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I have visited Soi Cowboy several times in recent weeks.  Despite the hype from some people, it was not that busy in the majority of go-go bars.  In fact, Marc who is the manager of Dollhouse told me last night, bar trade in Soi Cowboy slowed down a lot these past few weeks.  As I have said before, it is the same everywhere with very few exceptions.  Some people will say, ‘Cowboy is packed’, but they mean the two bars they visited were busy.  Just visiting Tilac and Bacarra is not an overall representation of Soi Cowboy.  I always look at the big picture, I visit as many go-go bars as possible, and at different times.  Many guys are creatures of habit and only visit the same bars time after time.  Hey, they are entitled to go where they want, when they want, but it does not give us an accurate picture.  In addition, a lot of guys are on their own agenda and tend just to pamper their self-indulgence.  Some guys are either on a budget, or they are blatant Cheap Charlies and therefore, only visit during Happy Hour.  Therefore, the reporting is left to me to inform you what is really happening.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.  I immerse myself into the neon jungles of Bangkok…

On this occasion, I decided to visit Soi Cowboy from 22:00 until at least 02:30 hours.  I wanted to see what was happening after the somewhat deceptive Happy Hours had ended.  My theory was correct, the Cheap Charlie Clan was nowhere in sight, because they had all gone home.  Whilst the English teachers and other early risers headed home, I was just starting my evening.  Similar to anywhere really, it is a case of ‘know where to go’.  Good times are not difficult to find in Bangkok, but some guys make it seem like hard work.  For the benefit of those who are not so familiar with the finer points of Soi Cowboy, I will endeavour to go into more detail.

I met Cousin John and Sanook Sean in Raw Hide just after 22:00.  Unlike Sanook Sean, our other companion Cousin John does not live in Thailand.  John has been walking around Bangkok with a permanent smile on his face!  John confirmed my thoughts that in Farangland there is not much to smile about, especially for those seeking pleasure providers in the female form.  By pleasure providers, I mean bubbly babes and not old hags who constantly nag you to death.  Now, I am not saying that all farang females are old hags who nag you to death, but a large number are total control freaks.  As Dean Barrett says about America, ‘The women wear the pants in an Oprah approved society.’  There is no such thing as ‘men’s rights’ in Farangland, have you ever stopped to think about that?  All the gorgeous farang females are snapped up, but in Thailand, there are thousands of pleasure providers.  They are simply oozing with ‘A Factor’, which means they are Adorable, Available, and Affordable.  The ‘A Factor’ is something that you cannot easily say about the farang female fraternity!  One thing that is sometimes underestimated about Thai girls, is the fun factor.  You can literally have a ton of fun with Thai girls. 


I walked into Raw Hide, which is the first go-go bar on the right-hand side, as you enter Soi Cowboy from the Asoke side.  Raw Hide is the lesser-known sister of Long Gun and has always tended to live in the shadow of her ‘pee sow’, or big sister.  The drinks are reasonably priced at 130 baht for standard beers and spirits.  It was 22:15 and there were less than 10 customers.  In Raw Hide, I think a lot of people are put off by the go-go dancers.  Some are older with sagging boobs and flabby figures.  But, the hidden gems in Raw Hide are several of the Showgirls.  In particular, Miss B, Miss D, Miss G and Miss S, are very sexy young Showgirls. 

TOP TIP – The secret with Raw Hide is to seek out the Showgirls. 

The design in Raw Hide leaves a lot to be desired, but I’m not that fussy about the appearance of a go-go bar.  Our next stop was Sahara.  It’s fairly new and I suppose because the bar is stylishly furbished, this will please the fussy fashion followers.  But, eye-catching neon and flashy interior designs are completely useless if the bar is devoid of all life!  A good example is the latest addition Sahara, which has some cute coyote dancers, but next to zero customers.  With so few customers in Sahara, the atmosphere is always very sterile.  Furthermore, you cannot bar fine any of the coyote dancers, and a lady drink is a shocking 200 baht.  Is Sahara deliberately modelled on American cock tease strip joints?  I thought this, when I bought a lady drink for a coyote dancer in Midnite Bar several moons ago.  I swear she was there for 20 seconds, then she walked off.  Who in their right mind wants to pay 200 baht for 20 seconds?  Some of the coyote dancers are real babes, but you can’t bar fine them. 



