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Bangkok Angel Thailand 02 - Thailand Night FeverThere are some decisions in life that require serious consideration.  One such decision is whether to get married.  If we make the wrong decision, it can cause us extreme emotional and financial suffering.  This suffering might last for many years to come.  By taking a closer look at this subject, we can all remind ourselves how important the commitment of marriage really is.  It would be very foolish not to take marriage seriously.  Despite the fact that it has almost become a trend to get divorced, marriage is about entering a partnership with the person you love and care for.  The vows that one recites, emphasise a special commitment to a loved one, who is to become (theoretically speaking) our life partner.  It is a sad fact that in Farangland most marriages fail.  This is so often such a worrying problem, because children are caught up in the crossfire.  In some extreme cases, the children are used as ammunition to win divorce cases.  This is nothing short of sick, but in this era of dog-eat-dog, it is often a matter of “win at all costs.”   These are the facts of the matter, which is a sad reflection of today’s society.

Now, bearing these points in mind, just think what it would be like to marry a foreigner.  It appears tough enough when West meets West, but what happens when East meets West?  When a farang decides to marry a Thai person, they are often entering a world of cross-cultural confusion.  Some of my friends would be far less diplomatic and say that it is nothing short of entering psychological and physical warfare.  Are you ready to march into this most unpredictable of battlefields?  Well, my suggestion is you should think carefully before you do march into unpredictable territory.

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The reason for writing this particular article is to advise you to think very carefully beforehand.  Many Westerners’ fall for their Thai teerac (sweetheart) and cannot see any further than their own infatuation.  Some men have a tendency to think with their little head, rather than their big head!

The now somewhat old-fashioned courtship is a period a couple spend developing a romantic relationship before marriage.  Nowadays “courting” is more like wham-bam-thank-you-mam!  But theoretically, this is an essential way to get to know your partner and decide if this is your future life partner.

Eve X Zone Pattaya Thailand - Thailand Night FeverHere are some questions that you seriously need to consider:-

– Are you both marrying for the right reasons?
– Do you have the same plans for your life together?
– Do you communicate positively and effectively?
– Are there any warning signs you should consider?
– How well do you know each other?
– Has the relationship blossomed well so far?
– Have any financial demands been forced upon you?
– Do you believe that you are compatible?

These guidelines are to remind us all to look before we leap into a serious commitment such as marriage.  Back in England, I previously worked as a Residential Social Worker.  Building and repairing relationships was an essential part of my work.  Most jobs I have previously done required interpersonal skills, but like many things in life, common sense often prevails.


The old Farang Connection on the middle level in Nana Plaza has re-opened as a restaurant.  With the unusual name Hungry, it is already doing a brisk trade.  On the first day of opening, there was a long wait, because they were inundated with orders.  The menu includes a lot of Thai and Western dishes, that are all reasonably priced.  The large pork chop with salad is particularly tasty at 135 Baht.  Thai dishes are around 100 Baht or less.  Enjoy!


Sexy Night in Nana Plaza has taken on a few cute go-go dancers.  This certainly improves the line-up, which is infamous for being something of a single mother’s convention.  For the more frugal folks Sexy Night sell standard drinks all night for 120 Baht.


There is a birthday bash in the Cathouse Bar this Saturday, June 14th.  Cathouse is located next to the newly opened Hungry Restaurant on the middle level in Nana Plaza.  There will be FREE FOOD provided with one of Willem’s popular buffets.  The feeding frenzy starts at 7:30pm.  Cathouse has recently started to sell Singha and Chang draught beer.  Willem serves a half pint of draught beer in a chilled glass.  Every time you buy one draught beer for 99 Baht, you receive a free one.  This 2-4-1 draught deal runs all day every day.  The old “all you can drink” beer buffet has been discontinued.  The new Cathouse shares its own birthday with Willem’s lovely wife.  Have a Happy Birthday Khun Tawan! 


bigmango1 - Thailand Night FeverIf you were not aware, the Big Mango Bar has reopened on Soi Nana.  Draught beer drinkers will be pleased to know that there is a terrific draught deal.  Pints of Tiger Draught are available all day for just 89 Baht.  In addition, pints of Heineken Draught are available for just 99 Baht.  Cheers for the cheap beers!


The Big Mango Bar is located in the small alleyway between Jools Bar and The Tavern.  The small sub soi is opposite the 7 ELEVEN next to the Rajah Hotel car park in Soi Nana.


I’m not sure where they have all come from, but Angelwitch Go-Go Bar has received an influx of sexy, young go-go girls. Because the “Angelwitch” is a creature of the night, you will be pleased to know that the latest additions to the team are more angelic than witchy.

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Billy from the Bull’s Head Pub is hosting another one of his popular golfing events.  The Bull’s Head Golf Day is scheduled for Saturday, June 21st and it will take place at Bangpoo Golf Club. 

Below is the Golf Day schedule and total cost:-

– 9:00AM — Meet and greet, plus a full English breakfast at the Bull’s Head Pub.
– 10:00AM — (SHARP!).  The VIP bus leaves for the golf course.  Comedy and beer will be provided for the journey.
– 11:15AM – Registration.
– TEE OFF — (caddies are included).
– EVENING — Return to the Bull’s Head for a Royal Buffet Dinner and Prize Giving Ceremony.
– TOTAL COST — 2,600 Baht.

Confirmation and 1,000 Baht deposit will need to be paid before June 17th.  For bookings and/or further information, please call Billy on 086-505 5053, or email


Last Monday Finnegan’s Irish Pub on Soi Nana celebrated its 2nd Anniversary.  Unfortunately, I did not receive details about the Anniversary Party in time to let you know.  However, I’m sure the owner Gerry will be very pleased if you visit Finnegan’s Pub.  Belated congratulations will be appreciated. 


The Pickled Liver Pub celebrates its 2nd Anniversary Party this Saturday, June 14th.  There will be a FREE BUFFET including Western, Indian and Thai food in a generous attempt to suit everyone’s taste.  The owner Nick hinted that he might even give some FREE DRINKS away, if he gets drunk enough!  The Pickled Liver is a British theme pub with English Premier League Football memorabilia as decoration.  They are located in the sub soi across from the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11.  If anyone needs directions, they can get them from The Pickled Liver website –


Only the other day my Thai wife came at me with a razor.  Thank the Lord it wasn’t plugged in!  (Dave The Rave 2008).

The mother-in-law wanted something exciting and expensive for her birthday.  I went out and got her a Jaguar.  Talk about fast…  That Jaguar has already bitten one of her legs off!  (Dave The Rave 2008).

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  1. nigel lamb says:

    hi dave

    i have tried to email you but it keeps on failing, email me so i can do a reply ta mate.

    nigel lamb ( steve conners mate )

  2. Svein "Nature" says:

    Hay Mate

    I liked what you wrote about Farang V.s Thai (GETTING MARRIED TO A THAI). I know that many do what you wrote. Letting the smal head to the thinking is not the way to go. I’m happely married to a Thai girl, but i have friends that are i really big trouble. I have one thing to add to your list of what to do before you get married. Talk, bloody to to each other, about kids, money and the last thing is age. It’s really nice to have a young girl, but what is more important is you have to talk and be one the same side.

    Tanks again mate


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