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 Yep, you guessed it guys, yet more elections in Bangkok! This time the Thais are voting for the new Bangkok Governor. Therefore, some bars in Bangkok will be closed tonight, while others will be open. This ‘open and shut case’ is rather confusing, but Nana Plaza is OPEN tonight. The go-go bars and pubs in Patpong usually OPEN and the booze is freely flowing. Club Electric Blue in Patpong is usually a safe bet for a booze cruise. Furthermore, I have heard that 3 bar bosses in Soi Cowboy said they are CLOSED tonight. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Silom and the Bull’s Head Pub are also closed tonight. For those bars, pubs and go-go bars that are open, they are supposed to enforce a strict “NO ALCOHOL” policy. I just wanted to update you on the current situation.  

*Please note that only Bangkok is affected, not Pattaya. Also, be aware that the situation can change at last minute*

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