A Thai Bar Girl’s Diet Is Fried Insects

“Westerners eat with their eyes, Thais eat with their hearts.”

 I don’t class myself as squeamish at all, but the sight of fried insects being devoured by Thai bar girls is rather off-putting. Have you seen those creepy creatures? Today, I dedicate ‘Photo Of The Day’ to a close-up of a grasshopper. It looks crispy and shiny, but has obviously seen better days. I spotted a Thai bar girl sitting outside a go-go bar in Nana Plaza, she was chomping away at something. The young, petite go-go dancer was munching and crunching away on a plastic bag full of grasshoppers. I cannot possibly imagine a deep, long kiss with her at that moment. Can you envisage that?

grasshopper 01 - A Thai Bar Girl's Diet Is Fried Insects


I was pleased with this image taken with my Canon 450D SLR camera. I was experimenting with ‘depth of field’ and I got the result that I wanted. I’m satisfied with the clarity and detail of the grasshopper.

I would photograph an insect, but eat one, no way!

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