After Dark Asia Volume 16

Following a delay After Dark Asia Volume 16 will be on sale very soon.  Amid rapturous clapping and cheering from the After Dark Asia newsroom, Tex Rex and the guys celebrate publishing another great edition. It features some superb photos of sexy Thai girls from the go-go bars of Pattaya and Bangkok.  Fans of Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza will be delighted to see go-go dancer ‘Meow’ and Showgirl ‘Poo’ both featured in Volume 16.  You can certainly say this edition of After Dark Asia is HOT off the press…

AFTER DARK ASIA VOLUME 161 - After Dark Asia Volume 16


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2 Responses to “After Dark Asia Volume 16”

  1. After Dark Asia just keeps getting better. The quality of the publishing and the images has improved even more. It’s not difficult to see why After Dark Asia magazine is so popular.

  2. SirMarjAlot says:

    Great site just discovered it through google searching on Long gun soi cowboy
    Can we get this magazine in the west? or order it? Is there an online version?
    Would luv to see it


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