 For the more extravagant eccentrics, you can try to arrange a date outside of the bar.  However, this will still cost you.  A few of my mates date coyote dancers, but they had to put in considerable time, effort and money.  Bangkok based acclaimed author Dean Barrett eventually managed to date his favourite coyote dancer.  Dean commented, ‘I got to date her, but boy did she race me around the circuit.’  Here is a challenge for the guys who always say, ‘I never pay for it’.  If you think the coyote girl is worth chasing, then happy hunting!  Most guys pay the bar fine for a regular go-go girl and accept their claim to shame.

Last night (29/06/2010), I went into Midnite Bar with Sanook Sean.  It is yet another go-go bar owned by the Iranian Group.  Midnite does have shows, but we were told that there are no shows on Tuesdays.  Hence, that’s another reason why there were only six guys, and soon to be only four!  Two beers cost 310 baht and the service girl even managed to bring me the wrong drink.  I said, ‘TIGER LIGHT’ loud ‘n’ clear, and even raised two tiger claws.  She still sent me the wrong beer.  Unbelievable! 

Whether you love or loathe them, Midnite does have a few katoeys, or lady boys.  This is rarity in Soi Cowboy, which prides itself on being a ‘chicks with dicks free zone’.  Previously, I remember watching a big she-he do a show on stage, and I thought, I just paid 155 baht to watch one of the lads do a show!  To Be Continued…              


The Americans are throwing a party and the 2010 American Independence Day Party is almost here!  This year’s Fourth of July celebration will take place on Saturday, July 3rd  from 12:30 until 20:00 at the Knowledge Inspiration School (KIS) in Huai Kwang, Bangkok.  It is located at Pracha-Utit Road, Kesinee Ville, near the Cambodian Embassy.  There is no parking at the event, but you can use public transport to the FREE shuttle service, which runs all day to and from the Huai Kwang MRT station.  The USA’s Independence Day Celebration is one of the social events of the year in Bangkok for the American expat community.  However, everybody is welcome to enjoy good times, good music, good food and a lively crowd. 

Great Rock-and-Roll, Blues, Dixieland and Pop music from the bands: Soi Dog Blues, Dixieland, Peter Driscoll and the Cruiser, Southern Cross, and a DJ will keep you dancing all day.

American and International style foods will be available from well known Bangkok restaurants like Sunrise Tacos, Roadhouse BBQ, Bourbon Street and Duke’s.   Traditional 4th of July fare will also be available with the American Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).  They will be grilling up American beef burgers with all the trimmings and the American Women’s Club serving lots of hot dogs.  The 2nd Annual Independence Day Chilli Cook-Off always brings out the best amateur chefs.  If you think your 5-alarm chilli is tops, then sign up for the contest and put it to the test.  Are you still hungry?  Then try the Watermelon Eating Contest.   There are games, raffles and prizes for both kids and adults.  The US Marines will be there to raise Old Glory and help us to salute the Red, White and Blue.  The event is always fun and a great place for friends and family of all nationalities to enjoy a traditional American celebration.  Enjoy!

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Reporting live from the neon jungles of Thailand…

Thanks and see you again soon,

Dave The Rave – Go-Go Guru


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13 Responses to “Thailand Tonight – 30/06/2010”

  1. One thing that is keeping the beer bars and pubs going is the FIFA World Cup. For some of the smaller more secluded bars it is very welcomed. They are receiving some much needed bar trade, but unfortunately, it won’t last for very long.

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  4. Jimmy says:

    Hi Dave, Great work keep it up mate, see you again soon (3 months time) buy you a beer in your bar, hope shows as good as always , regards jimmy.

