Bangkok Bars Closed On 28/08/10

URGENT UPDATE – Due to local elections some of the go-go bars, beer bars and nightclubs will be closed in Bangkok on Saturday (28/08/10).  Pubs have been told not to serve alcohol, so Saturday is likely to be a dry day in most Bangkok bars.  The good news is that Pattaya is open and serving alcohol as usual, so you can plan accordingly.  I know that a number of guys have headed down to Pattaya for the weekend.

SOI COWBOY & NANA PLAZA UPDATE – Some go-go bars will be open in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza tonight (28/08/10).  Several bar bosses have decided to open, but not serve alcohol.  It is never easy to give accurate updates, because the situation often changes so quickly.  A number of bars will close and others will open, but it will probably be a dry day.  Several sources are saying that the MIB or Men In Brown will be out checking the bars in Bangkok tonight.  Thai Elections and Buddha Days are sometimes taken very seriously.  Tonight in Nana Plaza the four Rainbow Bars, Mercury, Mandarin, Spankys and Angelwitch will be open tonight.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

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  1. BANGKOK 28/08/10 – Only 2 bars were open in Soi Cowboy, but the majority of bars were open in Nana Plaza on Saturday night. The go-go bars that I visited in Nana were not serving alcohol. Police did visit Nana Plaza and they walked into some of the bars to check. Tonight (29/08/10) the Bangkok beer bars, go-go bars and nightclubs are open and serving booze as normal. Hooray!

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