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The frugal folks among us sometimes misinterpret the low season with regards to Thailand’s nightlife scene.  They automatically think that the low season is time to come out of social hibernation.  With a sigh of relief they will say, “At long last the tourist season is over.”  Meanwhile, us party animals enjoy Thailand’s vast nightlife scene all year round.  We are so pleased to merrily party 12 months of the year.  But alas, the frustratingly frugal folk think that low season becomes their territory.  This can and often does backfire on them.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then let’s begin…

Thinking that they have won the bargirl lottery, they venture into a bar that has a scattering of bargirls, but zero customers.  Once again, this goes back to the vicious circle — no customers leads to no bargirls, etc.  Unfortunately, what dear old Cheap Charlie often overlooks, is that some bars are almost down and out for the count.  As a result, the bargirls in these dead dives start to become desperate.  This desperation can lead to very aggressive behaviour and unscrupulous tactics.  These tactics are to extract as much cash as possible (by whatever means) from the *victim* customer.  Furthermore, the bar is struggling so much that they cannot afford professional management.  Therefore, the inmates are running the institution.   

With the constant pressure of rent and bills to pay, some bargirls need to make some fast cash.  This reminds us that Thailand is definitely not a welfare state.  As the Thais say, “Mie tham gnarn mie kin kao” (no work no eat).  For some guys the low season is not the best time of year.  Just look at the financial pressure that a lot of bargirls are suffering.  The most popular bars are fine, because they can comfortably survive a bad low season.  But, the top level bars are in the minority this year.  For example, the bars in Pattaya are opening and closing faster than a travelling salesman’s suitcase!

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While the generosity retentive guys think they have the advantage, they might just get a taste of their own medicine.  Sitting all alone Cheap Charlie thinks, “Why am I not surrounded by sexy bargirls?”  The inborn intuition of every bargirl has already completed its assessment.  It’s going to be a long and lonely night for Cheap Charlie!   


This year the global economic situation has hit lots of people hard for a number of reasons.  In particular, the US dollar has not regained much ground against a strong Thai baht.  Whereas, the British pound and the Euro have either gained, or retained substantial ground against the Thai baht.  In addition, the rapid rate of global inflation is becoming very scary.  Initially we had a food shortage and then an oil crisis, so what’s next?  Thankfully, Thailand does not have a dolly bird shortage!

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When people talk about bargirls and the environment involved, the term “supply and demand” springs to mind.  This July sees a very significant swing in favour of the boy-to-girl ratio.  Calm down lads!  There are plenty of dolly birds to go around.   

Therefore, my take on “supply and demand” becomes, “I demand that you supply me!”  In true Go-Go Guru style, “Your wish is my command.”  Visit Thailand, where your dreams can come true.  This is why Thailand remains a popular choice for many guys. 

Dave The Rave’s AAA Factor stands for “Abundance of Affordable and Available girls.”  Don’t forget those key words — Abundance, Affordable, and last but by no means least Available.  The killjoys and Jaded Johns should realise that Farangland is light years away from the AAA Factor.  I dread to think about returning to Farangland… Western women the size of elephants and unhappiness the size of a mountain.  “Lest we ever have to suffer those depths of depravity.”  Long live the AAA Factor!

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My take on “supply and demand” becomes, “I demand that you supply me!”  In true Go-Go Guru style, “Your wish is my command.”  I disagree that “The West knows best and East knows least.”  Don’t suffer in silence!  Instead, you should visit Thailand, where your wildest fantasies can become a reality. 

The price of crude oil has hit a record high.  This naturally leads some people to think about their financial situation.  The sudden hike in airfare prices means that a number of people will have to postpone their trips to Thailand.  In some cases, airlines have suspended long haul flights in order to assess fuel surcharges.  Other airlines have taken immediate action by increasing their ticket prices.  In some cases, what was a $1,000 US dollar flight could now cost as much as $1,800 US dollars.  A concerned American informed me of this $800 US dollar hike.  I dare say that some folks need to stay focused.  While some people worry that street noodles have gone up 10 baht, the bigger issue is the $800 US dollars on your airfare.  Keep it real guys! 

It is quite apparent that not only aeroplanes are going sky high.  You might be thinking, “How can I visit Thailand amid this economic crisis?”  My suggestion is to utilise some of those air miles that you have accumulated.  Then it will be a case of, “Don’t worry about money and enjoy the honey!”

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The other night in Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, I was enjoying the company of my mate Union Hill.  I asked Union Hill what his thoughts were about value for money.  To be more specific, we targeted the subject of the price of a beer in the bars in Bangkok.

