with you, although you must be freezing in Norway.  When will you be back in Thailand?

    Hi Jan, all you have to do is place your cursor over the photo.  Enjoy!

    PHOTO INFORMATION – All of the images on this website have a text description.  Simply place your cursor over the image and the text description will pop up.  Also, on some images there are some links to other websites.  

  5. Kheenaio says:

    Hi Dave, Everything was open until 3:00 here in pattaya last night. Clubs at the top of soi where angle witch is located on the left have some very affectionate ladies!! ATB.

  6. Kheenaio says:

    Dave, would you have ricky’s phone number? Saw him in baby dolls night before a couple of nights ago said i would ring him but seem to have mislaid his number. Still closing here at secrets at 4.00 a.m. Chok dee pee mai.

  7. ketkonen says:

    Wotcher Dave. Dunno wever it was Fai Pop or Nic, but which ever one I catch ‘old of I’ ll ‘ave a larf wiv ’em, ‘cos I ain’t fussy!! As I always say, a fussy man is a lonely man !! That’s wot Thailand’s all abaht, ‘aving a larf. Why don’t more people get that ?

  8. Svein says:


    It’s been a hard winter but it’s getting warmer and warmer now. We have had sun for 1-2 weeks now hmm, might be missing Thailand a bit – sh*t I miss it a lot. I don’t know when I’m coming back, because my wife wants to stay here and work. I understand that because she can make a lot of money here.
    There is some bad news also my father has just past away. He was in a bike accident in Denmark, really really bad. Cracked his head and face, broke his neck and his back in 2 places, broke all his ribbs on one side and 3 the other side and damaged his lung. He was dead in 10-12 minutes before they brought him back. We stoped the O2 flow after 4 days.

    Good to read everything you write Dave and hope to see you soon.

    Take care mate,

    Nature the big bad viking

  9. Hello nature, I was shocked about the sad news. My deepest sympathy for the loss of your father. Very, very sad news indeed. Please pass on my condolences to your mother. I hope that you can make it back to Thailand, but take care of your family first mate. Cheers!

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