A Visit To Soi 8 Pub In Bangkok


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 This week I decided to go to Soi 8 Pub. I had not been there in several weeks, so I was overdue for a visit. After having a chat with the owner Dave, I decided to study the menu. I suffered a bit of an ‘analysis paralysis’ because there is so much of a selection. I settled for the English breakfast. WOW! It was a very large plate of food and all for just 185 baht. Some places in Bangkok charge 200-300 baht. Plus you have to pay for VAT and service charge on top.

Briefly observe Dave The Rave’s expanding waistline and you will see that I have had a lot of ‘pub grub’ in my day. Therefore, I feel I have experience in this area… 

The old spit ‘n’ sawdust British pubs would sometimes throw in a breakfast for ‘Billy Bunters’ (punters), who stayed overnight at that particular tavern, or inn. By using the English colloquilism ‘throw in’ it became a literal translation. The buxom barmaid would sling your plate of incinerated fatty food right at you. Nowadays modern pubs are a lot more sophisticated and thank goodness they are!

I have to admit that I am an ardent fan of Soi 8 Pub in Bangkok. Located close to the entrance to Sukhumvit Soi 8, it is conveniently located for respectable folks, as well as piss artists alike! Recently, Soi 8 Pub has expanded the seating area to the left as you walk in the door. While some bar owners in Bangkok are cutting back, Kiwi Dave is expanding his horizons. On Christmas Day, Soi 8 Pub remained full all day. How many bars and restaurants can you say that about?

The service girls wear a smart uniform and they are always friendly and helpful. All in all, it was a terrific tasting, authentic English breakfast. This is a BIG breakfast, so make sure that you are famished. The service was as efficient as ever. I can confidently say that the ‘pub grub’ here is excellent value for money. Soi 8 Pub gets two thumbs up from Dave The Rave… Don’t be shy give it a try!

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