Yui Naughty Girls Pattaya Thailand - Thailand Night FeverWhen asked about the current beer prices in Bangkok bars Union Hill said, “The difference between 20 odd baht means we are talking about loose change.”  I think Union Hill has a good point.  It would be different if we were talking about 200 or 300 baht increases.  In this case, we are chopping a digit off the end.  If we were talking in hundreds,  I could understand the argument.  In many parts of Farangland, the cost of living is extortionate.  But, some farangs only seem to complain about the prices in Thailand.  I can never understand that, can you?  It’s as though Thailand owes them a living.  Personally, I think every expat resident should go to Farangland and have a reality check.  Dear old Farangland – the incessant extortion, political correctness on steroids, the sheer depression, the rat race, the disillusionment of a fake dream, etc.  And, these are just some of the good points!  (That last comment was a joke folks!).  If these farangs have any sense, they will be begging to come back to Thailand.  

Some bars offer cheap drinks and yet, they remain as dead as an extinct thing.  Have you noticed this?  The reason is not the price of the drinks, but the fact that the bar itself has nothing to offer.  The important thing isn’t the price, but whether it is good value for money or not.  As my mate Union Hill said, “Why sit in a bar with a cheap beer if it is a complete dive.” 

My biggest complaint about the Cheap Charlie Clan is that they expect champagne at house wine prices.  Not surprisingly, bar bosses will not do this and why should they.  I have heard that some resident farangs think that the bars should do something “special” for them.  I believe that every customer is special, until that is, they prove otherwise.

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I can tell you from personal experience that some farangs get irate about price increases.  And yet, they forget how expensive their country is and how mind numbingly boring it is too.  A good friend of mine said, “You should not feel that you have to appease these people Dave.”  (The word “people” replaced a much less polite word).  He went on to say, “They must have a personality disorder or something.”  He then added, “OK, enough about the Cheap Charlies, it is making me depressed just thinking about them.”  At that point, we both saw the funny side and burst out laughing.  Party on people!


bigmango1 - Thailand Night FeverThe Big Mango Bar in Soi Nana will host its Grand Opening Party this Friday, July 4th.  The Big Mango very generously offers Happy Hour prices ALL NIGHT LONG.  There will be FREE food from 6:00pm and FREE sporadic shots throughout the night.  The Cheap Charlies will be frothing at the mouth like rabid creatures!

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24 Responses to “Thailand Night Fever”

  1. Dan Waldron says:

    Would you be interested in exchanging blogrolls links with my site? Please email me if you are interested

  2. RAge says:

    Surprised you didn’t tell the CC’s to stay at home and enjoy their Beer Chang at 20 baht a bottle!

    Bit confused though, in the past you have told people to treat the go-go bars as entertainment now it’s a case of:

    “Visit Thailand, where your dreams can come true.”

    Dreams of Oriental girls are largely complete illusion where b-gals are concerned so in what way are these dreams connected to the price of beer in the go-go bars?

    Completely lost me there.

    End of the tax year I will be happily returning to the UK having already cashed in various Uk investments and looking forward to buying a rather nice house in the English countryside (having spent the last 20 years lounging around in Bangkok in CC mode whilst keeping my investments going in the UK and having the best of both worlds). Of course, if any of the gals I had long term relationships with ever realised how much dosh I had back home whilst living on 30k a month here I WOULD BE DEAD!)

    I do agree that the days of such CC’s are all but over in Bangkok (can be done if you move to ever increasingly obscure corners of the realm but not really my cup of tea at 52 years of age). I do have the option of taking the current lady home with me (rather a stunner BTW) but probably won’t bother as I am moving back to my first career as a design engineer and feel I have had more than enough wild sex with beautiful women for one life! It gets a bit boring after a while (20 years)!

    The neon I will not miss one bit as I know well what lurks under the surface of such places, discos have never been my scene and my large collection of Blues music will keep me entertained back in Blighty. I am now down to one small can of Chang a day and have nearly got my waist measurement back to where it was when I was, er, eighteen! So even the liver damage from the neon is salvageable.

    But yes, I have to admit those first few visits and girls were completely mind blowing and I would not have missed that exhilaration and buzz… albeit based mostly on innocence and ignorance. Knowing too much in Thailand soon ruins things and messes up the mind completely – and one reason that CC’s are ignored by the gals is that they simply know the score and there is limited potential (in money terms) from them, no quick ride to a new house, car, etc for the b-gal and her local husband.

  3. calvin says:

    Dave – you hit it right on the head with this one. First, don’t ever come back to Farangland – you will very disappointed in the women (but you know that). Second, the price of an airline ticket has climbed quite a bit. A couple of years ago I had a round trip ticket to Thailand for abou $950. Now, the same ticket runs at least $1600. It’s not that I can’t afford it and not that I won’t come to Thailand regardless, but for a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet, it sure makes a difference. Add to the fact that many of these guys hit the gogos and beer bars, pay the barfine, hotel rooms, taxi rides, food, lady drinks, and the trip soon becomes unaffordable.

