Nana Construction Not Destruction!

NANA PLAZA, BANGKOK – The demolition of three ground level beer bars in Nana Plaza caused quite a stir recently.  Once again, there were all kinds of rumours flying around.  (11/08/10 – There is an update at the end of this article)…  One guy told me that this is the beginning of the end and all of the go-go bars would be demolished by the end of next month.  Where do these people get this stuff from?  Are they fiction writers?  Well, the latest news is that there is already several layers of bricks laid, as construction and not destruction continues on the ground level in Nana Plaza.  The photo below was taken a few days before the builders started laying bricks.

NANA NOSTALGIA – Several moons ago, I remember congratulating my friend Peter who is the co-owner of Woodstock Bar, when it was in Nana Plaza.  Woodstock was hosting its 20th Anniversary Party and Peter told me that over 20 years ago killjoys told him that Woodstock and Nana Plaza would not last five minutes.  Over 20 years later Woodstock was sold and it became Rainbow 4.  Even today, the rumours and speculation about the imminent fate of Nana Plaza continue, as though it is some kind of killjoy folklore.  The latest news is that planning permission has been granted to the Crown Group and they are building again.  Nana Plaza is NOT about to be demolished and anyway, the master lease does not run out until the end of 2012.  Even then, who’s to say that Nana Plaza will not continue as it is? 

NANA PLAZA UPDATE 11/08/10 – The latest news is that we believe the construction in Nana Plaza will be to build a large beer garden.  The foundations are being laid, as we speak!  Apparently, the same beer bars will NOT be built up again.  Furthermore, to dispel the myth Nana Plaza will NOT be knocked down and made into a car park.  I cannot confirm this 100% yet, but I tend to go with the beer garden theory.  I asked the Thai manager who takes care of the Nana Plaza office and even he was rarther vague.  Welcome to Amazing Thailand, the place that never ceases to amaze us and confuse us at the same time!

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8 Responses to “Nana Construction Not Destruction!”

  1. Rich Fo says:

    Somewhere there are plans for exactly what will replace Nana Plaza. Even if it’s only a renovated Nana Plaza just newer than before. Maybe faster, better escalators. ? Maybe the Landmark Hotel is expanding? Maybe they’re putting up a shopping mall? The owners of the Nana Hotel will know, although probably not the employees. Anyway it’s interesting that anything is being done. And the photo is very good too. Thanks. Rich

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    I would like to have seen him do this…


    Those are lighthouses? They’d be great in the Cock soup!

    I’m not eating at this place.

    Now that might work!

    I think this is why Winn Dixie went out of business.

    Yea. should we tell him that even the short bus uses oil?…

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    -John Wayne

  2. Regarding the appearance of Nana Plaza I am old school. I’m only concerned about what the bars look like inside and not outside. I’m not a tourist on a sightseeing tour! I look at the go-go stage and not at pretty neon lights and clean roofs. Personally, I think there is too much concern about the outside of Nana Plaza and not enough concern about the inside of the go-go bars.

  3. Dale says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for updating us with nana news. My own personal view is that Nana plaza needs a revamp & clean up, more dolly birds & less dolly geezers! But Bangkok would not be the same without Nana Plaza thats for sure, you can walk up Sukhumvit to Cowboy for some fun, but it hasn’t got the mystque & history Nana gives you.
    For myself, the first sample of Bangkok nightlife was the Neon Jungle of Nana, the chaos of food stalls, smells, shuffling people, the traffic & noise outside Nanas entrance on soi 4, this all adds to the atmosphere. For those of us who have been Bangkok fans for many years Nana Plaza will always be something special, it may not be the same now as in its hayday but take away Nana Plaza & it will kill soi 4!
    Cheers Dave, will be in to see you soon.


  4. Yes Mr. Lee, I agree with your comments. Some people just can’t be happy, they would even complain if they were in paradise.

    Thanks for your comments Dale. I look forward to seeing you. Please email, or message me on Facebook, I would like to know when you are coming and how long you are staying. My kind regards to the Captain!

    Hey Rich, what were you on when you wrote that comment?

  5. ivalun says:

    Hello Dave, my name´s Ivan and I´m the guy from Mexico. It´s funny to read all this bad stuff about Nana, if it´s smelly, it´s expensive, it´s a shithole etc. I´m not an expert as I´m not an expat but I´ve visited Thailand 7 times and all I can say is that I´m in love with Nana Plaza the same way I´m in love with Soi Cowboy. I´ve never perceived the bad smell nor seen dirty looks the place supposedly has, maybe it is but when I´m inside the bars the outside is just non-existent to me. Anyway, hope to see the new construction whatever it may be when I go back next year and hope this time I can finally meet you as I sadly couldn´t this year due to the red shirts´ bullshit (my first time ever in Thailand I don´t visit Nana Plaza as it was closed the time I spent in Bangkok), thanks god Pattaya exists!!!! Good luck and hope to see ya next year. CHEERS.

  6. Marcus says:

    What concerns me is that this construction is being done very clse to the start of the High season. In November I will be there and will be staying in Nana. Is there anyone who can give us construction time info? Dave I will visit Angelwitch and wish to meet you. Please try to get as much info as you can so you can put our minds at rest 🙂

  7. Leo Leo says:

    Nana Plazza change outfit, change character?
    Oh shit!
    In the year 1999 I visit Thailand at first. My friend shows me the nana center. I was very upset because it was so ugli and it was so exotic. No place for me but it takes only a few minutes, now I love this place to much.
    The last years every thing at the Nana changes. The bars are not so much busy as I find them in 1999, the girls order much more money from the custumers for less time and less service.
    But I hope we don´t lose this wonderful place in the future.
    But New Nana will not be the same, I´m sure. It´s not the same special magic

  8. Des says:

    I’m with Dave on this one.

    I too am ‘old school’ and for me its whats inside that counts. Lets face it, Lower Sukhumwit in BKK is hardly the most attactive part of the city FFS. Do some people want their knocking shops to be on a palm fringed beach???

    Nana is convenient and also user friendly. Some bars are good and they last; others not so and they seldom do.

    The truth is that NEP simply generates too much $$$ for it to be demolished. Many have mooted it (Purachai and Thaksin for example) but not only is it a localised micro-economy, but also the knock on economical effect (punters feeding ‘tee rak’s family etc.) of the place is stupendous especially if you consider the amount generated during the entire history of the place.

    The naysaying of recent years is merely what I term the ‘Thai Visa Forum’ effect. Namely that with the ever increasing influence of the internet, many ‘expats’ (I use the term very loosely) who were nobodies before they came to Thailand, now find themselves with a pretty young girlfriend/wife (probably from Nana or similar). Once they quit going to the bars every night they then see themselves as pillars of the local community and begin to think that Thailand is some exclusive Country Club and start to think themselves so much better than those who go to the bars.

    Just read Thai Visa Forum for 20 minutes to see what I mean. Most of the prats there haven’t been in the country more than 2 years and they’re ‘experts’.

    As for Woodstock….ah…sadly missed! Truly an oasis of calm in a sea od chaos….

    Cheers Dave. Keep up the good work!

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