Thailand Tonight – Sep 23rd, 2009


Recently, there is a noticeable increase in visitors to Nana Plaza and this past weekend saw some go-go bars packed to capacity with customers.  One reason is due to a five-day national holiday in Japan.  The three main Rainbow Bars, or ‘Jap Traps’ in Nana Plaza namely; Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2 and Rainbow 4 were brimming with Japanese customers.  I know I have a laugh at their expense, but the Japanese are usually no trouble at all as paying punters.  They never seem to complain, never get aggressive and rarely cause trouble.  In terms of behaviour and generosity, the Japanese are ideal customers for the go-go bars and not surprisingly, very popular with Thai bar girls. 

Another reason why the Japanese are so popular with Thai bar girls is because of the Fours Factor!

THAIMINOLOGY – The ‘Fours Factor’ is my original ‘Thaiminology’ regarding Japanese clients of Thai bar girls. The Penis, Performance and Payment consist of – Four inches, Four minutes, Four grand!

Currently, the Japanese yen is very strong compared to the American dollar.  This not only means that the Japanese yen goes further than the US dollar, but when you compare the cost of living in Tokyo to Thailand, it is cheap for even your average Jap chap.  In the world of pay-for-play this gives a Jap chap much more ‘bang for his baht’ so to speak.

jan angelwitch 2009 small - Thailand Tonight - Sep 23rd, 2009Angelwitch Go-Go Bar has decided to spice it up and the sexy new go-go outfits are causing a stir, especially in the nether regions!  They consist of see-through skirts and tops that leave little to the imagination.  The lacy lingerie style is perhaps reminiscent of Moulin Rouge, with that French touch of garter bands, fishnet stockings and other lacy lingerie.  Traditional Angelwitch black is worn on Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays.  For the alternate nights, red is the chosen colour.  I think the new outfits are much more appealing than the gothic, sadomasochistic style that was worn previously.  The go-go girls say the new lingerie style is more comfortable, the girls feel sexy, and the new lingerie certainly compliments the dancer’s figures.  Check it out!

For a few months now, a rumour is circulating about the ground floor bars in Nana Plaza being demolished.  The reason is to clear a route for fire safety services, but with Nana being Nana, nothing definite is decided.  The Crown Group probably think it is only fair that they receive compensation for the loss of their bars on the ground level.  However, compensation is not a word that is familiar in Thailand’s nightlife industry.  Meanwhile, the demolition debate continues…


OK, here is a question…  Which Crown Group Bars in Nana Plaza take the most money?  Well guys, I think the results might surprise you.  You might not have guessed that Lollipop Bar takes the most money, with Obsession and Cascade taking the secondary honours.  The larger Crown Group Bars including Voodoo, Carnival and former flagship G-Spot, are far from being anywhere even remotely close to the Crown Group’s busiest bars.  The other surprise is that Lollipop is run by outrageous, raving queens and both Obsession and Cascade are entirely ‘katoey’ or lady boy bars.  In this case the Crown Jewels belong to the queens!


It is reported that the string of go-go bars owned by the Iranian, referred to by rival bar owners as ‘Cyrus the Virus’, are losing go-go dancers to the opposition.  Just how many girls are leaving I cannot say, but they are openly telling people that enough is enough.  The go-go bars in question are Spice Girls, Déjà vu, Midnite, Our Place and Kiss.  The go-go dancers that are leaving the Iranian’s bars are saying that they are under pressure to achieve a large amount of bar fines and lady drinks.  Inevitably, they end up with little or no salary, relating to fewer customers willing to pay, what are unquestionably the highest prices in Bangkok.  The result is predictable and the estranged go-go dancers have moved to go-go bars like Tilac, which is one example.

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The Bull’s Head Pub is a traditional British pub located on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1 (opposite Emporium Shopping Centre).  Ran by the friendly English manager Billy, they endeavour to provide a home from home pub atmosphere.  This Friday, September 25th, it is the ‘Last Friday Of The Month Disco’ or as I refer to it ‘Friday Night Fever’.  Resident DJ Paul Jackson will ensure that you dance the night away.  Will Billy hit the dance floor doing an impression of John Travolta?

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Rain continues to fall in Bangkok, but not on a daily basis.  However, when it does decide to rain, it is often very sudden and very heavy.  There was a heavy downpour early Tuesday evening that lasted long enough to dampen our spirits, as well as our clothes.  During the past couple of weekends, Bangkok managed to escape the monsoon rains, which was a relief.  With the climate being kinder these past couple of weekends, the bars, pubs and clubs, were able to do a brisk trade.  The foreigners arriving in Bangkok are a mixed bunch, but the number of foreign visiting Bangkok’s bars is rising.  In the bar biz, we are pleasantly surprised to see an increase in foreigners to the Thai capital during the rainy season.  You can expect the monsoon rainfall to continue for several weeks yet.  Therefore, make sure you watch what the weather is doing, whilst you keep your umbrella close at hand.

Reporting live from the neon jungles of Thailand…

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

Dave The Rave – Go-Go Guru.

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