    And last, you are certainly correct regarding bars with cheap beer but nothing to offer. Show me fun and good times and something different, I will gladly pay a bit more for the drinks / food / company.

  4. Hi Dan, I will have to look at your website stats. This website achieves 300,000-500,000 hits per month. What can you offer my website?

    Hi Rage, RE: RETURNING TO BLIGHTY – you will certainly need good luck my friend. Last time I landed in London, we were surrounded by Indians with a severe “BO” (body odour problem). I had to move my Thai wife away because she felt sick from their stench. They stunk like a skunk! There were foreigners everywhere, this was our welcome to London. Have a serious think what you are saying here… In England there are no go-go bars, few sexy women, but plenty of misery and extortionate prices. I have to say that you are very bold considering what you are leaving behind. England is zero fun compared to Thailand. After a while in Blighty that should be a good reality check. How can Blighty compare to Thailand?

  5. Chuck says:

    Dave, Dave, Dave.
    The price of a beer is not the issue. Don’t blame the demise of the GoGo business on that .
    The girls attitude is THE problem.
    My friends and I have no money problems. The girls chased us away.
    I’m still getting loads of pussy, but not from the Nana area.

  6. Hi Chuck, I was specifically talking about “Cheap Charles” in this week’s Thailand Night Fever. They are very real and this is a farang attitude problem. Regarding the go-go girls’ attitudes, I know plenty of guys who are having a great time in Bangkok’s go-go bars. The most popular go-go bars in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy remain very busy. I think you raise a good point about bargirls attitudes, but that was not the topic of discussion. As long as we are all having a great time that is the main thing.

  7. David Ramsey says:

    You’re a great company man, Dave. I bet there is little you would not do for your boss. You manage the most expensive bar in Nana Plaza and the bar with undoubtedly the most stuck up girls and come up with phrases like “generosity retentive guys”. This is a total insult and it makes me wonder if the attitude in the bar starts with girls OR the management. Why don’t you just put a sign up outside saying “This is the most expensive bar in Nana so if you don’t want to throw your money away don’t come in here!”

    You’ve lost it, Dave. Your attitude mirrors the girls.

    Oh, and don’t think I am a pauper with no money. I can assure you my salary is a few TIMES yours. I simply refuse to spend my money and be abused.

  8. Whether I have to pay 120 B or 150 B for a beer doesn’t make much difference to me. I don’t mind paying 300 B or more for a drink if I get value for my money. But if I go to a bar and the girls are absolutely not service minded and treat the customers like a walking ATM, then I am leaving. Most of the girls have only contempt for stupid Farangs and you can see it in their behavior.
    Angelwitch Bar has a better show but that’s it. The girls have the same background as all the others. They want fast money and don’t want to work for it. The prices for drinks, barfines and ST/LT have increased dramatically over the last 15 years. Much more than the inflation justifies. The attitude of the girls has nose dived. Or when did you hear the last time that a girl who has spent the last night at your apartment has ironed your shirts in the morning? Now they only hold the hand out.

  9. Hi Philip, I think you have made some good points here. However, regarding Angelwitch Go-Go Bar, it remains very busy on a nightly basis with guys having a great time. If Angelwitch was empty every night (like some go-go bars are) you would have a good case against Angelwitch. With so many guys partying night-after-night with the girls in Angelwitch, it means I can confidently rest my case. Regarding bargirls attitudes, the equation boils down to supply and demand. Too many guys have spoiled them rotten. That is the fault of naive customers and not the bargirls. If a bargirl does not want to go with a guy, she will either raise the stakes, or refuse. Remarkably, many bargirls still make it a sellers market in the popular go-go bars.

  10. David Ramsey, you may well have more money than me, but you don’t seem at all happy. Why the constant rants? Thailand’s nightlife scene is the ideal place for party guys.

    Hi Calvin, I agree with your comments 100% and feel that some people are missing the point here. They tend to complain about the little things, but are ignorant to the big picture. As my mate Union Hill said, “The difference between 20 odd baht means we are talking about loose change.” I would be much more concerned about a weak US dollar, soaring inflation, extortionate airfares and generally feeling ripped off in the Western world.

  11. George Lee says:

    Hi Dave, basically, then, Angelwitch is a success story and you will all keep on increasing the prices until you find some seats getting empty at the peaks times. This is good business sense but don’t try to justify it by saying that farang should come on over to live out their dreams. In the good old days, twenty years ago, some managers went out of their way to make sure the gals did not have local boyfriends living off them, at least in the smaller bars. These days, if you did that you would be lucky to have than a couple of staff. This is the core of the attitude problem from the gals not the excess of farang after their favours and a much bigger rip-off than any increase in beer prices – guys are having their hearts ripped right out of their bodies as well as being financially ruined.

