Thailand Tonight – August 23rd, 2009

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Royal City Avenue or ‘RCA’ is a popular little strip for Thais and foreigners alike to party the night away.  If you agree to buy a bottle of whisky, you will receive free entrance to the clubs.  If you don’t manage to finish the bottle that night, most clubs will reserve your bottle for another time.  If you are not into doing the hip-hop bop, some clubs provide live music as an alternative.  Live bands perform both Thai and Western songs.

No matter how old you are, it is advisable to take proper ID with you.  Thai girls will need to show their Thai ID card and foreigners also need to show original ID.  Incidentally, a Thai driver’s licence is classed as an acceptable form of identification.

On Friday night, Route 66 (one of the most popular clubs in RCA), was packed with Thais and young farangs.  Route 66 was still pumping after 3:00am, with no ‘MIB’ or ‘Men In Brown’ anywhere in sight.  This is how it should be in Bangkok.  Adults should be allowed to party and enjoy themselves, and not be sent home early like naughty kids!  Thankfully, the closing times for a selection of nightclubs in Bangkok have reverted back to the later hours.  If you feel like a change of club scene, then RCA might just be the answer.  If you invite one, or more Thai girls along, it won’t do your popularity any harm.  Don’t be shy give it a try!

GETTING TO RCA — MRT Rama 9 Petchburi, or BTS Thonglor and then a short taxi ride.


Some people do get carried away and exaggerate by saying, “Cowboy is packed”.  The truth is the whole of Soi Cowboy is definitely not packed, but several go-go bars are very busy.  Whenever we choose to report about Thailand nightlife, we must be more specific.  Tilac Go-Go Bar remains without any doubt the most popular go-go bar in Bangkok.  I dare say Tilac is currently the most popular go-go bar in Thailand.  However, almost all of the other go-go bars in Soi Cowboy have considerably less customers.  In fact, some bars in Cowboy remain very quiet.  For example, peek inside Jungle Jim’s, Cactus Bar, Fanny’s Bar, Joy Gnern Bar, Toy Bar, Tony’s Bar, or Dundee Bar.  Here are seven bars off the top of my head that do a very modest trade compared to the most popular bars in Cowboy.  Based on recent observations, the most popular go-go bars in Soi Cowboy are Tilac, Shark and Baccara.  Also, I think Shebas deserves a mention, because it does get busy at Showtime.

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For the past few years, Soi Cowboy has claimed the crown of king of Bangkok’s naughty nightlife.  Judging by the number of customers, this is both true and justified.  Soi Cowboy is the most popular adult entertainment area and it has pushed Nana Plaza into second place.  This leaves Patpong trailing a long way behind both Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.  The significant difference is that the majority of resident expats prefer to visit Soi Cowboy.  This gives Soi Cowboy the advantage of keeping a constant flow of customers all year round. Years ago, Long Gun and Raw Hide were the only go-go bars that were ‘showing’ and therefore, they had a tremendous advantage.  Do you remember those days?  Nowadays, with a level playing field, Long Gun and Raw Hide are not the force they once were.  But, both of these go-go show bars continue to do a reasonable trade.  Some of us didn’t think we would ever see it in our lifetime, but both Long Gun and Raw Hide have been renovated.  Even considering any kind of renovation is not a bad thing, sitting in the infamous church pews is not for those of basketball player proportions.  However, with Dave The Rave being somewhat vertically challenged, there’s no problem for him!


Bar trade is picking up in Nana Plaza, as foreign arrivals start to rise.  Nowadays, Nana tends to thrive more on tourists and other infrequent visitors.  Throughout this month, it is evident that the popular bars in Nana Plaza are getting busier.  I say ‘popular bars’ because some bars are quiet all year round, no matter how many people enter the neon jungle.  To be blunt, if a certain go-go bar sucks, it sucks!  Tourists might be naïve to the go-go bar scene as a whole, but they are (usually) not stupid.

There are some noticeable changes in Nana Plaza that I discovered during my observations.  As you walk into Nana Plaza, if you look right, it could be called ‘Little Tokyo’ or ‘Katoys R Us’ or perhaps both.  The main ‘Jap Traps’ namely, Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2 and Rainbow 4 are all located on the right-hand side.  Also, there are four of the five katoey, or lady boy go-go bars located on the right-hand side.  For your reference, these are Obsession, Temptations, Cascade and Carnival. Yes, you guessed it; even Carnival has become a cocks in frocks bar!  If you look left as you enter Nana Plaza, you might refer to it as ‘Shows R Us’ with the three main show bars all located on the left-hand side.  As a reminder for those of you who have lost your bearings, these are Hollywood Carousel, Angelwitch and Spankys.  I think it is unusual that all the specific types of bars are located on either side.  Have you ever noticed that?

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Do you guys know how many times the pop song “Suicidal” has been played all over Thailand?  At one point, “Suicidal” could be heard everywhere.  Frankly, this song has been played to death!  The monotonous regularity is probably enough to make some people contemplate suicide.   Mind you, I think “Suicidal” is a very apt song for Pattaya.  The total amount of suicides in Pattaya by foreigners is very disturbing.  What is even more disturbing is the fact that some so-called suicides are extremely questionable.  High-rise apartment buildings seem to attract farang skydivers… the only difference being that they are minus the parachutes!


No matter how much we like Thai girls, we should always remember that we are often dealing with complete strangers.  Also, remember they are strangers in a foreign land.  I don’t wish to sound condescending, but some of us forget this.  Below is a true Thai tale.  Prepare to enter the testoster-zone…

Perhaps he thought he knew her…  Perhaps he had hit the booze too hard…  Perhaps he just lowered his guard.  Who knows?  But, it did happen…  Following a passionate night with a professional pleasure provider, a farang guy woke up one morning to find his cash and his mobile phone stolen.  He had slept with a Thai lady of the night.  However, this particular lady of the night was ‘considerate’ enough to leave both his wallet and his sim card next to the bed.  Now that is what I call honour among thieves!


My weekly Thailand nightlife column will be published by 6:00pm Bangkok time on Wednesdays and Sundays.  Also, there will be additional posts from time to time.  These will be in the form of urgent updates, when I feel they are necessary.  As always, thanks for your loyalty and support.  Cheers!

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“This go-go bar biz is a numbers game.  All of the go-go girls have numbers and they are all on the game!”  (Dave The Rave 2009)


Until recently, the weather was mostly hot and dry, with the occasional downpour of heavy rain.  Even in August, it is mainly hot with sunny spells in the day and high humidity at night.  The weather in Thailand this year so far is a rather confused climate.  The hot season was for the best part cool and wet, and the rainy season has been hot and dry.  As us Brits say, “The weather’s arse about face.”

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

Reporting live from the neon jungles of Thailand…

Dave The Rave — Go-Go Guru.

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