Bangkok Elections Update

Due to another round of Bangkok elections, Thai authorities have issued papers telling bars, pubs and clubs that they cannot sell alcohol this weekend. The main nights affected are tonight (03/12/10) and tomorrow night (04/12/10).  The ban on alcohol might be enforced until as late as midnight on Sunday.  As far as I know this only applies to Bangkok and Pattaya is unaffected.  There might well be a mass exodus this weekend to Pattaya and I don’t blame them.

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Some bars in Bangkok will decide to close, as it is not worth opening to sell soft drinks.  Other venues such as go-go bars will open because they have other forms of entertainment.  In the past it was the girly bars that were targeted, but nowadays even pubs have to be careful.

BANGKOK ELECTIONS UPDATE – Last night (03/12/2010) booze was freely flowing in Nana Plaza and along Soi Nana, but it was much harder to find alcohol on sale in Soi Cowboy.  It’s confusing to say the least!

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2 Responses to “Bangkok Elections Update”

  1. Pattayacaptain says:

    Well, we all know that potential voters in Thai elections usually flock into girlie bars in Nana and Cowboy, so the ban of Alcohol makes sense.
    But, do you know that Thailand is the only Country in the world (talk about Hubs …) that bans the consumption of Alcohol on Election Days AFTER the ballots are closed?

  2. Last night on 03/12/2010 booze was freely flowing in Nana Plaza but it was much more difficult to find booze on sale in Soi Cowboy and some other areas.

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