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There are early indications that the forthcoming high season in Nana Plaza is likely to be better than expected.  Well, this at least applies to the most popular go-go bars.  Some go-go bars in Nana Plaza are very busy for the beginning of October.  For instance, last Friday night was one of the busiest nights in Angelwitch for the entire year.  The show ‘n’ go-go bars are continuing to do a brisk trade at weekends.  The main show bars in Nana Plaza are, Angelwitch, Spankys and Hollywood Carousel.

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I popped into Mandarin Go-Go Bar for a beer this week and it was brimming with hot dolly birds.  The go-go girls in student uniforms were strutting their sexy stuff, which is an outright attack upon the senses.  Mandarin has a collection of pretty girls, with firm figures, who really look like they are enjoying themselves.  However, I still believe that Mandarin Go-Go Bar is one of the most underrated go-go bars in Bangkok.  Mandarin hardly does any trade at all in the first part of the evening.  Happy Hours do not always work, but in this case, I don’t think Mandarin should have stopped the Happy Hour.  Incidentally, I mentioned this point to one of the owners of Mandarin and he will discuss it with the other owners.

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Where I feel Nana Plaza loses out, is during the first half of the evening.  With very few bars offering a Happy Hour, it is difficult to draw an early crowd.  There are a number of go-go bars in Nana Plaza, that offer little more than bikini clad go-go girls doing the Skytrain shuffle!  Therefore, with little in the form of entertainment, these go-go bars should offer an incentive to attract customers.  You enter the neon jungle and a bar girl on the door spouts out, ‘Hello Papa, bar fine 600 baht!’ No wonder we are uninspired!  Some Thai girls use the same lines repeatedly, and I know they are trying to engage you, but if only they could be more subtle.

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RAINBOW ROUNDUP – Doing my recent rounds of the Rainbow Bars, I would say that Rainbow 1 has the most attractive collection of go-go dancers.  Rainbow 2 seems to be an outright Jap Trap, but Rainbow 4 draws a mixture of foreign visitors.  Rainbow 3 is tiny and quiet compared to the other Rainbow Bars, but some cuties have recently started dancing in Rainbow 3.  The Rainbow Bars pay a bonus of 200 baht per bar fine to the go-go girls who return to dance.  This clever business strategy keeps the dance stages full of go-go girls.  You could call it a systematic human conveyer belt.  The way the Rainbow Bars conduct business is very effective, but at the same time, it can result in frustration for customers.  You now know why a Rainbow go-go girl wants to leave like a thief in the night, after a short time stint.

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SUPER SAVER – Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill has a drinks deal on Corona Beer – buy 2 and get 1 free.  (Corona Beer costs 149 baht per bottle).  Sunrise Tacos is located between Sukhumvit Soi 12 & 14 next to Times Square Building.  In addition, Sunrise Tacos is open 24 hours.  Check it out!

TRAGEDY IN THAILAND – TJ, the co-owner of Coyotees Go-Go Bar in Pattaya, was found dead in his apartment.  It is reported that he died of an overdose.  I knew TJ personally and I would like to express my condolences to TJ’s family and friends.

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