Daves Raves – 02/12/2010

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HIGH SEASON OR IS IT? This time of year in Thailand, we are normally greeted by a considerably cooler climate and a massive surge of tourists.  This year neither has happened to any noticeable extent.  It was reported in the Thai news that the tourist arrivals for the so called high season are ‘disappointing’ to quote the Thai authorities.  Mind you, it’s not surprising considering we witnessed a mini civil war in Bangkok earlier this year.  Recently Thailand suffered terrible floods in certain regions.  Furthermore, an incredibly strong Thai baht adds to the problems facing Thailand’s tourist industry.  Also, the type of foreign visitor has changed and there are less Westerners visiting for various reasons.  While the number of Arabs, Africans, Indians and Asians is increasing, the overall number of Westerners has decreased.

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DRY DAYS – Just a warning that 03/12/10, 04/12/10 and 05/12/10 might be dry days due to Thai government elections.  Police papers have been issued, but as you probably know things can change at last minute.  Furthermore, laws and regulations vary from district to district in Bangkok, so always be prepared for that.

HIS MAJESTY KING’S BIRTHDAY – This coming Sunday (05/12/10) is His Majesty King Of Thailand’s birthday and we expect the bars to be open, as they were last year.

PATPONG – Spankys 3 in Patpong Soi 2 has been sold back to the original owners.  The latest news is Spankys 3 will be remodelled and renamed The Strip, as it was previously.

PATPONG – BarBar is an exclusive fetish club and it is one of the few fetish venues in Thailand.  You can check out BarBar’s website by clicking on the banner below…

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4 Responses to “Daves Raves – 02/12/2010”

  1. Anon says:

    It is high season but considering Bars are still cheating expats into more lady drinks without asking word spreads fast and no one will go back to that bar especially me! Not to name I had a regular gogo Soi Cowboy every week I would spend over 10,000 baht. One night lady drinks came by the dozen without me ordering I was with two clients my bill was 19,000 baht for one night. Hence I go every week 10,000 – 1 month average 40,000 baht. Now they get nothing what better to take 40,000 every month, or lose a customer!!! The Thai Way as I have learnt in 5 years here. Good look Cheaters!!!

    Anon for safety reasons (lol).

  2. @ Anon – It is their loss and greed will cost the bar money. You are wise to vote with your feet and go to other go-go bars. Some Thais just can’t help themselves, I also blame poor management.

  3. Rob says:

    WARNING: Midnite Bar in Soi Cowboy fakes the bills.

    Four weeks ago I have been to Bangkok. Two times I went to Midnite Bar and both times they presented me a fake bill which was far too high. The first time I came with a friend and we paid the girls quite some drinks, so the bill reached 4,000 baht within 30 minutes. After having realized that a lady drink is 200 baht we slowed down giving drinks a bit. The final bill (the print-out of an electronic cash register, to make it look “reliable”) for 4 beers and a lot of lady drinks showed like 7,500 baht and already began counting money, when my friend counted the lady drink receipts with the girl´s numbers on our table and told me that there is something wrong with the bill. Obviously our bill was 2,000 baht too high. After a complaint to a waitress she came back with a new bill which still was too high. Finally I showed her in the calculator what the correct value is and she agreed.

    The 2nd time everything went in a similar way. After some drinks for my friend (another one) and me and a couple of lady drinks the bill was too high again. This time I was aware this might happen and it was easy to calculate. After a complaint they came back with a correct bill (without apologizing). Can this be done accidentially? Maybe, but I don’t think so. @Dave: maybe you will add a warning on your Soi Cowboy page.

    This go-go bar has this coyote girls concept which seems to become more and more common in Soi Cowboy. Coyote girls are girls, who are dressed sexy and dance on stage, but they are not there to go with customers. This is not obvious and they are often very good looking. While in the regular go-go bars the girls try to talk you into paying bar fine quickly, but the coyote girls try to keep you in the bar as long as possible, and try to get many lady drinks from you. To bar fine coyote girls is not possible in most bars. Some of them say that they would lose their jobs, if they went with a customer and the boss gets to know it, but this is probably only a way to keep you interested. The claim that they don’t go with customers which makes them even more insteresting for some people as they are not looked at as a bar girl.

    From a business perspective this concept makes sense when I remember the bills I have created only with lady drinks. Keeping someone in the bar for a while and make him pay 10+ lady drinks means more profit for the bar than a bar fine. Personally I regret this development, but it seems that more and more bars in Soi Cowboy are switching to this concept. The girls look available, but mostly they are not – if you don’t know that before you may waste your time and money.
    Bars with that concept often also have “real” go-go girls who can be barfined, but mostly they are by far not as attractive as the coyote girls.

    Some of you may ask why I went to this bar for a second time after the first scam attempt and since it as coyote go-go bar. I had convinced one the coyote girls to meet me in Shock 39 (aka Boss Club) after work, when I came there the first time. A university student, 22, very nice – had to see her again 🙂

    Regarding the low number of tourists I can only say that Soi Cowboy was always packed and the steet bars on Sukhumvit Road were crowded as well.

  4. @ Rob – Thanks for the report, although I had to spend time cleaning up the grammar and spelling 🙂

    Midnite Bar in Soi Cowboy is one of several go-go bars owned by ‘The Man From Iran’. Midnite is infamously known as a clipjoint and there are often problems with customers bills. Regarding coyote dancers becoming more common in Soi Cowboy, this applies almost entirely to The Man From Iran’s bars. For your information, the chain of go-go bars he owns are – Rio, Sahara, Deja Vu, Kiss, Spice Girls and Midnite. Apart from Tilac Bar on Fridays and Saturdays the rest of Soi Cowboy operates to a regular go-go dancer format.

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