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Angelwitch Showgirls Nana Plaza Loy Kratong Bangkok 2007 - Thailand Night FeverWelcome to the Thai New Year 2551 and let’s all hope it is a good year for Thailand.  Another Songkran has come and gone for most of us, but don’t forget that Pattaya will continue the water warfare until this weekend.  I have to say that I thought the Songkran Festival was a bit quiet overall this year.  If you question what I mean by that, then just ask a bar owner.  The go-go bars in Bangkok had fewer go-go dancers, due to many bar girls deciding to go home this Songkran.  Some go-go bars cut their girls as much as 2,000 Baht per day.  This is a very severe cut for not working during Songkran.  However, this can be counterproductive to the bar, because some bar girls will stop  work for the rest of April.  If a bargirl is cut 6,000 Baht that is over 50% of a go-go dancers salary.  Of course, many Thais are on much lower salaries than go-go dancers are.  Most service girls don’t earn 6,000 Baht.  Therefore, a bargirl might well think; why should I work for nothing?  I would hazard a guess that in most go-go bars in Bangkok, the takings were down on last year.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice that fewer bargirls got into the spirit of things. 

I ventured out and about in Bangkok over Songkran and it seemed quiet for the time of year.  However, there was still a lot of water warfare fun going on in Soi Nana, Soi Cowboy, Kaosan Road and around Bangkok’s streets.  For those people who joined in the Songkran festival, at least it was a respite from the scorching heat.  Phew!  It has been nothing short of boiling this hot season!  Just as I say that, there was a big thunderstorm earlier today, and it absolutely hammered down with rain.  You could say that Thailand has a confused climate right now!  No doubt, the Thais will see heavy rainfall the day after Songkran, as a sign of good luck.  And, the Thai farmers will count their blessings.  I am not what you would call a superstitious person, but I have to admit that it does seem rather extraordinary.

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Do you want to have some fun with your friends in Bangkok?  Then try this… Hold tight riders!  Many moons ago I used to enjoy hanging around with a group of friends in Patpong and then we would travel via tuk-tuk to party in Soi Cowboy.  To make things more interesting we would split up into two, or three teams and have a tuk-tuk race to Soi Cowboy.  The driver who got there first was given a cash prize by the losers of the race.  The race losers also had to get the first round of drinks in.  It was fun witnessing at first hand the thrills and spills of Bangkok’s roads.  We certainly got to Soi Cowboy in record time!


Soi Cowboy Bangkok Thailand - Thailand Night FeverWhile some frugal folk dispute the price of a night out in Bangkok, I’m more interested in other issues.  Are the go-go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya becoming booby traps?  Whenever I venture into the neon jungles of Bangkok’s red-light districts, I feel that there’s a booby trap awaiting the unsuspecting farang.  There are literally booby traps everywhere.  One go-go bar down in Soi Cowboy is certainly laying it on thick.  The pleasure palace that I am referring to is Tilac Go-Go Bar.  Is it just my imagination, or does every go-go dancer in Tilac Bar have big boobs?  It’s not surprising that Tilac Go-Go Bar is packing the farangs in with those tactics.

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If you are a bit behind the Thailand times, Tilac has undergone a major remodelling job.  In terms of the remodel, Tilac has had a bigger cosmetic job than Zsa Zsa Gabor has!  Some of you guys might struggle to recognise your Tilac.  Personally, I see it as a BIG improvement.  Tilac has this brilliantly bright new look, which I think was very brave of Tilac Go-Go Bar.  The theme has now changed to tabletop go-go dancing.  They must be doing a lot right, because Tilac Bar fills up at peak times and it is a BIG go-go bar.  Check it out!


Songkran was quiet this year in Nana Plaza.  There were noticeably far fewer Songkran slingers in Soi Nana.  My friends who went to Soi Cowboy said that the water warfare was a lot of fun.  One group of friends drove into Soi Cowboy in a tuk-tuk.  The only trouble was they couldn’t get out for over an hour!  I thought the water warfare in Soi Nana was tame this year.  The fact that the Thai authorities are still insisting on Nana Plaza closing at 1:00am, doesn’t help to create a special Songkran spirit.  The rumour floating around Bangkok is that the early closing will ease up soon.   Hopefully it will.

After Dark Asia Volume 6 - Thailand Night FeverAFTER DARK ASIA MAGAZINE VOLUME 6

I have been informed that the newest edition of After Dark Asia magazine will be on sale just after Songkran.  Look out for After Dark Asia volume 6 on the newsstands throughout Bangkok and Pattaya.  After Dark Asia has established itself as Thailand’s top go-go girly magazine.  The photography is excellent.  A copy of After Dark Asia will set you back 150 Baht.  Check out the HOT go-go girls!

While we are on the subject of Thai girly magazines, the latest edition of Pattaya By Night is out now.  Although the photography is not as good as After Dark Asia, it is packed with pictures of go-go girls.  The 4th edition has over 50 pages.  Check out the chicks!


Andrew Hicks, the author of the bestselling novel “Thai Girl” has recently published a new book entitled “My Thai Girl And I.”           


One night a British battleaxe was getting a bit frisky in bed with her husband, after 25 years of marriage.  She said, “I’m going to nibble your ear, just like I used to.”  The husband replied, “Good, by the time you find your teeth, I’ll be fast asleep.”

Is anything worn beneath the kilt?  No, it’s all in perfect working order!  (Spike Milligan)

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You will probably notice that this week’s Thailand Night Fever is shorter than usual.  Well guys, I have been very busy adding 3 new web pages.  The details are listed below, or you can visit the Contents Page.  Enjoy! 


Nana Plaza Review gives an overview of Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok.  Below that is an A-Z listing and review of every go-go bar and beer bar in Nana Plaza.  This new section will include updates in the Nana Plaza Review


Soi Cowboy Review gives an overview of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.  This will include updates and (eventually) an A-Z listing and review of every go-go bar and beer bar in Soi Cowboy.  I hope you enjoy my Soi Cowboy Review


Many guys love Pattaya’s go-go bars, but there are just too many bars.  What was that go-go bar’s name?  Where is that go-go bar located?  I wish had the website address?  Never fear Dave The Rave is here!  Don’t worry guys, because this week I have added a special Pattaya Page.  I have listed the Pattaya go-go bars in alphabetical order.  The listings include the name of the go-go bar, the go-go bar’s location, the website URL (if applicable), and further information updates.  This will save you a lot of valuable time, because I have done the work for you.  If you are into the go-go bar scene in Pattaya, then please visit Pattaya Go-Go Bars A-Z


Are you looking for something in particular?  This Page contains all the links you need to explore this website.  Please check out the Contents Page


My sincere thanks go out to Mathew who is a special friend of Dave The Rave.  Mathew is the leader of the “Dave The Rave Fan Club” in Seattle, USA.  Keep up the good work Mathew, I hope you like the Angelwitch T-shirt.  Also, a special thank you to Murray and Grady for your friendship.  Many thanks guys!

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Thanks for visiting.  Reporting live from the heart of Thailand…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru 

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