Bars & Clubs Closed July 7th & 8th

buddhists offering nana plaza 00013 - Bars & Clubs Closed July 7th & 8th


Nana Plaza in Bangkok tried to open on Tuesday, July 7th, but was promptly closed before 7:00pm.  Some bar owners were prepared to take a gamble on being allowed to open over the two Buddha Days.  Ironically, the boys in brown who gave the green light the night previously, then suddenly changed it to a red light.  What a shambles! 

PATTAYA GO-GO BARS – Down in Pleasure Playground it’s a mixed bunch.  Some bar owners are saying they will close, whilst other bar owners are saying they will try to open, but not serve alcohol.  It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

UPDATE – Note that certain pubs across Thailand are open and serving alcohol.  Also, alcohol is available in hotels and restaurants.  That’s the latest from the bizarre world of Thailand.

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