  12. trapperjohn says:

    The higher airfares will curtail the backpackers and budget tourists the most not the sex tourists, you will see more Russian’s in Pattaya until they run everyone out,Nana will eventually become all Lady-boy bars,only soi cowboy will be for the english,americans,aussie’s and european’s sex tourists.Patpong for the japanese tourists.Unfortunaly,dave the rave,stickman,and alot of other ex-pats will have to go home and get a real job so they will be able to qualify for social security benefits an pensions in there old age because I don’t think the Thai government is going to take care of them after they turn 65 years old.

  13. INTERNET ETIQUETTE – If you use foul language and/or personal attacks in your comments/emails they will be deleted. I do not use foul language, so I expect this common courtesy from all of us. Originating from Farangland, we are supposed to be educated and civil people. This website is no place for virtual handbag fights. I will keep saying it until it sinks in!

  14. George Lee says:

    Trapper, you seem to assume that Stick etc are surviving on school teachers salaries circa 30k – you will find that they are making serious money and due to the low cost of living in Bkk can save an awful lot of it (if they are able to hide it from their wives!) and given the dire state of the pensions in say the UK (and the rapidly ageing population) they may well be better off here! And unfortunately the b-gals have absolutely no loyally to the roots of the go-go scene (Americans first, then Europeans, Aussies) and will happily indulge whoever turns up with a decent wedge (and of course telling Western customers that they hate Indians/Africans and vice versa). Given that the Japanese bars off Silom only let Japanese customers in the premises there is presumably nothing to stop bar owners in Nana or Cowboy only allowing certain nationalities into their bars – other than the potential loss of revenue. Now if you really wanted to pack a bar out with Westerners that policy combined with banning gals with local boyfriends from working in the bar would work wonders for some of the smaller bars once word got out.

  15. Chuck says:

    The Anglewitch puts on a good show and should charge higher prices. No problem.
    I would never think of pulling a girl in there though. The chance of a lame screw, overcharging and bad feelings at the end of the session is not my idea of a good time.

    The demise of the nitelife in Nana is due to the rotten attitude of the Thais in the area.
    How can I scam this Farang is the prevailing attitude.

  16. David Ramsey says:

    Hi Chuck! Pulling a girl in a gogo bar? Wow, you’re able to do do that? Most of us have to put some money on the table. If you could let us know how you pull a girl I would be very grateful. You’d save me a lot of money!

  17. Jonny says:


    Maybe the reason you see the dive in the attitude of the girls over 15 years is due to your increasing age. As you get older, the young girls see you as more of a walking wallet, than a cool guy.

  18. Well guys, I’m a bit surprised that this turned out to be such an epic thread. Yes, it was a direct attack upon the “Cheap Charlies.” However, if you are a decent guy who does not prey upon the bargirls, then that’s fine with me. I am aiming at the unsprupulous Scrooges who want something for nothing. I know that some bargirls have acquired bad attitudes, but so have some farangs. Basically, if you are not of the cheapscate variety, then you have nothing to be concerned about. Party on!

  19. G Man says:

    With regaurd to CC’s I would just comment, if you don’t put some money into the job do’t expect to get anything out of the job, if this is new to some of you then it’s time to smell the coffee and WAKE UP.
    I’ve been to Thailand several times and I see the go go scene as, it is what you make it, don’t expect to handed a gold plated bargirl magnet when you walk through the door, my advice is splash some cash around and enjoy, good things never last.

  20. George Lee says:

    G-Man, it just occurred to me that it would be interesting to know how much of the 150 baht for a beer goes to those lovely men in brown – who expend so much time and energy ensuring that places like Nana and Sukhumvit are a crime free paradise on earth. I know already that most of the money that goes to the girls goes to their thai boyfriends/husbands (one good reason NOT to pay more than 500 baht ST or 1000 baht LT) and it would be interesting to have a breakdown on costs with relation to a bottle of beer that costs seven times what you would pay for it in the supermarket. As someone else says, the cost of the beer would be tolerable if the gals were for real, rather than playing silly mind games.

  21. chris says:

    All you guys seem to concerned with the girls attitudes, when really most of you need to listen to yourself step back and get real. Thailand is a holiday destination, it’s not your country. You don’t like it? Simple don’t go there. I see too many sad sacks going there, all bitter and grumpy. Do us all a favour and stay home, count your money and tell your dog what kind of man you are.

  22. SlickMonkey says:

    Im not as concerned with the discussion of this thread but instead about the picture of the absolutely beautiful specimen in the green shirt at the cover of this thread. This is what makes Thailand the place to be and where we start thinking with our other brain when it comes to the baht! Wish I could find out where she works so I can come spend some baht with her!

  23. G Man says:

    George, issues noted, however, you would seem to know how the magic works, so I would respectfully suggest you enjoy the show.

  24. Chris says:

    ketkonen, well and you’re taking these women to your hotel. What does that say about you?!?

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