Thai Water Wars Warning

Songkran is supposed to be Thai New Year ‘celebrations’ but in reality it is utter chaos. Unless you big boys and girls are into the Thai water wars, you need to be aware that Songkran kicks off soon. From midnight on April 12th until at least April 15th, Thai New Year celebrations will be crazy. Down in  Pattaya, the crazy water wars last at least a week. Despite the Thai authorities efforts to calm Songkran down, it is total madness and mayhem! Thais continue to get drunk and disorderly, leaving hundreds maimed or killed on Thailand’s treacherous roads. Tempers rise and fist fights break out. Motorcycle gangs race through narrow streets, drunk drivers threaten your life, and Thais rub powder laced with chemicals into your faces. The streets literally become a water warfare war-zone, whereby nobody is safe from a soaking. The water is more often than not infected with all kinds of things. It’s certainly not fun to us ‘grown up’ farangs who have suffered over a decade of the water wars. You are wise to heed the warning and below is video evidence of how crazy Thai New Year really is. Pattaya is a prime example…

This video is Songkran outside Nana Plaza in Bangkok…

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