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BANGKOK 21/05/2010 – It is early morning here in Thailand.  All is quiet on the Eastern Front, as Bangkok sleeps.  And on that note I think I’m going to call it a night too.  Thanks for tuning in and see you again soon.  Cheers! 

BANGKOK EMERGENCY UPDATES 20/05/2010 – Regular updates will appear on this page.  The latest breaking news will be posted at the top of the page.  With an extended curfew imposed in Bangkok,  I will be monitoring the situation closely.  Hold tight riders, this is by no means over…


BANGKOK POST BREAKING NEWS – Thai Troops Arrest Red Mob In Khon Kaen

BANGKOK EMERGENCY SITUATION – The ‘State Of Emergency’ gives the Thai security forces more power to act and that is designed for the safety of the general public.  The imposed curfew is strict and people should not wander out onto the streets in Bangkok and the other designated provinces from 9:00pm until 5:00am.  In an extreme case you might be arrested.  For your own safety and to enable the Thai authorities to maintain security, it is advisable to follow the Thai governments regulations.  Go out shopping during the day.  Stock up on food and household supplies in the daytime and stay home at night.  The same as I am doing as I report to you from Bangkok.  (Dave The Rave) 

BANGKOK BREAKING NEWS – Red Protesters Caught Stealing And Carrying Weapons 

BANGKOK BREAKING NEWS – The death toll from Wednesday, May 19th now stands at 14 dead with over 130 injured.  (The Nation)

BANGKOK BREAKING NEWS – Red Leaders Surrender, Call For An End To Rioting


STICKMAN SPECIAL REPORT – The Clean Up Begins As Bangkok Burns

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BREAKING NEWS 4:15 PM – Thai TV Channel 9  was just showing an arsenal of automatic weapons and bombs, which are safely kept by the Thai authorities.  This is damning evidence against the anti-government terrorists and makes CNN reporter Dan Rivers look very stupid indeed.  On the CNN website a survey conducted showed that over 60% of voters think Thailand is heading for a civil war.  There is anger and outrage at CNN reporter Dan Rivers, who is strongly accused of being a red shirt sympathizer.  You would think that a huge media company like CNN would at least have a sense of responsibility, if not accountability. 

BREAKING NEWS 3:45 PM – Bangkok And 23 Other Provinces Under Curfew

BREAKING NEWS 3:30 PM – Guardian Online – Thailand Extends Curfew…

BREAKING NEWS 3:00 PM – The extended curfew now applies to Bangkok and 23 other provinces, which includes Pattaya.  The bars and shops in Pattaya will be closed tonight from 9:00pm, as they were last night.  last night Bangkok was like a ghost town, with just the odd vehicle breaking the sound of silence.  With a tense atmosphere Bangkok has an eerie feel to it when nightfall castes his cloak…

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 BANGKOK BREAKING NEWS 1:30 PM – The Thai government has extended the curfew in Bangkok for three more days until Sunday, May 23rd.  Also, the curfew times have now changed – the imposed curfew commences at 9:00pm until 5:00am.  A Thai government spokesman said that this is in order not to ‘inconvenience’ the general public too much.  I think we have already been ‘inconvenienced’ by death and destruction caused by the red mob!  The Thai government are under pressure to end this violence, some of which is classed as terrorism. 

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