World Cup – Argentina V Germany

FIFA WORLD CUP 03/07/2010 – The stage is set for an exciting quarter final.  At 21:00 Thai time, it is Argentina V Germany, which is followed by Paraquay V Spain at 01:00 hours.  Although it is an unpredictable World Cup this year, I think Spain and Argentina will win.  However, as we have seen so far, anything could happen.  Yesterday, Holland sent Brazil home in a surprise 2-1 result.  Former World Cup winners France and Italy both crashed out very early, and pathetic England suffered their heaviest defeat in the history of the World Cup. 

WEATHER WATCH – Heavy rainfall has hit Bangkok these past two nights, but the FIFA World Cup is definitely giving the bar trade in Thailand a much-needed boost.    

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4 Responses to “World Cup – Argentina V Germany”

  1. FIFA WORLD CUP: GERMANY 4-0 ARGENTINA – What a result for Germany! This was an outright thrashing and Maradona is so devastated, he might quit as Argentina coach. Germany now face Spain, which has all the makings of being a very exciting semi-final. Meanwhile, Germany are singing, ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina.’

  2. kheenaio says:

    So Wednesday Villa scores in the the 35th minutes and then Thomas Mueller evens it a half time, Klose manages a late goal second half and even one thinks it the closer (LOL), only for a torrid ending for Torres coming good twice in the last couple of mins!! Sorry I ws dreaming!! ATB. Dave. Dutch and spain final so both nearly times have a chance to finally come good it would make this a very memorable final m8.

  3. kheenaio says:

    Slightly wrong but still a good result, the germans very lucky to not lose by a bigger margin. C U 0

  4. Yes, I agree Kheenaio, the Spanish were constantly attacking the German goal. It could well have been 3-0 or 4-0 and Spain were a bit unlucky in that sense. However, we will see more from this young German Team and I’m sure they have gained invaluable experience from the FIFA World Cup.

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