  5. Hi Mr. Lee & Jimmy, thanks for your kind words. I will do my best. Cheers!

  6. Erick E. says:

    Hey Dave, I met you last summer at Angelwitch, had a great time. My two buddies and I are going to be in Bangkok again next month (August ’10). We are looking for a 3 bedroom condo/apartment to stay in rather than the usaual hotel. Do you know of anything like this or have any suggestions? See you at Angelwitch next month.



  7. kheenaio says:

    Hi Dave, Was in Tilac with my 2nd Papa from Samui who normally doesn’t spend anytime in the gogo when in Bangers but came up to meet me and get his passport renewed at the USA embassy mid June. I disappeared to the loo for a couple of mins and he managed to blow 5 lady drinks some of which he claimed he did not order!! Still once done rather impoossible to corrrect. Another classic over charge was next door, asked a girl at Kiss to come inside bought her a drink (cola) charged for a tequila at 200 bahtl!! Paid up but never f**king going there again. Best by far is Dollshouse and Rawhide in my opinion, Currently in Pattaya until the end of the week and then in bangers for 3 nights, hope to see you, keep up the good work. ATB.Kheenaio.

  8. Jimloo says:

    Thanks for the report Dave. I was wondering when you are going to do reviews of the meager-in-number beer bars in Soi Cowboy?

  9. Hi Kheenaio, Kiss Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy is part of the Iranian Group. Kiss is a tourist trap, with them charging a steep 200 baht for an alcoholic lady drink, as I have pointed out in Thailand Tonight. For your info, the Iranian Group now own KISS, MIDNITE, SPICE GIRLS, DEJA VU, RIO and SAHARA.

    Hi Jimloo, I have mentioned a few of the beer bars previously, such as Shadow Sports Bar and Apache Beer Bar. But, there is not much to write about in comparison to the popular go-go bars.

    Hi Erick, I find that a number of people prefer serviced apartments, so perhaps you could explore that option. With condos and apartments they are looking for a considerable deposit and a longer stay of 6-12 months.

  10. kheenaio says:

    Thanks Dave, big sign in Suzie Wong lists the whole group which includes Old Dutch, good to see you last night will probably pop by a bit l8r. ATB.

  11. Cousin John says:

    Dave The Rave has without a doubt got the most envious job in the world, at least this is how it looks from the outside. Dave brought me into his world on night tours of Soi Cowboy, showed me the best and worst and taught me what to watch out for and what to avoid. He is a true gentleman and a total guru of wisdom on the wonders of Bangkok paradise. Willy Wonka only had 1 golden ticket but in Soi Cowboy (Raw Hide) and Nana Plaza (Angelwitch), I found many golden tickets but it’s Dave the Go-Go Guru who taught me the secret of how to unwrap Wonka Bar in a manner that makes the chocolate taste even sweeter!

    Now there is no disputing that Dave is the Go-Go Guru but, like every good guru, always learning and still gets blown away when he least expects it. So one bar that, as we walked past I asked, “So what about this” no-frills looking place, he said it was “wooful” and wouldn’t go but after a moment pondering he said, “At least the girls were naked”, so being the loyal farang who doesn’t usually (like never) go into a bar to see 10 young naked babes with almost shaved pussies on stage looking for your love (or money) braved his remarks and ventured in. To our surprise we had the best Craic in there and a few of the prettiest girls. I did go on a bit of a bender of ‘shaving’ my girls and as I went there with Sanook Seán the following nights and he commented on how well the pretty girl was shaved… ‘I did that!!!’.

    Dave the Rave Nightseeing tours are unforgettable, eye-opening nights on the sexiest suburbs in the sexiest city in the world, with the Encyclopaedia Britannica of Dave The Rave. Dave, thanks cousin, thanks friend and let it be known that it was Angelwitch (Nana Plaza) that fulfilled my lifelong dream of double pure unadulterated pleasure.

  12. greenteeth says:

    the bars are dieing because they charge way to much now and most of the girls only want to do short times..

  13. greenteeth says:

    i use to get everything drunk, dinner and a girl 4 all night for under 100$ now i’m spending 300$ per night..figure it out..why the bars are empty..most of my friends won’t go there anymore..

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