Bangkok Bob By Stephen Leather

BangkokBob - Bangkok Bob By Stephen Leather

Stephen Leather is the acclaimed author of the popular Thailand nightlife book Private Dancer. Steve is now publishing a new novel that also has a Thailand theme.  It is intriguingly entitled ‘Bangkok Bob And The Missing Mormon’ and it will be on sale in December.  But, for Kindle readers, the book is available right now through Amazon for a third of the retail price.  Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “Bangkok Bob By Stephen Leather”

  1. SirMarjAlot says:

    Private Dancer was a masterpiece, and to anyone who visits Thailand to enjoy the company of the ladies, it is essential reading. Should be interesting

  2. Dana says:

    Any new book is welcome. I have always been surprised that the rich petri dish of Thailand does not produce more writing.

  3. I think there is plenty of writing out there about Thailand, but not so much quality stuff. Perhaps Stephen Leather has once again come to rescue us Thailand addicts.

  4. Mike says:

    The excellent trilogy (Bangkok Eight, Bangkok Haunt and Bangkok Tattoo) from John Burdett are must reads for anyone who has played around in the Sukhumvit area. Should be more of them!

  5. MadStockBroker says:

    Great book cover…. who is that dashingly handsome young man ??

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