Thailand Tonight – Oct 7th, 2009


Builders have been working around the clock to get the refurbishment finished in Spankys.  A brand new section of sofa seats not only makes it more comfortable, but it has increased the seating capacity.  It is a fact that Spankys is about 100% more popular now than when the Iranian owned it.

Regarding successful go-go bars, you can add all the fancy touches and gimmicks you want, but it is useless without sexy Thai girls.  Nana Plaza has a selection of sexy go-go girls in a variety of go-go bars.  Here is a suggested top ten go-go bars for HOT Thai babes – Rainbow 1, Rainbow 2, Rainbow 4, Angelwitch, Mandarin, Mercury, Erotica, Spankys, Hollywood Carousel and Pretty Lady.  I am fully aware that tastes vary enormously, but this is meant as a general guide.  Happy babe hunting!

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KATOYS R US – For those of you who are not aware, I want to bring to your attention that there are now five lady boy bars in Nana Plaza.  Whether you wish to visit, or avoid these particular go-go bars, this of course depends upon your personal preferences.  The katoey bars are as follows – Carnival, Casanova, Cascade, Obsession and Temptations.  The joker in the pack is Carnival, which has fairly recently switched to a ‘Katoys R Us’ format.  I know that some of you guys used to like to ride the bull in Carnival.  Well, if you decide to bar fine from Carnival, you will still be riding a bull.  So guys, you had better look before you leap!

BEER BUFFET – Cathouse Bar are introducing a ‘beer buffet’ from this coming Monday, October 12th.  You are welcome to drink as many Chang Draught Beers as you can for just 250 baht. This super saver runs every night from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.  In addition, Cathouse offer all bottled beers for only 69 baht, all night every night.  Cheers for the cheap beers!

LOCATION – Cathouse Bar is located directly above Big Dogs Bar on the middle level of Nana Plaza.

CLOSING TIMES – Remain consistent with Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong staying open until at least 2:00am on a nightly basis.

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Nowadays Patpong is Bangkok’s ultimate tourist trap, but surprisingly the night market still attracts crowds of foreigners.  You will find a variety of goods including tacky trinkets, fake Rolex watches, pirated CD’s and DVD’s, plus a whole range of designer copies.  Furthermore, because Patpong is such a notorious tourist trap, the prices are obviously inflated.  Also, with aggressive Thai touts trying to lure you into uninspiring go-go bars, Patpong just doesn’t appeal to the vast majority of savvy Westerners.  The glory days in Silom are a thing of the past and today, all the action is located on lower Sukhumvit Road.

My friend Scott walked into Thigh Bar in Patpong the other night.  Just as he entered he was taken by surprise, because all the bar girls started clapping and cheering.  It was approaching 11:00pm and Scott discovered that he was the only customer.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Patpong is barely even a shadow of its former self – I rest my case.  Down in Patpong 2 or ‘Soi Katoey’ as it is informally known, it was reasonably busy.  Scott also informed me that there are katoeys or lady boys in King’s Corner.  Does this mean that the Kings are turning into raving Queens?

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BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY – Here is a word of warning about the Patpong mafia from one of my previous columns…

‘If you really must go to Patpong, it is most advisable to remain on the ground level. There are a number of dangerous go-go bars operated by violent thugs, which still exist today. The second level go-go bars continue to try to lure unsuspecting victims inside. Their claim is that you watched a sex show and you must pay the bill. The cost is extortionately higher than any bar in Soi Cowboy, or Nana Plaza put together. The answer is simple – don’t be the Patpong thugs next victim!’


Regarding the nightlife scene in Pattaya, it is certainly an open and shut case.  Bars are opening and closing at a frenetic pace.  Even though there are a record number of businesses up for sale, new establishments are constantly emerging.  Pattaya has a total of approximately 80 go-go bars and therefore, this high level of competition keeps the bar bosses on the go-go!  Virtually every week there seems to be a variety of bars and nightclubs that are – opening, closing, remodelling, and reopening.  There is so much happening that if you blink, you might miss something!

Despite the recent heavy rainfall, Pattaya is surviving yet another challenging low season.  Let’s hope that the rainfall will cease at the end of October and the powers that be stop implementing ridiculous regulations.  So far so good, with the closing time issue resolved, the late night revellers can party until the cockcrow.

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DATE MATE – I am your mate with that special date!  Here is one for your little black book.  On Monday, October 19th, there is a 10th Anniversary Party in Diamond Go-Go Bar (Soi Diamond, Walking Street).  Leading up to the big party from now until October 18th, there is a Crazy Hour every night.  Standard drinks are only 10 baht from 9:00pm until 10:00pm.  Only 10 baht, now that’s what I call a Crazy Hour!

THAILAND TONIGHT – My new bi-weekly Thailand nightlife column is published on Wednesdays and Sundays.  As always, thanks for your loyal support.

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