Get Your Kicks In Club 66

club 661 - Get Your Kicks In Club 66The special party night in Club 66 in Patpong on Thursday night, went so well that the enthusiastic owners want to do it all over again. Tonight (Friday, May 15) and tomorrow night (Saturday, May 16) will be special party nights. Entrance is FREE and a Heineken Beer costs just 100 baht per bottle. In addition, it will cost you 150 baht to buy any Thai girl a drink, but there will be plenty of HOT Thai girls to give you good reason to party until the wee hours. The majority of the Thai girls have an arrangement with Club 66, whereby they are effectively ‘freelance’ operators. Each Thai woman will receive a 50 baht commission per drink, which is why there will be 60-100 sexy and available Thai girls in attendance. Note that there is no cash required if you fancy a Thai takeaway!

club 66 - Get Your Kicks In Club 66


 A refreshing mixture of Thai bar girls, freelancers, university students and office girls, will be waiting to be entertained from 9:00pm onwards. You can expect to be partying until 4:00-5:00am. Don’t be shy give it a try!

LOCATION – Club 66 is located on Patpong 1

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