Carlsberg Beer Returns To Thailand

carlsberg lager4 - Carlsberg Beer Returns To Thailand

images - Carlsberg Beer Returns To ThailandFollowing a lengthy drought Carlsberg Beer has returned to Thailand.  Initially, Carlsberg is now available in draught form in a selection of pubs across Bangkok and Pattaya.  Pubs in Phuket and Koh Samui will receive Carlsberg Lager within the next couple of weeks.  Unless beer bars and go-go bars are prepared to sell draught, you won’t find Carlsberg on sale just yet.  Bottles are planned to follow at a later date.  Independent importers and distributors Fluid Asia Pacific are delighted to bring the popular brew back to Thailand.  A representative from Fluid Asia Pacific commented, ‘Some people said that we would never get Carlsberg back, but it is flowing from pub pumps in Thailand.’  This is bigger news than some people may think, as it is a victory for Carlsberg and it is naive to underestimate its popularity.  Carlsberg is one lager that has the potential to challenge Heineken Beer.  Cheers! 

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5 Responses to “Carlsberg Beer Returns To Thailand”

  1. The return of Carlsberg is great news for lager lovers. And it’s about time a decent lager challenged Heineken who have done very little for their customers. Carlsberg is already selling well…

    BANGKOK PUBS SELLING CARLSBERG – Bull’s Head (Soi 33/1), Bully’s (near Nana Petrol Station), Chequers (Soi Nana), Dubliner, Londoner (Soi 33), Huntsman (Landmark Hotel), Jools (Soi Nana), Robin Hood, Black Swan (Asoke), Sportsman, Mojos (Soi 33), The Office (Soi 33), Shadow and Apache (Soi Cowboy).

  2. Richard says:

    For the Webmaster:

    I have just resubscribed through ‘Google Reader’. When opening the link, a window box comes up saying: Message from Website – Required Element ‘agoda_searchbox’ is missing.

    It does not come up if I go directly to the website.


  3. C. says:

    GREAT NEWS! CARLSBERG, probably the best beer in the world 🙂 Looking forward to get CARLSBERG back to Phuket soonest!

  4. SirMarjAlot says:

    Yes very good news. Definately the best lager in the world.
    I remember turning up one year, I think it was 2003 to find it suddenly gone.

  5. schauerte says:

    When will be draught beer available for pubs and where can I get it in the Rayong area?

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