Chequers Pub Sports Schedule

SPORTS SCHEDULE – Here is this week’s sports action, which is kindly supplied by Chequers Sports Pub (located near Dynasty Inn on Soi Nana in Bangkok).  Enjoy!

sports schedule 10 07 2010 - Chequers Pub Sports Schedule


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4 Responses to “Chequers Pub Sports Schedule”

  1. FIFA World Cup 3rd/4th Place Playoff – Uraguay V Germany will be played in the early hours of Sunday morning at 01:30 hours. I think this young German Team will win 3rd place and I’m sure they will come away from the FIFA World Cup 2010 with invaluable experience. They deserve to win this match.

    FIFA World Cup Final – Holland V Spain has all the makings of a very exciting match. It could well be a closely fought game, but I think Spain will win. Judging on current form and experience, I think Spain will beat Holland, but it will not be easy. Again, this is played at 01:30 this Monday morning.

  2. Thanks to Nick at Chequers Sports Pub for kindly allowing me to post his Sports Schedule. It is always a very detailed and comprehensive guide to the weekly sports action. Chequers is not only a great spot to relax and watch live sports, but a traditional British pub that serves authentic British pub grub. Cheers!

  3. kheenaio says:

    Well spain win it in extra time, watched the last 45 mins of it on an internet feed at Doha International, with the Beeb running a twitter commentary.
    this was the comment on the goal:116 mins GOAL Netherlands 0-1 Spain
    Spain might have just won the World Cup. Fernando Torres gets the ball on the left and clips a cross into the box. It is half cleared to Cesc Fabregas and he finds Andres Iniesta in the area – the little Barca magician takes a touch before volleying past Maarten Stekelenburg. He whips his shirt off and the Spaniards have gone mental.

    from what little I saw they deserved the win.

  4. FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 – What a result! I predicted that Germany would come 3rd in the Playoff and also, I predicted that Spain would become World Cup Champions in a closely fought final. Pleased to say I was right both times. Congratulations to Spain!

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