Thai King Endorses New PM Abhisit

wats up 036 - Thai King Endorses New PM Abhisit


BANGKOK – His Majesty King Bhumibol recently gave his endorcement for Thai Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjavija to become Thailand’s prime minister. Report by BBC NEWS 

Khun Abhisit is English-born and Oxford University educated. There is a profile of the new Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjavija on this link by BBC NEWS

It is widely thought that new Thai PM Khun Abhisit will need every ounce of his Oxford University education to face Thailand’s political turmoil and economic problems. We wish Khun Abhisit good luck, because Thailand desperately needs a competent leader. According to the media, there is a daunting task facing the newly appointed Thai PM. It is explained in this news report by BBC NEWS

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